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 Petitioning Games Workshop Limited

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Petitioning Games Workshop Limited Empty
PostSubject: Petitioning Games Workshop Limited   Petitioning Games Workshop Limited Icon_minitimeTue 28 Oct 2014 - 13:22

For anyone who cares about the hobby...
You might consider signing this petition, I don't know it it works but we can at least try right? I'd love to see the old GW back with the great games like our beloved Mordheim.

The petition in short:
Refocus your business model on the sale of a game and support of a gaming community vice the pure sale of collectible miniatures.

As competition from outside organizations grow and GW revenues and profits fall, your company seemingly continues to pursue a business model not in alignment with your customer base's desires and expectations.

1- Support gamers, conventions, and tournaments, primarily through well-developed rules and encouraging competitive play.

2- Reduce the number of "Direct exclusive models" and support the FLGS/independent retailers.

3- Competitively price your products.

4- Change your website to be hobby and gaming driven with a webstore option attached for support.

5- Conduct market research and increase player involvement.

Sign here:
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Petitioning Games Workshop Limited
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