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PostSubject: Elysium Wargames Society - Trial Game   Elysium Wargames Society - Trial Game Icon_minitimeFri 7 Feb 2014 - 15:18

So last night saw the first of our future Mordheim Campaign games to trial out some new house rules and to have a bit of a laugh!

As the Beastmen ravaged through the streets of Mordheim, the Sisters of Sigmar stood boldly before them, splitting their forces to defend against any assaults, foolishly thinking they could gain the upper hand.

But alas, their plan failed... the Beastmen came as one force and broke the sisters lines with ease taking down two heroes and two henchmen without breaking sweat. The Sisters, suffering such heavy losses and without any sign of a hope, fled the scene to recover from their wounds.

Poor set up on my part, as well as some pretty bad rolling lead to my Sisters being beasted by the Beast Men. While I spread my forces to try and make good use of the slings, Matt’s beastmen who were far quicker made good use of the cover and stayed together. 6 Sisters vs 8 Beastmen with duel axes was a slaughter!

One Sister Superior gained an old wound and the other gained hate for the Beastman hero who took her down. The two henchies made full recoveries. With only 3 stones from searching around, the Sisters of Sigmar are off to a bad start.

On the other hand, the Beastmen found a sword, 4 shards and a 2 gold pieces in their searching and one group of henchmen gained +1WS to WS5, the other group gained +1 Strength.

A bad start for the Sisters, a great one for the Beastmen.

The new House Rules work fantastically and changed the game for the better!

House rules basic:

Shield and Buckler merged into one.

-1 For offhand weapon when using two hand weapons.

Flail and Morning Star ignore weapon based parry saves.

Slings cannot critical hit when target is wearing a helmet.

Parry saves:
Add attackers weapon skill to roll to hit. To parry, the defender must roll a d6 and add their weapon skill to either beat or match the attacker to parry.
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PostSubject: Re: Elysium Wargames Society - Trial Game   Elysium Wargames Society - Trial Game Icon_minitimeSat 15 Feb 2014 - 19:39

Good to hear of your game, although it didn't do much but teach you that the girls should stick together. Hope to see more reports in the future.

If it was your first game how do the Beasts have henchmen gaining enough xp to level?

Quote :
Slings cannot critical hit when target is wearing a helmet.
Not a fan. The sling was one of the most effective weapons the Aztecs had as it could still wound the Conquistadors despite their armor. Head wounds were especially feared.
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Elysium Wargames Society - Trial Game
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