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 No-Beard's Finecast review

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PostSubject: No-Beard's Finecast review   No-Beard's Finecast review Icon_minitimeFri 20 Apr 2012 - 10:30

Greetings to all who walk Mordheim's dark alleys! While I post on this forum rarely (I lurk in the a skaven Razz) I have time now, "surprisingly" after I purchased my first finecast miniature: The new Empire Witch Hunter.

First off, before I give my opinion on the quality of finecast, the model itself is Shocked
Just perfect for Mordheim (How many already have this fine chap in their warband? Very Happy) I love the look on his face, very "is that a heretic?"

Also, I haven't purchased anything finecast until now (The interwebs has many varying, angry opinions both grim and/or dark regarding quality ) so I decided to wait until I found something I'd use and then check the quality myself before buying bigger finecast sets. Overall, I found finecast very pleasing for this particular mini Smile

The resin was fairly flexible, and knew what parts of it were sprue and which were W.Hunter- I removed most of the connecting flash (don't know the correct name for that bit of the sprue) with a twist of my fingers. Anything else was removed easier than plastic with a knife or clippers. Yes, there was a helluva lot of flash around the backpacks and boots, but! It is 100 times easier to clean than mold lines on a plastic mini. Don't worry, I packed a defribrillator Razz

The only faults were that the resin seems fairly flexible but very brittle for small and narrow rods (the greatsword hilt broke off - fortunately it was a clean break so super glue can fix it Smile ), and that there were small air bubbles on the base of his boots and greatsword scabbard (side facing cloak).

Overall, I think that it depends on the model (ie: not a necron overlord, sorry guys who play them : / ) but the quality definately is there, and should improve once GW perfects their technique. I give the finecast witch hunter a well deserved 8.5/10.

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No-Beard's Finecast review
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