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 Konqueror's Kislevite Fluff

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PostSubject: Konqueror's Kislevite Fluff   Konqueror's Kislevite Fluff Icon_minitimeWed 23 Jan 2008 - 21:27

I'm writing a forum-story over my band but I'm lazy and I don't want to translate it in eng Razz So I'll post just my BG. (And how i realized my minis)

The band is sent by the Mùžestvos (Brave in russian), a noble kislevite family renown for his supposed bindings with chaotic powers in the past. Their breeed is sometimes misshapen and deformed, and always led by an innate anger barely controllable.

The firstborn of the family was sent to Mordheim to take an old inheritance but he doesn't return. After some months his younger brother and sister are sent after him.

Druzhina - Ania Aleksandrovna* Mùžestvo, "The iron maiden" She always wear armor, her duelling pistols, a bear cloak and an iron mask. She isn't deformed or anything, but she likes metal. She often pretends that she killed bare-handed a bear (from which her cloak), but it's just a gift from an old pretendant (she always refused marriage proposals). She's aggressive and iperprotective toward is little brother, Sasha.
MINI: Her body is from a dark elf, with the mordheim basic pistols. The head too is from a DE but i sliced it halfway and did a fur hat. She has actually a WOLF cloak but it's ok i think Razz

1st Young - Sasha Aleksandrovich* Mùžestvo, the real protagonist of my stories. He's very cold and controlled in comparison to his family. He's also affected from a chronic respiratory disease and thus he's not a big fighter. His main skill is hunting with the crossbow inherited by his grampa (the xbow is nicknamed "Natasha"). He bears his family mark by the way: he's ugly and similar to an ungor (face only, for the rest is human!)
MINI: Ungor head (hehe) with fur hat, a chaos mantle and a xbow on a modifies arm. He also has an owl Razz

Bear Tamer - Sergej Big and Strong, he traines Nastya (stands for Anastasia), Ania's polar bear.
MINI: Chaos barbarian with a bearshaped fur hat Razz and 2 maces.

Esaul - Uncle Istvan: An old man-at-arms, was once lieutenant in the tzarina's army. He doesn't have a family, and he's considered uncle of everyone.
MINI: THE ZAR! I just added the legs and he's perfect.

Nicolai, "the lank": A young gospodar, he joined the band for curiosity as he was a worker for the Mùžestvos.
MINI: A standard kislevite from the fantasy.

Steppes Hares- The streltsis.
MINI: Mordheim mercenaries filled with fur and fur hats!

Steppes Hunters - The warriors
MINI: As Nicolai.


Rasputin - I did this special mini in the case an hench becomes hero. I'll choose Academic skills and try to make him a wizard!! :bball:
MINI: Body and head from a flagellant, unarmed armored arm (LOL) from Mordheim and the right arm with the book from the imperial wyzs. On the book some arcane symbols and the 2-tailed comet...

I hope u all enjoyed this Very Happy

*In Russia there is a second name that is the name of the father +vna if the person is a female or +ich if the person is male.
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Konqueror's Kislevite Fluff
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