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 Possessed vs undead battle report

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PostSubject: Possessed vs undead battle report   Sat 4 Dec 2010 - 4:32

First of all let you know that we play with our own rules and the cost of some items change, so you may see strange.

The warbands:

Terashi with Undead and RikLok with cult of the possessed


· Vampire: 2 swords, dagger, heavy armor, shield, rope with hook and bow
· Necromancer: sword, dagger, bow, rope with hook. Injuring spell with no tsa and adds it to himself.
· Dreg: dagger and bow
· 2x3 ghouls who would team up, one with the necro and one with the vampire
· 2x2 zombies

13 miniatures, 500Co.

cult of the possessed

· Magister: sword, dagger, rope with hook, good luck charm. 1 f3 impact spell to anything in a 8cm radius.
· Mutant: axe, shield, heavy armor, dagger, demonic soul.
• 3 imps acolytes (brethren) : dagger, shield and light. Teams up with the magister.
• 2 acolytes (brethren): mace, heavy armor, dagger, shield. Teams up with the mutant.
• 2 acolytes (brethren): dagger and bow.
• 2 dark souls: mace, dagger, shield.

11 miniatures, 499Co.

We decided to play with the target cards (so I could try them out Very Happy) to two secret targets each, just like in Risk.

Terashi's first turn has been VERY enlightening as to find out his objective xd

Seeing how everything refuged back in his display area or... he was trying to tease me, or he overdid an AMBUSH and delayed the SURVIVAL of 50% of the team. Haha.

But then he saw that it was not a useful thing to do, as depending on my very own objectives, I wouldn't even get near. There and get them easily, so good start...

The cultists watching how the ghouls devoured the innards of their reckless mates just didn't feel like leaving the building they had to capture, but if they remained there the infamous flood of filthy waste would fell upon them without being able to fight back, so it wouldn't be a piece of cake.

A cake indeed, chocolate cake, and not for its taste, but for its SHIT color. The astute archer who had kept defending the building knew it: THEY WERE ALL GONNA DIE, though he would as well later. And besides in a despictable way, because of the necromancer and his destroyer spell. (still alive in the photo) xd

Just before this, in the outskirts of the town, the necromancer ordered his nasty henchmen to remain expectant, as the magister and his scort of imps were heading there, so they could ambush the party... but no! The imps were actually playing rugby with rock fragments and moving on was not in their minds.

But hte magister's acute orders his minions to stay in the rear in case the ghouls decided to go hunting, so he could actually run away like a... the wicked man he is. Too bad he didn't remember something called TEAM COHERENCE. Derp.

In the center, the archer who was thinking about chocolate's brown color hasn't fallen to the infernal power of the necromancer yet, who was about to arrive. And as he waited, he enjoyed himself watching one of his sinister chilhood friend being chased by three ghouls who were trying to f*****g beat him down in a rather inefficient way as the friend insisted vigorously that he was feeling no pain.

And finally, the necromancer killed the archer, but the other archer, who happened to be the deceased's brother-in-law's neighbor's father's cousin's brother, decided to avenge his death causing the necromancer two wounds with his magnificent bow. Funny thing, because being in a team with the ghouls trying to work over the immortal cultist caused them to throw for panic and they FAILED, so they had to flee for shelter a.s.a.p.

Hahaha! It was time to fight back! And the beaten acolyte started chasing the ghouls to give them back the friendly blows he had just received. He crushed two of them having WS2 and S2 thanks to his bleeding wounds, COOL!

But the ghoul survivor enraged by the loss of his s... mates, rushed angrily against the acolyte, and despite the violent frenzy he saw himself involved in, he had to run away... was hit and... NOOO!!! Sad

The magister feared for his life and decided to hide, but he knew that if those undead didn't appear before him soon, his stupid imps would worry for him and would go to look after him, revealing his position.

The vampire and his ghouls jumped on the imps, and they ran away out of fear, hoping for their magister to save them , but the magister didn't have such thing in mind at all...

The ghouls and the vampire chased and seized them, executing most of the imps, without even realizing that the magister was hidden nearby fearing for his life.

And this completes turn 6! And this is how the table looks like...

Time to show the targets to see who's the winner.

Terashi's objective was to ambush me in his deployment area and to survive with at least half team. There were 13 and I've just killed 5, so he gets this objective.

RikLok's objective was to keep the magister alive (achieved) and to capture the central building, tough, tough... and not achieved.

With all this, the result has been a TIED but great and fun game Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed vs undead battle report   Sat 4 Dec 2010 - 7:23

Gorgeous photos and warbands! The captions are a great touch as well. All in all a wonderful report. I hope you do more in the future. thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed vs undead battle report   Sat 4 Dec 2010 - 7:33

I LOVED IT! While not the easiest of reports to follow, the whole thing was a visual treat & TREMENDOUS FUN to work my way through, The scenery & especially the mini are TERRIFIC! A FINE REPORT...please post your further adventures! thumbsup
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PostSubject: Re: Possessed vs undead battle report   

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Possessed vs undead battle report
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