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 Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil

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Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil Empty
PostSubject: Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil   Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil Icon_minitimeWed 6 Aug 2008 - 15:16

4 of us arrived, and we decided to have a 2 V 2 (we thought it woudl be quicker than 2 x 1v1 - that was a mistake) to help the skaven band as it was her first battle.

we played shard hunt, and had 4 stones placed about the board


The mighty band of orcs aproached a dark alley searching for a reported easy claim.

Imediatly on entering the area of town, a skaven band was spotted nearby. The orcs outnumbered the skaven. With a smile on his face, the Big Boss ordered his archers to take position, his shaman began chanting and the rest of his clan moved forward.

The Skaven spoted the oncoming orcs and began to prepare themselves. Before blood was drawn, a familiar odor filled the orcs and skavens noses DWARVES. As one they turned and saw a more interesting foe. Stunty Dwarves and gormless looking humans came into view, no doubt following the same rumours of easy pickings. The orc Boss and skaven assasin lord, both smiled and nodded to each other. As one the Assembled skaven and orcs turned their attention to the new foe, a temporary alliance formed.

OK couldnt help myself, with a little background there.

The battle began with the orcs moving down our left flank and towards centre stage whilst the skaven moved down the right and also took to the higher reaches of building (there was a shard close by up there)

whilst the Dwarves started on their left, and human archers took to the buildings.

The Orc Squigs moved forwards en masse down the left, with a goblin prod holder a goblin archer and orc shaman followed them, keeping to shadows and cover as much as possible. The Orc Boss and most of his warriors moved towards the centre, eyes set upon the Dwarves.

The Skaven surged forward down the right towards another shard, whilst a number of the rateys clambered up buildings towards the easiest and closest shard.

The humans moved forward, some of them heading towards theit closest shard, whilst thier leader and few wariors ran forward towards the well in the centre of the board. Their archers took strategic positions.

The dwarves simply hobbled forward as fast as their fat little legs would carry them.

In the next couple of round, a couple of the goblin archers began to argue and almost came to blows.

the squigs moved forward ( one stepped out into the open to be taken out by a human archer) and got themselves into good a good position to move further along the flank or to move towards the centre.

The boss and his guard spotted the first of the dwarves, and moved towards them, taking control of centre board ( more or less)

The skaven moved forward, but found themselves split up by a building and a wall, a bad move but not critical, yet. Whislt the wall climbers moved towards and claimed the first shard

the humans moved forward, warriors and an archer tried to outflank the squigs (turned out badly for the humans - but more of that in a moment) and most of thier archers took pot shots at the orc shaman who had stepped a liitle too much into the open. The shaman tried to cast a few spells, but couldnt quite get the words out, perhaps interupted by the volume of arrows aimed in his direction.

The human leader and some of his croneys attacked the Orc boss and his underlings in the centre, resulting in a mass combat which ended when both leaders, 3 human warriors and an orc warrior (henchman) all being taken out.

The dwarves marched towards the skaven.

Next the Squigs all got good movement rolls, and attacked the flanking humans (taking out both warriors and the archer with out loss) one of the goblin archers thought one of the orc warriors had said something abotu his mother and turned and fired an arrow at him on impulse, taking the orc out in one shot, this sparked off a brief squabble between 2 other hencmen (yup i failed 3 animoisty checks and two of them resulted in batlles between henchies, luckily only 1 injury)

Over on the right flank the battle had begun between orcs and skaven. With orcs moving into to "help" and one of the skaven nipping in and picking up a second shard.

The humans had managed to pick up one shard and started running away, but they were getting unnerved and after staying for another few shots they turned and ran from the battle, leaving the dwarves to face the remaining skaven and orcs.

In the battle a couple of the skaven were taken out of action, but so were the dwarves.

the Dwarf Engineer, cut a swath through both skaven and orc alike, but only managed to stun or knock them down. eventually he was stopped by orc.

The battle continued, with a dwarf "retreating" to regain the shard dropped by fleeing humans, but eventualy the maasses of orc, goblin and skaven were too much for the dwarves who eventually failed a leadership test and ran from the field.

after the battle, most of the combatents seemed to be able to survive their wounds, with only 1 human dying on the surgeons table. 2 of the dorfs were injured badly enough that they would need long to recuperate and would miss some fight (1 will miss next 1 and 1 will miss next 3)

of the orcs and goblins, they seemed to fare a little better, although, the goblin archer who had slain his own orc warrior "friend" thought he was a tough guy and demanded a bigger take of the loot (boys got talent) and was strung from a tree and used as a practice dummy untill the big boss thought he had had enough, he was then cut down and boiled for supper.

All in all it was decent fight, but having 2 v 2 was probably not the best idea in the world, but it did help the skavens to learn the game a bit.

Should be having another game tonight (its looking like wednesday is goign to be the main game night) but games workshop have STILL not provided the other lad with his sisters, 4 weeks after he paid for them.
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Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil   Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil Icon_minitimeWed 6 Aug 2008 - 15:29

WELL DONE! thumbsup

An EXCELLENT read; the lead in fluff was the BEST part of the narrative IHO. It set the rest of the report in a more story like light. Keep'em coming! Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil 665330
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Bolerus's Battle Report No1 - Good vs. Evil
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