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 New Warband: Ogre Wanderlings

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PostSubject: New Warband: Ogre Wanderlings   New Warband: Ogre Wanderlings Icon_minitimeSun 13 Apr 2014 - 7:20

I set out to craft a new Ogre warband after reading and playtesting those that are floating around the web.  

Maneaters from Border Town Burning was a good list.  One of the major flaws I experienced while playing it, however, was the inconsistency of which ogre models were actually large and caused fear.

The Ogre Stronghold list (also on Mordheimer) had a Butcher, but his rules were convoluted and involved extra tabulation that I felt would detract from the rhythm of the post-game.  This warband also had an upkeep for the ogres, which I never enjoyed paying directly - though I saw its purpose to balance the strength of the ogres.

The theme of my ogre group differs from the other bands, in that, the ogres are young and have yet to mature in their abilities.  As such, the leader and other heroes have considerably lower WS and Initiative than most.  This was to partially offset the extra wound and attack.  I blended special rules from the other warbands to make one that had its own flare.  

My thanks go out to all the die-hard enthusiasts that take the time to draft and compile rules for this great game.  Your work has inspired and shaped my group’s house rules and this warband in particular.  I pulled many ideas from the following sources:

Ogre Warband ~ Ogre Stronghold forum
Swords of the Empire ~ Lieber Malefic
Bordertown Burning Supplement
Sages and Mages ~ Dave “Styrofoam King” Joria

Hope you all find this to be a promising warband.  The design was conceptually discussed and peer reviewed with my gaming group.  We have hundreds of encounters under our belts, but this has not yet been fully play tested.  Hope to provide battle report soon.

Comments and criticism are always appreciated.  Let me know if link doesn't work.

Link to Warband PDF

Thanks for reading.
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New Warband: Ogre Wanderlings
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