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 Need items for Beastmen & Witch Hunters (buy or trade)

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PostSubject: Need items for Beastmen & Witch Hunters (buy or trade)   beastmen - Need items for Beastmen & Witch Hunters (buy or trade) Icon_minitimeWed 18 May 2011 - 4:35

Hello everyone.

I'm searching for some beastman bits to make a warband and a few items to finish a witch hunter group. If anyone has any of the following they would like to sell, trade, or get rid of please let me know. The condition of the items is not much of an issue unless they are entirely broken. My goal is just to make this small warband not cost $100.

- a centigor or suitable centaur model
- Beastmen heroes (two axes or great axe metal ones)

- a tuskgor chariot (what I'm after is the gor holding the elf head and great axe but I like the other bits too)
- 2-5 dire wolves of some sort. Anything savage and bestial. Even the undead wolves would work. Chaos warhounds are the best.
- Warriors of Chaos marauder horsemen bits

And just to cover all my bases, the Avatars of War Minotaur and beast lord models which are so beautiful and high on the must-have list. If you haven't already, check out some of that model range because it is gorgeous (

There are some Reaper models that I'm after as well as. They are for my Witch Hunter warband.
- Abraham Van Helsing, vampire hunter
- Abram Duskwalker
- Jerach, undead hunter

I'd also be interested in a 40k witch hunter inquisitor with the sword and pistol.

For trade, I have access to tons of empire bits and models as my army is in the infantile stages of construction. In my closet, there are some wood elves, bretonnians, Imperial Guard, and Ogre bits.

I have a great ebay track record as well as a few reps on other forums. I'm in the US but willing to pay shipping if the deal is right.

Thanks for reading.

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Need items for Beastmen & Witch Hunters (buy or trade)
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