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 skaven confusion and other questoins

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PostSubject: skaven confusion and other questoins   Fri 22 Jan 2010 - 1:34

Several questions regarding skaven and other topics
1. Is it possible to cast spells into combat (sorcerer is not in combat himself)? I know spells are cast during the shooting phase and that shooting is not allowed into combat. My opponent said "can't cast spells into combat because you might hit your own warband members, but I don't see that in the rules? Examples:
Warpfire- "hitting the first model in its path"
Gnawdoom - "... on a model within 8" of the caster"
Sorcerer's curse - "affects a single model within range"

2. Rat Ogre - "subject to stupid unless a skaven hero is within 6" of it". What does this mean? What if the Rat Ogre is within 6" of a hero, but that hero is stunned or knocked down? Would it be subjected to stupitity? If Rat Ogre is not within 6" of hero, then on next recovery phase fails stupid test, it becomes stupid. BUT what if a hero moves within 6" of the Rat Ogre, does the RO become "smart again" or will this cause automatic success of next stupid test? (We played that a knocked down hero counts as a "hero" since the hero's leadership can be used for a route test. A stunned hero's leadership can't be used for a route test per the rules". Lastly, which is first, recovery of stunned heroes to knocked down or the stupidity test?

3. When a model is injured (knocked down or stunned), how much room does the figure take up? If the figure is "face up" this adds to the area of the figure touching the ground and could lead to failed charges because models would have to move "around" downed figures. (I say it's the only the normal base size, but I was told that figures take up more space). IF the figure is placed faceup and this results in the figure contacting an enemy base, would that enemy get a free attack?

4. Children of the Horned Rat - I roll a d3 and get 2 more rats. These rats "do not count towards the maximum size of the skaven warband" - therefore I can exceed my max of 20. - - Question: for this battle only, does this increase the size of my warband as it relates to rout tests? If this bumps me to 15 figures, then is my rout 25% of 15 OR is my rout 25% of 13 (initial warband size)?

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PostSubject: Re: skaven confusion and other questoins   Fri 22 Jan 2010 - 2:14

Some answers, hopefully correct.

1: Normally a spell description will specify if the spell can be cast into combat, so the base rule is that you can't cast into combat.

2: You've got the knocked down-thing right. As for the order of actions in the recovery phase there are no clear rules. You can do it in any order, so you might as well choose the order most beneficial for you, as long as you let others do the same.

3: Play it simple. The model takes up exactly the space it physically does. If you cannot agree if a certain action is possible, dice off. A model that's put in a face down/up position should not be considered to be moved into contact with new enemies though!

4: Your rout 25% is calculated from the amount of models that are on your side in the fight, so if you get some extra rats, this will mean alot to a low-ld gang like skaven.
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skaven confusion and other questoins
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