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 Cantamatian fluff

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PostSubject: Cantamatian fluff   Fri 31 May 2013 - 14:49

As per my Story thread here: http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t6605-under-a-firey-sky

Here is some fluff.
Taken from the memoirs of Lieutenant-Colonel Vantus C. Hairin of the 707th Cadian

The World and it's people:
When I first traveled to Cantamatia I was stun ed at it's ruggedness.
It's blistering plains, chilly mountains and dark forests gave it a formidable look, that captivated me and repulsed me at the same time.
At this point in my life I had traveled for many years and watched as my friends died around me. I had seen most worlds. The plains of Golania, the deep ice likes of Merna, but as with all worlds that I visit Cantamatia was new to me.

When I arrived in Orlian province I was met with a warm reception.
The first thing I noticed was the trees. Despite being in the capital city of Orlainhome I was dumb founded by the fact that trees were still near the city, just walk a kilometer or two and you would smack right in to them.
As I found out this is true for most citys on Cantamatia.

The second thing I noticed were the people themselves. Most are from Praetorian and Fradonian stock. The second largest ethnic population is made up from those of Finreht and Drooken stock.
With those Pretorian decent living in the lowland and big citys while those of Drooken and Finreht decent live in the more clanish rural places. Those of Fradonian stock live mainly in the southern parts of Cantamatia's main continent.

On an interesting note the minority population is made up of people known as "Flintstriders", people descended from Cantamatia's native Pre-Imperium days.

The PDF:
Also known simply as "The Militia", Cantamatia's PDF often also act as Law enforcement then the Abarties can't be bothered. All Regiments wear a red serge coats and breast plate. Most are equipped with back kepis or tan wide brimmed hats. During the winter red fur-lined great coats and these strange wedge shaped fur hats are issued.

Leg and footwear differ from regiment to regiment. Giving the PDF a ad-hock but still noble appearance but compared to most other PDFers of other worlds I've seen they look rather scruffy.

Beards are also common.

For Weapons the PDF are equipped with the "Hovat Semi-Automatic Rifle" basically a wood decorated autorifle with a Drum Magazine and a bayonet. Most of these rifles you big bore caseless ammunition.
Most PDF soldiers also carry a Cantamatian pattern Stubpistol using high-yield ammunition.

Sabers are also common for officers.

All PDF troops are volunteers.

The Cantamatian Guardsmen:
Guardsmen are drawn from all the ethnic diversities on the planet.

There are two forms of Cantamatian regiment; Cantamatian Rifles and Cantamatian Auxiliary.

Rifles are drawn from primarily the folks of Praetorian and Fradonian stock. Like the PDF the Rifles are equipped with fur coats and hat, though these are of a blueish grey color than red, during winter. Most wear forest green or brown uniforms and dark green puddies

Auxiliary are much the same way except they often wear kits and plaids in to combat unless ordered otherwise.

"Flintstrider" guardsmen are often seen with tribal fetishes and hachets.

However most officers and NCOs are equipped with MK II Cantamatian autopistols and chainswords rather then Stubbers and sabers.

Most troops are equiped with their choice of a Praetorian pattern no. 98 Lasgun or Hovat and a bayonet and Praetorian pattern laspistol or Cantamatian stubpistol.

Cantamatian pattern single shot Shotguns are also common.

Other weapons such as Praetorian pattern revolvers, boltpistols and powerswords and the like must be bought out of the officer's, NCO's or troopers own pocket.

Support weapons mainly include Praetorian MKII NoII pattern flamers.
Heavy Weapons include The Praetorian pattern rocket launcher and the Praetorian Pattern heavy stubber and heavy bolter.

As with the PDF Guardsmen are all volunteers.

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Cantamatian fluff
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