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PostSubject: Wagons?   Sun 25 Jun 2017 - 0:42

So I got a few quick questions about wagons, some in relation to Merchant Caravan wagons too.

1.) What happens if my wagon loses all of its wounds and effectively goes out of action. Is there a chance it will be removed from my warband roster or is it always 100% good to go at the start of the next game?

2.) How does boarding an enemy wagon work? If the wagon is moving I understand I can just keep going, but if I am stationary can my enemy board it just like I myself could?

3.) If I'm a merchant caravan warband, can I put people in my wagon to shoot with? Or is it implied that the wagon is just for the warband goods?

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PostSubject: Re: Wagons?   Sun 25 Jun 2017 - 12:53

1) Wagon is destroyed, remove it from the roster. Any other damage is assumed to be repaired between games. (Or not, depending on whom you make your assumptions with.)

Empire In Flames, p.31-32 wrote:
A friendly warrior may board a stationary
wagon by simply moving into contact with it
(wagons are only considered stationary if
they didn’t move in their last turn). Place
the model either on the wagon or move it
with the wagon in base contact to simulate
it being transported. Similarly, a warrior may
dismount from a stationary wagon by
moving away from contact. Warriors may
attempt to mount or dismount from a
moving wagon by passing an Initiative test. If
they fail, they take falling damage of D3
automatic hits at a Strength equal to half the
vehicle’s speed. Warriors may attempt to
board a moving wagon from either another
moving wagon or from a moving mount with
a modifier of -1 to their Initiative test – this
counts as a charge.

Crew: Crew on board a stationary wagon
are counted as defending an obstacle and a
6 is required to hit them regardless of
Weapon Skill. If a crew member is taken out of
action an attacker may enter/board the wagon in
his next turn.

This is all the rules have to say. As far as I can tell it depends on whether you have someone also on board the wagon when they try...
3) Of course you can. The goods are also stored in the wagon, but take up no space as far as I can tell (unless you bought the chest to store them in as well...)

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PostSubject: Re: Wagons?   Mon 26 Jun 2017 - 3:27

3) Some people will argue that the only good thing about a wagon is putting models on top to get a moving shooting platform with warriors 2" off the ground and able to pick their targets.
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PostSubject: Re: Wagons?   

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