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 Lizardmen setup + tactics

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PostSubject: Lizardmen setup + tactics   Thu 6 Nov 2014 - 10:46

Hii guys,

Bought my lizardman 1 year ago.. never gave them a singel spin!! sooo now i want to introduce them to mordheim for the first time.
I played all kinds of warbands like, Dwarfs, Possessed, Human bands etc. But never Lizardmen.

I have no clue how the band works.. i did read the Lizardmen topics but couldn't realy find a good warband setup.. and no tactics for a campian.

What i did found was: buy all heroes (like always) buy lots of skinks for ranging/hiding (and maby some swarming). keep skinks out of combat by keeping your saurus in front of them. Never let your priest die, couse when that happens you cant use his LD for routing tests. saurus sword shield of spear, skinks range+potion.

Thats all..

We do have the house rule that a sield gives a +1 to save and double handed (2 swords) -1 to to hit.  We made a skill to ignore the 1- to to hit penalty in the Combat section.

Can someone give me a good idea how to make a good starting band and how to run them nice and smooth?
i also need some further on campain tactics like how to play in most battles and when to buy what (models/weapons/kroxigor)

Thanks a lot!!
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PostSubject: Re: Lizardmen setup + tactics   Thu 6 Nov 2014 - 18:48

Hey avarua,

As we have talked about before, I shall summon a guide for you as soon as possible! Perhaps I can actually have it done this friday (today). The groundwork has been made, but I need to make the finishing touches. I'll let you know as soon as it's here! (Can't send a PM to you atm. for some reason; very slow loading!)

Best wishes, and have a nice weekend!
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Lizardmen setup + tactics
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