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 dwi's June 2009 Drawing chalenge!

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dwi's June 2009 Drawing chalenge! Empty
PostSubject: dwi's June 2009 Drawing chalenge!   dwi's June 2009 Drawing chalenge! Icon_minitimeMon 8 Jun 2009 - 1:30

Right then for the JUNE DRAWING CHALENGE! you must post your drawing of ether a Mordheim seen of a WFB seen for me,Tom and Deaf too rate on a scale of one too twenty and you can only post one and only one for the chalenge and you must post your pic here on this post,whoever has the highest score wins all the bragin rites!
The chalenge is over on June 28th happy drawing! By the way Tom and Deaf you can't post pics!and for that matter nether can I!

Oh and do you like my new avatar? it's a pic of Warmaster Slaydo from 40K
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dwi's June 2009 Drawing chalenge!
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