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 Death Squads - The White Waagh! Game 02

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PostSubject: Death Squads - The White Waagh! Game 02   Sun 10 May 2009 - 9:32

Week 02, Game 02: Missile Silo
Ork vs. Imperial Renegades

Warpedfang was pissed! What kind of Boss would let the enemy just go? Orks are to smash skulls and never talk. He grunted… and the screamed “Ya’ not Da’ Boss of anyone! Da’ Boyz will fellow Warpedfang NOW!” The Boyz, who were in shock from the dealings with the Exarch shouted! One of them picked his Choppa and made gestures of attacking The Albino.

The huge Nob tilted his head sideways; it was time to make an example of someone… it may as well be Warpedfang. He barely finished the thought when the angry Ork charged. He was an aggressive one… it would be a shame to just kill him, but the other Boyz needed to learn a lesson in the only way an Ork can learn anything.

Warpedfang shot with his small pistol and swung with his Choppa. The Albino easily dodged the blows… he needed to make it convincing. He swung with his Slugga and Choppa, missing on purpose. He left himself open for an attack, which Warpedfang saw. He kicked him hard in the guts and The Albino bent down. He went with all his strength for the kill. The Albino twisted on his axis, making Warpedfang miss. He took his Choppa and cut the muscles on the back of Warpedfang’s thighs. He fell like a rock… in all fours the Ork gasped for air.

The Albino rolled over and stood up, Big Choppa already on his hands. He grabbed Warpedfang by the hair and whispered in his ear, “Ya’ are worth mo’ to me alive… fo’ now. Ya’ do good an remember who’s Da’ Boss and who is the Squig… in case yer skull be too small, the Squig is on da’ floor righ’ now.” With that, The Albino stood up and swung his Big Choopa down towards Warpedfang’s exposed neck. With a last minute twist, he bypassed the neck and hit him squared on the back.

Warpedfang grown in pain. His right shoulder was split in two, and his lung was now exposed to the elements. Crimson blood lay all over the spectators. All Boyz remained paralyzed… the one with his Choppa ready for combat just dropped it. A Gretchin broke the silence with a maniacal cackle. He moved close to the unconscious Ork and kicked some dirt on him. Seeing no reaction, he dropped his trousers and started to urinate on the wound. Two other Gretchins watch in amazement at the clear sign of power and superiority… and they started to move closer. Suddenly a big crackle of green lighting emerged from the other side of the camp, and made the offending Gretchin’s head explode. Everyone looked on the lighting’s origins and saw the Weirdboy, Skumgobbler, trying to wipe off his nose. He looked at everyone with clueless eyes, shrugging his shoulders he spoke… “uhhh… gesundheit?”

With that, the Boyz started laughing, imitating a sneeze and punching each other. The Gretchings and Lumps saw it was a good moment for them to hide. The Albino had erased the mutiny in a single swing and the Boyz were under his control. Warpedfang’s plans were a thing of the past now. He looked at the Painboy… “Matasano… mak’ ‘im well… or ya’ next.” The Painboy smiled sadistically… it was time to play. With the sound of a hand buzz-saw The Albino knew that Warpedfang punishment was just beginning. That would teach him who’s Da’ Boss!

Few hours later, Matasano came with the news… unfortunately he managed to attach Warpedfang’s arm in place and is fully functional. He would be ready to pick a fight in the morning. The Albino was not pleased… tonight he was going shopping. “Get yer Choppas, Boyz! The Mekboy wants a purtty engine for me Stompa. I got the know… a Rokkit ingine will do fine!” The Orks came alive hollering like a mad wave of war. The Albino directed them by some underground tunnels that barely fit each of them. After what seemed an eternity, they popped up some rubble, not 10 meters from a giant Imperial Missile Silo. The first one out was The Albino… only to notice that Werzzhim and his Kommando Boyz were already out… clean as any Ork could ever be. “Big Stikky Bomb, Boss!” and he threw a huge detonation charge to The Albino. He threw the second one to Rotskull, and they all grinned in anticipation of the big-boom… moving closer for the kill.

