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 Ironfoundersson's Reiklanders Fluff

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PostSubject: Ironfoundersson's Reiklanders Fluff   Ironfoundersson's Reiklanders Fluff Icon_minitimeThu 17 Jun 2010 - 5:13

Fourth Lieutenant Gaius Zweig of the Reikguard Reitende Artillerie <Horse Artillery> looked around and swallowed. The street was dark and appeared deserted, but this was Mordheim. Finding an old crate, he mounted and readjusted his spectacles.

“He-hem, excuse me men. As you can tell, we have arrived at our destination. I would like to read over the Articles of War, as laid down by… soldier, why is the prisoner not shackled?”

The prisoner is question, one rebel turned pirate Rudolf Rassendyllson, pulled a pistol for inside his jacket and cocked it.

“Herr Lieutenant, if you don’t mind releasing my companions I would be much obliged,”

Zweig blinked several times in shock, before fumbling with the ring of keys at his waist. Unlocking the shackles of the other prisoners he tried his best to disappear, but Rassendyllson had been watching him the entire time.

“Herr Lieutenant, you currently have three options. You and your Fähnrich <Ensign> can join us in search of wyrdstone in Mordheim, you can return unhindered to Altdorf and report to you commanding officer that the prisoners had escaped, or you can accept death here and now.”

The young Ensign in question, looked expectantly at his lieutenant. Zweig, still in shock at the sudden turn of events managed to rally some dignity and declared that he would return to Altdorf to report to his commander "and soon", he said “you riff-raff will have the cream of the Emperor’s army down your necks!” Rassendyllson threw his head back and laughed raucously.

“My dear young Lieutenant, you realize that you will only end up before a Court Martial with no hope of appeal. Why do you think you were sent on this assignment anyway?” Zweig stammered that it must have been due to his hard work and ardour. Rassendyllson laughed again, this time with less amusement in his voice. “It is because, my good Lieutenant, the Reikguard Horse Artillery don’t care about their Fourth Lieutenant. You are total expendable.”

This struck Lt. Zweig rather hard. He enjoyed the army. Of course he had never actually been assigned to a battery, but he had assumed that was due to his expertise in the organization of stores in the Military Warehouses of Altdorf. The fact that he might be unwanted was inconceivable. Until now. Zweig said,

“I suppose I only have on option then,” unbuckling his cavalry saber, he passed it to Rassendyllson. The newly freed prisoner looked down at its ornamental hilt. “Keep it lad. You’ll most certainly need it soon. Now, I have a proposition for you. I have plans, Lieutenant Zweig. I have ambitions, and for them to work I will need contacts in army. For that I will need you. Allow me to introduce you to your fellow travelers.”

One by one the men were introduced. Rassendyllson knew each one by name, and they in turn appeared eager and happy, despite the imminent peril they all faced. Zweig began to feel jealous and awed by Rassendyllson; the man was a born leader. Despite being of noble birth he was able to connect with his soldiers without sounding neither imperious nor common. There was a great deal of respect between the two parties, forged by years of depending on each other. Zweig swallowed a lump of envy and readjusted his spectacles. He still had much to learn


Hope you enjoy! I know very little about GW fluff, so if I make some huge gaff, please do tell me Razz Same goes for any German I through in. I know a very limited amount. 'Mien Fahrrad ist kaputt' and 'Das ist keine Washmachine, das ist ein Kessel' is about all I can actually say.
When I get back to school I'll (hopefully!) start some battle reports.
Questions, comments or concerns are, as always, appreciated.

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Ironfoundersson's Reiklanders Fluff
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