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 Ladders - knocking them over, setting them back up

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PostSubject: Ladders - knocking them over, setting them back up   Mon 14 Apr 2014 - 0:33


so here would be my last thread for today.

I want to know if you got any house rules for knocking over ladders? And of course for setting them back up.

There could be several possibilities:

- Instead of attacking the enemy you can attack a ladder (for example with T4). If you wound it, it falls down.
- If you end your movement at a ladder, you make a strength test to see, if you can knock it over
- If you end your movement phase, you can knock it over automatically, but you are not allowed to do anything else in this round?

My idea would be:

If you want to knock a ladder over, you have to make a strength test. If you pass, you can knock the ladder down.
If you stand at the upper end of the ladder, you get a bonus of +1.
For each model standing on the ladder, your strength test is hindered by 1, for each large model by 3.

So if there are too many models on the ladder, you may have to use two or more of your models.

If you want to set it back up, you simply have to pass a strength test.
As long as the model, who set the ladder back up is in contact with the ladder, it cannot be knocked over again in the next turn.

Note: You can only knock over or set up ladders, if you are not enganged in hand-to-hand combat. If a ladder is knocked over and there were models standing on it, they have to make an initiative test or fall and get D3 hits with strength equal to the fallen height.

What you think about it? Have you got other house rules? Have you got better house rules?

Best regards,
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PostSubject: Re: Ladders - knocking them over, setting them back up   Thu 17 Apr 2014 - 22:07

There are rules for ladders in Border Town Burning. I have copied them below.

Quote :
Ladders are useful for reaching higher ground such as scaling walls or trees. A ladder is placed on the board like any other model. If you have no adequate model, use  a  marker  to  represent  the  ladder.  A  Ladder requires  two  models,  Heroes  or  Henchmen,  (or  a single  large  model)  to  carry  it.  However,  one  model can  carry  a  ladder  alone,  but  may  then  move  at  half speed only (quarter for large ladders). Models carrying a ladder may not run. They may drop the ladder any time they wish (e.g. when charged). A ladder may be set up in the Movement phase in base contact with any of  the  carriers.  This  requires  a  quarter  of  their Movement (half for large ladders). Note that if one of the  models  has  a  lower  Movement  than  the  other, both  models  are  slowed  down  while  carrying  the ladder.

Ladders are considered open ground and do not affect the  model’s  movement  rate  (see  Mordheim Rulebook).  Any  model  in  base  contact  with  a  ladder may  try  to  knock  it  over  in  the  hand-to-hand  combat phase. The model must pass a Strength test with a –1 modifier for every model on the ladder after the first. If the test is successful treat the models as falling from where they were.
Small ladders have a length of up to 3", large ladders are longer than 3".

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Ladders - knocking them over, setting them back up
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