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 Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters

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PostSubject: Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters   Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Icon_minitimeThu 28 Dec 2023 - 15:19

Hey all, been a while since I posted here. In fact it has been so long (2011..) it was easier to just make a new account instead of trying to recover my old one (Alcaeus) with my old email :p

Anyway, my friends dragged me back into Mordheim, the horror! We had about six games now, 3 of which I played with a Pit Fighter and 3 with an Undead band. The undead band is for later though, here are my WiP's for the Pit Fighters.

I used the Marauder kit as a basis, with a lot of cutting, sculpting, repositioning and borrowing from other kits. I'll give a short description of what I did for each model. All the heros were given crests of sorts to help distinguish them on the battlefield. Names and background lore will follow soon enough Very Happy

A group shot to start things off Very Happy
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Groups10

Pit King, Chaos style:
Chaos Warrior legs, maurauder torso, shield and repositioned flail, empire knight head.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pit_ki10

Troll Slayer:
This is just Garagrim from the Storm of Chaos campaign.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Troll_10

Veteran, Undead style:
Marauder base with a Tomb King skeleton sword, left Empire knight arm with addes spike, carved out Tomb King skeleton head glued to the helmet as a faceplate, the crest was cut out of plasticard. I also sculpted some mummy wraps.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Vetera11

Veteran, Orc style:
Orc chariot(?) shield, Orc skull from the Skulls set as a helmet, crest from plasticard and a lot of extra sculpted fur/hair.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Vetera10

Pursuer Hero, Skink style (lad's got talent)
Skink javelin and shield, other lizardmen bits for decoration.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pursue10

Pit Fighter, Orc style:
Orc shield, Orc mandible from the Skulls set glued to a Chaos Warrior helmet.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pit_fi10

Pit Fighter, Orc style:
Orc shield, Orc skull from the Skulls set shaved down and glued to a Chaos Warrior helmet, sculpted some extra fur.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pit_fi11

Pit Fighter: Empire style:
Empite Militia greatsword and head, thigh plates are cut up lizardmen bits, sculpted on some extra biceps, mail skirt and a nipple piercing (was specifically requested by my fellow players :p)
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pit_fi12

Pursuer, Skink style:
Skink shield and javelin, Chaos Warrior helmet with the horns clipped off.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pursue12

Pursuer, Skink style:
Skink shield and javelin.
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Pursue11

And last but not least, my Pit Fighter Ogre:
Used the Blood Bowl Ogre as a base. Chaos sword as a spike for his gauntlet, Chaos Warrior mace in his other hand, the hand itself is actually from an orc. I clipped away some armor plates and spikes so it resembles light armour a bit more, which revealed a more roman looking armor on his right arm. I had to sculpt his left shoulder and strap back. I shaved down the heavy armoured blocks on his left arm, and sculpted some extra "scales" which will all be painted to resemble leather "manica" armour. He succesfuly took a hail of arrows one game so I added some broken off arrows (paperclips). Because I had no idea about how to get a helmet on his head, I decided to give him a surgical metal skull cap instead (I sculpted some skin flapping about).
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Ogre_a10
Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters Ogre_b10

Hope you guys like it? Feedback is always appreciated (especially concerning the loadouts xD), more will be coming soon!
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Eyestabba's WiP Pit Fighters
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