The Kommandoz took defensive positions at the right side of the Silo, sending the large Gretchins forward. The Lumps had to prove their worth in battle. On the other side, the Boyz send two Gretchins to press guard… The big Orks placed their Stikky Bombs. Werzzhim shot the Silo, opening the delicate control panel with the shot. Sparks flew everywhere and now the bombs had a spot to be planted. The other Boyz, not knowing what to do, decided to fire their pistols at the Missile. Suddenly, clean shots were heard.

To the right flank, humans appeared. The fired shotguns at the Lumps, making their bodies flip around like ragdolls into positions worthy of a new edition of the Kamasutra. The Albino anticipated Colonel Commissar DaBank and his servants to show up. He would deal with them too! To his surprise, it was not his Archenemy… but some other miserable human scum. They did not moved in with the determination DaBank showed when rescuing the Senior Engineer. Their Dakka’s were different… and even at this distance he could smell the sweet stench of decay on some of them. No matter, nobody would take his engine from him.

Suddenly, from the left flank one of the Boyz fell with a single clean shot to the head. The Skumgobbler showed some pyrotechnics, but they never reached the enemy. Some of the Stikky Bombs exploded causing some damage, but nothing severe as the countdown to launch started. One of the Boyz shouted commands to the Gretchins. One of them moved forward and aimed his Blasta. This was an easy shot… less than 10 meters with no cover. He pressed the trigger… and everything went dark. The Lumps used his gun to clean the wax of their ears, and the residual gunk was too much for the tiny weapon. His partner laughed and shot his Blasta into the air, just to prove that he could take care of his weapon… forgetting that he was out in the open in the enemies’ sights.

The Albino recognized the trap. “Twenty tefs to da’ one who makes da’ rokkit’ go boom with ‘is Choppa!” Every Ork, stupid as they could be, recognized the bounty offered. They all charged the Silo and attacked. Boy after Boy landed a blow… nothing damaged the weapon. The Weirdboy unleashed the power of the Warp… and nothing happened. The enemy drew closer. The Albino pushed two Boyz out of the way and launched his attack. He opened a hole with his Slugga and reached inside with his bare hand. Yanking components out, he took half of the engine out! The countdown stopped, but an alarm of self detonation sounded.

The humans knew it was going to explode, so they ran for cover. The Albino ordered the Boyz down the holes and stayed alone close to the Missile. He looked at the enemy, already inside some bunkers, and yelled… “Ya’ tell DaBank me want to be buddies… he can rest ‘is ‘ead on me shoulder… on t’is very pike!” and he pointed at a putrid human skull that adorned his right shoulder pad. Laughing he jumped back in the hole with few seconds to spare. After the blast cleared, the tunnels were sealed solid and the White Waaagh! was nowhere to be found.

Back on camp, The Albino gave the engine to his Mekboy… in exchange for his assistant and a new Iron Gob fabricated from a piece of the Silo!


Victory to the White Waaagh!

Another good game. We found problems with the way the Scenario was written, but that is why we are play-testing! Starting the day with the ‘Ard Boy fighting the Nob was hair-raising… very Orkish!

The Orks are stupid... they were 2" away from the Silo in Turn 1... they just stared at it for 2 Turns. Really... I did not realize that I could attack it with my Choppas. That cost me valuable time, but made for a better game.

Tim’s Renegades shot the crap out the stupid Orks... shotguns are Da Bomb! Great stuff! Nothing like having an Ork 1" out of range of everyone except one guy, just to be shot AND moved 1" forward... FIRE! The Ork Lumps (former 'prisoners') work great as shields. They even survived and got 1 XP! They have 'much to prove'.

Orks fired at EVERYTHING except the Silo and the Renegades... joyful day when they decided to shoot and kill the sun. IR took 4 and 1/2 models OOA... forcing Orks to attempt to rout. Passing route test, all Orks charged the Silo. The Silo had 1 Wound left. They all missed, except... The Albino. He made the killing blow!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Death Squads - The White Waagh! Game 02   Sun 10 May 2009 - 10:27

I hope the Mekboy is not trying to build a Stompa!
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Death Squads - The White Waagh! Game 02
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