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 WTB: Warmaster miniatures

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PostSubject: WTB: Warmaster miniatures    Fri 7 Sep 2012 - 16:54

I am after any of the following,

I'd pay $$ or could trade some Warmachine stuff for them [mostly got Cygnar stuff, some merc and cryx]

High Elves:
High Elf Spearmen x3
High Elf Archers x3
High Elf Bolt throwers x2
High Elf Dragon Rider x2
High Helf Silver Helms x1
High Elf Reavers x1

Chaos Harpies x2
Chaos Chariots x2
Chaos Trolls x1
Chaos Dragon Rider x1

Orcs and Goblins:
Night Goblins x4 or normal goblins x6
black orcs x1
Orc Warriors x4
Orc Bowmen x4
Orc Rocklobber x3
Orc Boar boys x2
Goblin wolf Riders x3
OIrc Wyvern Rider x1
Orc & Goblin characters x1
Orc and goblin trolls x2
Ogres x1
Giant x1

Carrion x2
undead Bone giant x3
Sphinx x3
undead warriors x6
undead bowmen x4
undead cavalry x2
undead chariots x2

leave msg here or send me a private msg
I'll pay via pay pal and cover any postage costs. prefer unpainted and un based minis please.


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WTB: Warmaster miniatures
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