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 southlands mordheim campaign

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PostSubject: southlands mordheim campaign   southlands mordheim campaign Icon_minitimeMon 18 Jan 2010 - 19:40

I will put the stuff from our southlands mordheim campaign here. It will also be on this blog but this thread will probably get more pictures.

first up is some background for my mordheim warband:

Captain maggot leant back in his chair and thought back to how it all started. The senior ranking members of the fleet had all gone to have a meal in the commodore’s flagship Gitkiller’s Revenge, although he was captain of the Pusbucket he could not go as he had come down with a nasty bout of squig flu. The commodore and captain Grubgut of the Stinkhorn had a disagreement about shares of loot and the Gitkiller’s Revenge rammed and boarded the Stinkhorn. At some point during the battle someone put a pistol shot through the flagships overloaded powder store. The following explosion sent both ships down to the bottom and this had left Maggot as commodore of the remaining ships which were the Pusbucket and the Fungal Delight

Maggotcommodore for two weeks before the crew of the Fungal Delight decided to leave the fleet and fled in the night off the coast of Araby. Things had started to go badly from here, many of his crew had deserted him when he put to port, this meant he had to go back to the employers of the fleet to try and barter for a new crew.

After a long and difficult sail around the point of the southlands, dodging high elf patrols, he had arrived in the chaos dwarf settlement on the sea of dread. Here most of his remaining crew deserted him apart from his faithful first mate Skumcrud. The new crew he had been able to find were inexperienced at best and completely insane most of the other time. There was the ships surgeon who had the unusual belief that washing your hands stopped you getting ill and got very angry when the other goblins didn’t. Then there was the bosun who was reasonably normal and the shaman who never washed in case it washed away the magic. Then there were the marines lead by Fishy Pete who was a good sailor but since an accident in a fishmonger couldn’t stop using fish related puns. The other two men had obviously spent too much time in foreign climes, one of them wore a lizard-thing glyph plate around his neck and the other wore an Arabian head scarf all the time.

Captain maggot came out of his daydream, things were getting better now, he had a commission. It was from the chaos dwarfs and told him to attack and destroy hostile ships around the coast off the plain of tuskers and that any profit made was his to keep. Maggot went up on deck and smiled as he steered his ship into the deserted quarter of El-Kalabad...
and now the write up for the first battle of the campaign, my goblin pirates verses nordlanders using marienburger rules:

Captain maggot glanced around at the rest of the crew “Magical Merv, Skumcrud, follow me. Marines go check out that crate ahead. Bosun bill take the rest over to that hovel and see what’s there”. Skumcrud followed close to the captain as they went left over a low hill and began to sneak slowly through a dense section of ruins. The nordlanders had put there handgunners on the roofs of a row of shops so they had to be carefull.

In the centre of the battle field Fishy Pete gestured for one of the marines to open the crate ahead of them whilst he and the remaining marine headed towards the taller buildings under a hail of gunfire. The marine who had been left behind prised the lid off the crate with his dagger. What came out was truly horrifying but luckily the goblins oversized hat fell over his eyes and he saw nothing and kept his nerve.

To the far right Skink advanced on the hovel along with El-loco and the bosun. The bosun waved him towards the door of the hovel and snuck around the back with El-loco. Skink ran over to the door and gave it a good hard kick; it was unlocked anyway and opened easily. Skink was surprised to see an angry old lady surrounded by cats sitting in a chair by the window; with an evil grin on his face he drew his pistol and shot her. The blast picked her up and threw her out of the window followed by her many cats.

As Skink moved over to the fire to warm himself El-loco came falling down the chimney and landed unconscious in the fire. In a rare show of friendship Skink picked up his friend’s body and dragged him outside.

Back in the centre of the battlefield the confused marine raised his helmet to find two humans running towards him after being shot at by Fishy Pete, one was wearing heavy armour and holding a sword whilst the other one was brandishing a mop. The marine took one shot at the armoured warrior, missed horribly, and fled.

On the left Skumcrud ran over a patch of open ground after his captain, there was a promising looking crate just ahead. Just as they got within a few yards of it the bell in the temple of Sigmar struck seven. “Pub’s open!” cried the captain “we can come back for that crate another time”.

Later, in the pub, El-loco began to regain consciousness. He opened his soot stained hand and there on his grubby palm [/font]remained [/color][/font][font=Calibri][color=orange]were five gold coins. El-loco smiled to himself, he could buy a new headscarf (if he didn’t spend it all on rum first).
beyond taking a few pot shots at each other we didnt realy do much but it was fun. I will try and get photos of the next battle.
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southlands mordheim campaign
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