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 Refresher battle report

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PostSubject: Refresher battle report   Refresher battle report Icon_minitimeSat 3 Jan 2009 - 1:14

I haven't played for a while and I'm taking part in a campaign soon, so I thought I'd play a quick game against a friend with my starting warband. It reminded me of how DAMN good Mordheim is!!!

The battle was between a starting dwarfs warband with noble in gromil armour, engineer with crossbow, 2 troll-slayers, 2 beardlings with twin axes, 1 beardling with a spear and a halfling scout. Against a starting reiklander force, of captain with sword and pistol, 2 young bloods with spears, 2 heros with swords, 4 marksmen with bows and 2 swordsmen.

The game started cagily with both warbands cautiously picking their way though the ruins. The Reiklanders left two marksmen covering their backs from the top floor of a ruin, while the rest advanced in two roughly equal groups.

The dwarfs meanwhile left the engineer and halfling at the back and advanced as a body. Some skilful manoeuvring by the Reiklanders though swiftly left the dwarven missile support with no targets to aim at, the main body was now coming under sustained fire from the Reikland marksmen and in their desperation to get into combat the dwarfs split their party.

One of the troll slayers became isolated and was set upon by no less than three Reiklanders. Meanwhile as the engineer re-deployed to try and bring his crossbow into play, the Reikland marksmen lived up to their reputation for deadly accuracy, taking two beardlings out of action and forcing the dwarfs to start to take bottle tests.

The ensuing combat did not go the way of Reikland however, with the lone troll slayer bravely fighting on. The combat continued as a stalemate for 3 further rounds, each one bringing dwarven support closer. Finally just as the final beardling made it into the combat, taking down a young blood, the troll slayer was dragged to the ground and out of action.

The remaining Reikland infantry were also closing on the growing combat in the centre of the table, but their plans were disrupted when their captain was knocked off his feet by an arrow from the halfling scout. Another swordsman did manage to make it into combat with the beardling, meaning he was now fighting a hero and 2 swordsmen. Again the combat was a stalemate, with the Reiklanders unable to wound the tough dwarf youngster.

The dwarfs made their bottle roll again, and now the second troll slayer and the noble were within charge range. Bellowing their warcries they charged into combat, the troll slayer targetting one of the swordsmen already in combat, while the noble charged a youngblood who was not yet engaged. In the shooting phase the halfling again knocked the Reikland captain to the floor.

The troll slayer swiftly despatched his opponent. As the Reikland captain looked on from the floor, the heavily armoured noble attacked the young blood with brutal ferocity, battering aside his clumsy spear thrust and then cleaving his arm clean off. The young blood collapsed to the floor, and as the captain clambered to his feet his nerve failed him and the Reiklanders fled the battle. affraid

In the after battle sequence, one of the beardlings was killed, and the youngblood taken out of action by the noble lost an arm. I loved that the very next action after the young blood was taken down was the Reiklander's failing their bottle roll, and it subsequently turns out he had lost his arm. No wonder their nerve failed them!

I had forgotten how much fun there is in the narrative element of Mordheim. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Refresher battle report   Refresher battle report Icon_minitimeSat 3 Jan 2009 - 3:52

Excellent Report! Good narrative skills and all. Im ready to hear about your campaign when it starts.
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Refresher battle report
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