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 Orcs vs Dwarf Treasure Hunters

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PostSubject: Orcs vs Dwarf Treasure Hunters   Wed 11 May 2011 - 18:57

So, my friend and I are playing a 5 scenario campaign, Dwarfs and Orcs fighting in the World Edge Mountains.

Here are the Warbands.

Nargrim Wazlug's 'Ard Boyz

Boss Nargrim Wazlug
-Light Armor

Shaman Ole Morog

Big'Un Nazork Snotfang
-Light Armor

Big'Un GrimDakka


GrimDakka'z Ded Eyez
(2) Orc Boyz
-(2) Bows
-(2) Axes

Nargrim's FaceBustaz
(3) Orc Boyz
-(3) Axes
-(3) Sheilds

Korgen's Dwarf Rangers

Korgen Ironbeard - Dwarf Noble
-Dwarf Axe

Jergon Bronzefist - Dwarf Engineer

Broden Silverhammer - Troll Slayer
-Great Weapon

Mordikai Facebreaker - Troll Slayer


Dwarf Thunderers (2)
-(2) Crossbows

Beardlings (2)
-(2) Axes
-(2) Shields

First battle report will be posted shortly.
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Orcs vs Dwarf Treasure Hunters
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