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 Mordheim online campaign helper

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PostSubject: Mordheim online campaign helper   Mordheim online campaign helper Icon_minitimeFri 23 Oct 2020 - 20:09


I recently started playing in a small group, running a campaign with rules from Mordheimers Campaign Aid. We modified the rules and added some of our own etc.
The campaign handling started to be a little too overwhelming so we decided to develop our own software for it! Idea

I'm currently running a copy on my developer server ( ) where I'm testing all the gimmicks. Feel free to look around!
Try the demo if you want to tinker with it, if the login window doesn't pop up just reload the page (I'm doing occasional stress tests and my server is rather slow). The demo-campaign currently forces some of our house rules on it so it might look weird, they are optional in the actual game.  

The backend server is currently stable but lacks a lot on the front side: UI is somewhat "engineer-y" and it doesn't really have any tips/tutorials/info. But it's getting there, I swear! Very Happy Very Happy
There is no warband roster stuff (Which I find intimidating yet fascinating idea to add there) but it is a functional campaign helper.

The backend is pretty safe and secure to use in many ways, even though it is only for a game (with friends who you're supposed to meet face to face anyway).
My plan is to add all the house rule options and game logic that I might be missing currently, then fix the looks of it. I'll release it either as open source or just a stand-alone configurable server.

What kind of campaign settings (maps, rules, addons etc) have you guys been using. My plan is to create a server that can be configured and used in many different setups.
Currently our gamegroup has its second campaign running through this server (using fog of war, with plenty of NPC warbands), we're kind of beta-testing it at the same time. We're using the map from Mordheimer since we couldn't really find any decent alternatives, do you know if there are any other maps around there? What victory conditions or special rules have you been using in longer campaign setups?

If you have any input or requests or whatever, ask freely. This whole thingy is my side-project but I am still going to publish it "soon" (non-profit ofcourse).


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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim online campaign helper   Mordheim online campaign helper Icon_minitimeSat 24 Oct 2020 - 18:31

Woah. This is awesome! Unfortunately, the link does not work Sad

I would make it as a map-based UI campaign, with warbands have their camps outside the city. I think it may be useful to have the map of Mordheim, and have locations in the major areas (docks, gates, cemetary, palace, library, merchant's quarters, etc).

During the 'down period', in between games, have the warbands move back to their respective camps. Then each warband chooses a location to explore and move their warband, secretly, and then where two warbands meet, they play a game. Similar to the General's Compendium rules for map-based campaigns and secret movement.

In my campaigns, we've used a set map-turn limit, and the warband with the highest rating wins (8 turns), calculating the warband rating, crowns, and wyrdstone pieces.
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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim online campaign helper   Mordheim online campaign helper Icon_minitimeWed 28 Oct 2020 - 17:22

Hope the link works now. Embarassed

Currently, house rules aside, our setup for campaigns follow as such:

48 areas with 2-5 routes from each area to another (mordheimers campaign aid map with slightly altered areas).
One player is a dedicated game master who handles all the setup and warband info, much like in a tapletop rpg.
Every turn each warband makes a secret move towards some area and either gains control of it or triggers a battle with another warband. Current default is ordered moves, lowest rating going first.
At the end of turn the battles are played out and if some warband did not yet move (because of battle), they get another go. The GM can also decide to add extra NPC warbands if things get too one-sided on the map.
This goes on until victory condition is met (currently server is a sandbox, we use a time-limit with specific scenarios).

The server handles all this by handling user/pass for players; anyone who creates a campaign will be the GM for that said campaing. They can then add/remove/modify warbands and manage players, as well as keep track of the game. Server automates the turn order, player move resolutions (calculates points, asks for reaction when players attack another) and some part of battle resolutions. Keeps logs and autosaves, handles network security as well.

I'm wondering if I should add any specific house rules or additional setup for the server. Currently it is very customizable: warband types, area point values and descriptions, even the map itself can be changed through external files. But the game rules are hard-coded (even if optional).

Only thing bugging me is if I've missed some common house rule regarding campaign rules. Currently the server is going with the following extra options:
Fog of war (with different vision setups),
Campaign Points as in Mordheimers Campaign Aid (either as static points or as a currency),
Rushing as in "pay CP to move extra steps through own area"
Defend moves (either real-time reacting or an end-turn extra move),
Lockable areas (GM can give keys to warbands),
Khaos-rounds (Every warband moves blindly, simultaneously).

Currently we're resolving battles weekly and on the off-days the campaign kind of rolls on its own, players occasionaly check the webpage and make their move if it's their turn. I think it makes the game management a great deal easier.
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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim online campaign helper   Mordheim online campaign helper Icon_minitime

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Mordheim online campaign helper
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