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 First game

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PostSubject: First game   Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 2:31

So I finally got my first game of Mordheim... YAY!

and it was a 3 way fight! awesome. a experienced orc warband ( I think he had almost their number slimit of 20 if thats right) and a pirate warband with a grapeshot gun... S5 36 inch range? my god I want one for my marksmen!!

Besides learning the rules, them maybe going a little lighter on me and it being a 3 way game with my reiklanders held decently.

The pirate warband was to my right and the orcs on the opposite table quarter to myself.

From turn one the pirates moved towards me and a goo portion of the orcs, so I did what any reiklander does, I held back and shot them Razz

game ended early as time ran out but I'm very much addicted now.

What I learned:

warbands cover distance really quickly even on a 5x6 board, maybe would have been easier 1v1 to move more etc.

My swordsmen hate me, elite my ass, Razz my marksmen took out 2 squigs in ranged, and knocked down another 2 in hand to hand, 1 even went 3 turns stand off with 2 orcs and didn't die.

Pistols are a waste in my opinion, 6 inches is not much, Duelnig pistols are a much stronger choice since 10 inches is a decent length.

I am awesome at rolling 6's to hit, but 1-2's to wound

I used the recent list from the other thread of:


Champion x2

Youngblood x2

Marksman x4

Swordsman x3

Thinking seriously of making the hero take a bow, and spending the 5G on a 2nd mace for someone else, Because the pistol wa snice for the first round fo S4 and for its shot which hit, but it seems too limiting comaed to what a good bow could have done. Plus could have meant more standoff ranged power.

Also will have to get a pic up of 'Pete' the pirate one of my youngbloods. He rolled double 6's so I may have to promote him Razz

To cut this excitement short, It was fun and I'm dying to play more

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PostSubject: Re: First game   Tue 9 Sep 2008 - 3:23

CONGRATULATIONS! WOW, you FINALLY got to play Mordheim against REAL people; I AM SO envious Suspect ! Now that the Swordsmen have been bloodied, they SHOULD start doing better. If not, place an impressively large mallet next to them & whisper in as sinister a voice as you can manage: "you've got ONE MORE chance!"

I'm NOT MUCH on rules, but, if you swap the pistol for the bow [good idea], you could upgrade one of the Captain's maces to a sword;re, that would give him a parry to marginally improve his survival. ALSO, if you name EVERYONE, it will improve morale Suspect .
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First game
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