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 Game 2: Update Death Squads: Promethium Pumps

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PostSubject: Game 2: Update Death Squads: Promethium Pumps   Sun 28 Dec 2008 - 11:55


Departmento Analyticus Record

This record is for Ordos Xenos eyes only. It is a crime to view or allow to be viewed this record my non authorized personnel by order of the Inquisitorial Representative.

Date: 1508998.M40

Signature: Autosavant Mordheimer

Game 02: The Re-Take of Promethium Pump Station Kappa-42.
Xeno Magus Biologist Holcade was very sneaky. All those years
following Xeno-Fauna had trained him in many unorthodox methods to
place trackers and remain undetected. Humans were no different. While
on their sleep cycles, he had sent Tobias to implant some short range
transmitters on some of the men. He would learn who they were, and
what they would do to confront the Ork menace. It took almost a week
of senseless waiting, but eventually it was moment for action.

The Magus became aware of Intelligence reports from the main base had
arrived to Colonel DaBank. While Melkor was virtually deprived of
human life, auto-sensors of Promethium Pump Station Kappa-42 reported
activity. Initial process for refining the precious fuel began few
days ago. DaBank decided to investigate. That afternoon, over a barren
building the Last Chancers observed the pump station below.

- ‘Maggo! What are they saying?’
- ‘Sir? With all due respect, the Albino is over 750 meters away.’
Complained the Private. ‘I know I can read lips, but they are hum lips
at close range. What you are asking is just impos…’ his voice trailing
low at the sight of his Commander.
- ‘With all due respect, PRIVATE.’ Said the Colonel with any sign of
emotion, while pulling his Bolt Pistol. Looking at the gun, like if it
were the only thing in the Universe besides The Emperor, he continued.
‘I said, what are they saying?’
- ‘Uhhh…’ Magoo knew well that he had overstepped the familiarity and
camaraderie of the Squad.
ALBINO: Go-Go Juice makes Wartrakks go!
ONE-EYED ORK: Red makes Wartrakks go fasta!
BOY: Boyz don’t care for Juice. We go now to…
muffled explosion
ALBINO: Boyz do as Boss says. I am Da Boss! Boyz no like, Boyz die!
Guard Go-Go Juice. It makes Wartrakks go! Will talk to Mekboy fer my
- ‘That is it, Sir. They are scattering.’
- ‘Accuracy of transmission, Maggo?’ inquired DaBank.
- ‘70%, Sir. They are far away, and as I tried to say before, they
- ‘Shut up. 70% is good enough for me. Lieutenant Dan, the
Intelligence was right for once. This filth is attempting to steal the
Promethium and mechanize. We must take the Pump Station back, or
destroy it. The Orks cannot have it.’
- ‘Very well boys. You heard the Man.’ Muttered the Lieutenant. ‘We
will approach from the north end. George will provide flame cover
while Alpha and Beta team will flank the enemy. If the Greenskins do
not move, you will be authorized to use the Demolition Charges. If the
Charges fail, shoot at the controls. No matter what, we cannot fail!’

With that said, Tobias recorded how the Last Chancers moved silently
into positions. The Orks had a small patrol of eight brutes close to
the station. The Guardsmen move in a classic horseshoe maneuver; the
flanks running forward while the center barely moved providing cover
fire. George Michael attempted to cook some Orks, who even when out of
range got super-heated by the weapon. Angrily, the Ork Kommando moved
to charge his attacker, only to find out he was too far away.
Meanwhile the other Last Chancers forced the Orks to spread out for
cover with their lasguns. Without any effective leaders, the
Greenskins were at a lost.

The Colonel ordered to hold their positions and double their rate of
fire. Some Orks fell… only to stand up again. They showed their
resiliency, but the Guardsmen were inspired by The Emperor himself. It
was a matter of time; the first Ork did not stood up. Luck was with
DaBank, and no other reinforcement arrived. Sergeant Pepper opened
fire, and with help of his Team, dropped two more. The Flamer burst
once more, incinerating for the third time the same initial Kommando.
This time, even other Orks could figure out he was dead.

The Orks looked nervous. When any of the Boyz found the courage to
move forward, DaBank ordered for it to be surgically removed. From the
east side, a fairly big Ork arrived with the Weirdboy. The Colonel
would not make the same mistake as the last time to underestimate this
crazy bastard. With a hand signal he ordered Lieutenant Dan to keep
the situation under control. He took three men, and charged him.
Surprised, he became overwhelmed easily. Meanwhile the large Ork
engage with an Infantryman, but neither Gork nor Mork favored his
battle skills. From the far south, the Albino appeared. He roared
angrily and shouted for retreat.

- ‘Lets go, Boyz. We got no Wartrakks to make go. The humies can keep
the Go-Go Juice… fer now…’

The Boyz moved out of the area quickly. With the Orks on retreat, the
Last Chancers had won the day! These were the strange holo-images
Tobias brought his Master. Indeed behavior for Orks. He knew that the
Albino was very different. He proved to be more intelligent and
resourceful than the average Boss. He was capable of organizing and
making tactical retreats; planning for future encounters. His problem
was not the lack of resources and the limited amount of Orks at his
disposal… but the Imperial Guard. Any other regular group would have
been wiped out by now; but Colonel DaBank was a hard-pressed veteran
and his men understood how to work at a Team. Under his guidance, the
Albino would most probably be defeated.

What is Colonel DaBank was killed in action… or better yet…
assassinated? Only the Holy Emperor knows what the future departs for

Thought for the Day: "Fear runs as deep as the mind allows it."

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Game 2: Update Death Squads: Promethium Pumps
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