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 Wyrdwars - Balanced full Mordheim Mod. New rules, bands ...

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Wyrdwars - Balanced full Mordheim Mod. New rules, bands ... Empty
PostSubject: Wyrdwars - Balanced full Mordheim Mod. New rules, bands ...   Wyrdwars - Balanced full Mordheim Mod. New rules, bands ... Icon_minitimeMon 19 Sep 2016 - 10:18

I have searched the Forum but didn't find a Topic regarding Wyrdwars.

Wyrdwars is a Mordheim alternative-community-driven-rule-mod.

//edit can't post links as I'm a new member.
Have a look at www wyrdwars com

Full Rules, Spells, Skills, Warbands there.

Wyrdwars in a Nutshell:
Balanced Warbands.
Underdog Bonus Before, while and after the Scenarios.
No Warbandrating, Underdog Bonus is dependant on Place in the Campaign ladder.
Easy Campaign System, Highlander Style.
Income is not dependant on Heroes but on SC success.
Every modell has 3 Wounds, no Knock Down/Stunned.
More Wizzards, Priests per WB.
Nerfed High Elfs with T2. The Asyran Glasscannons.  Very Happy

All in all the close combats take a little longer with more wounds. But your weapon choice is important to buff Initiative or Strenght or other effects.
We have started an Campaign and it looks quite solid. Because in the end it is Mordheim. Stay in groups and gang up on single modells first.
Although in different SCs you need to controll board game zones, and one single Henchmen send there could earn you some serious cash.
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Wyrdwars - Balanced full Mordheim Mod. New rules, bands ...
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