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 Brainstorming for Mordheim online

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PostSubject: Brainstorming for Mordheim online   Brainstorming for Mordheim online Icon_minitimeSat 9 Jun 2012 - 19:50


i'm an ancient mordheim player but i can't play it anymore since all my friends stopped playing or aren't in the neighborhood anymore.

A friend contacted me recently but he lived far away and i thought the best option was the online way. But it seems that there isn't nothing really cool.

I created this topic to know if some of you found a solution to play with friends online and to know how they did.

For the moment, here are the solutions on the net :

- Cyberboard : you registrer your moves on a map and you send them to your friend. It doesn't seem really complicate but i don't know how to make new maps. Plus is there are already some icons.

- Paint way : it's a cheaper way. They use a rule on the screen they printed and they copy and paste units. It seems really difficult but looks like they managed to make some games.

- The vassal mode but it's dead since some years

- Thenemywithin found a new software : Rolld20. I tried but it's not easy to master. Seem like we can't make the same shit on tutorial and in real... here is its post.

I know it's a topic which comes back often without answer but i don't understand that no passionnated dev worked on it since mordheim is such a good game.

Maybe there could be a way with all the applications stuff on android or iphone?

I already tried a project on Warcraft 3. I was working on the model while my partner was coding but there was some problem and he lost his demotivation. I'm sure this would be possible with tools of W3, Nwn 1 or Nwn2 but i didn't see anything of this kind. Too bad :/

Well, so if you have ideas, solutions or if you just wanna react about what i post, you're welcome Wink

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Brainstorming for Mordheim online
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