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 2000 point Tau Empire Army for sale

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PostSubject: 2000 point Tau Empire Army for sale   Tue 22 May 2012 - 5:58

Hey all.

I am currently switching allegiances to Warhammer fantasy more than 40k and I have an army for sale.
(Go Daemons of Chaos!! Razz )

All the models are undercoated and most are half-assembled (Basically ready to paint)

The models count towards a 2000 point army for use in standard 40k games (I have the army list that I created available if people want it)

The models for sale are:
- One squad of 12 Fire Warriors
- One squad of 12 Kroot
- One squad of 3 (home conversion) Sniper Drones
- One squad of 3 Stealth suits
- One Devilfish/Hammerhead (Dependant on your preference, but all the parts will be sent)
- One Piranha
- One Broadside Battlesuit
- One Commander Battlesuit (With a couple of the metal guns)
- One metal Ethereal
- One metal kroot shaper
- One metal Krootox
- One metal Kroot Hound
- All transfers and extra bits that can be found on the Tau sprues

All in all the models cost just over 100 new but I am selling them for half that price.
I'm asking for 50 for everything.
I can post the models but my funds are limited so even a small contribution towards postage would be welcome.
I have a paypal account that can be used in a similar fashion to if I was making the sale on ebay. i.e. Once the payment is received I will post the models 1st class and securely packed.

They will all be packed in the Tau Empire Battleforce box.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look, and spread the word.
I'm moving this week so it would be nice to shift these models.
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2000 point Tau Empire Army for sale
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