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 BTB Black Dwarf Questions

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PostSubject: BTB Black Dwarf Questions   BTB Black Dwarf Questions Icon_minitimeMon 24 Jan 2011 - 9:52

Hello two BTB Black Dwarf rules have confused.

With the special skill 'Chaos Engineer' it says at the end the hero may never wear the chaos armours. Does this mean the hero with the 'Chaos Engineer' skill has to craft it for other Black Dwarf or sell it.

My other question is: With 'Has's Reward" for the Engine of Chaos do you get the roll a dice for every slave you sacrifice or do you just roll once on Hashut's Reward table for all of the slaves you sacrifice.


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PostSubject: Re: BTB Black Dwarf Questions   BTB Black Dwarf Questions Icon_minitimeTue 25 Jan 2011 - 20:05

Hi Grubbi.

I hope you are enjoying pummelling your friends with the Fire Dwarfs* warband.

The first Q is an easy one. The rules for Chaos Engineer clearly describe that the artificier won't get dressed up in his own Chaotic garments.

The second Q is a moderate oversight so well spotted sir...

Quote :
Werekin: "Oh dear. Who wrote this crap? Check you're happy with all this and I will go ahead."
Cianty: "Do what you think is best.

Hashut's Reward: The Chaos Dwarfs may choose to
send captives back to the Dark Lands after a battle. If
they do this, any number of captives must be sacrificed
to Hashut. The Engine of Chaos plus one Hero must
miss the next battle. Unless there is another engine,
no models may be captured until they return. Captives
must be removed from their warbands rosters
permanently. After the Hero rejoins the warband
consult the following table.

As a disclaimer I'd like to briefly point out that neither Cianty or I conceived this rule. It was a fellow fan-produced concept which I liked enough to want to convince Cianty that we should carry it forwards in the BTB campaign.

The Solution

I decided any solution will be based on the a player wishing to earn bonus experience points based on the least amount of game time lost by his Chaos Engine and the Hero driving it!

There is no sense in promoting only 1 captive being sent each time. I would rather give players an excuse to save a number of captives up!

As I recall from our campaign, if Mad Bob captured a warrior then he would proceed to sending them to the Dark Lands in order to try and get those points. He would have never have more than 1 or 2 captives at one time (unless I was letting him bend the rules).

Quickly referencing the Sacrificial Ritual demonstrates what happens when more captives are fed to the Fire Dwarfs flaming deity;

The Sorcerer may sacrifice additional captives to lower the spell's difficulty by –1 per sacrifice.

Seeing as we already have a sentence agreeing that any number of captives can be shipped off, then a +1 modifier can be applied to the roll for each captive beyond the first being sent to the Dark Lands. Errata text can be tagged straight on the end and read as follows;

For each captive beyond the first sent to the Dark Lands, add +1 to the dice roll.

One thing worth noting is that this rule becomes crucial if the Sorceror dies in a campaign making the Sacrificial Ritual redundant.

*Official BTB errata: Please replace all instances of the term 'Black Dwarfs' with 'Fire Dwarfs'. This important change follows the release of 'Wulfrik' in the Warhammer Heroes range by Black Library. Wink


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BTB Black Dwarf Questions
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