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 Markus the Maleficent

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PostSubject: Markus the Maleficent   Wed 12 Jan 2011 - 10:48

These are the rules we decided on after the events of our final session:

Markus the Maleficent

Hiring Cost: D3 Wyrdstone (if the cost is more than the Wyrdstone available the ritual fails and all used Wyrdstone is lost). He will not join any warband with another Daemon present, or a mark of chaos. Unless the Daemon or Mark is aligned with Tzeentch. Markus will only join a warband for a single battle at a time. After one battle has passed without Markus he may be summoned again.

Markus was a Wizard who had a few failed experiments with Wyrdstone. After noticing his chest beginning to slowly mutate he delved into forbidden texts and devised a potion made from powdered wyrdstone, human blood and several other ingredients that would stop or slow mutation from spreading. This wasn't enough. He learned rumors of a giant piece of Wyrdstone found in Mordheim that might be enough for him to devise a ritual to reverse his mutations. After working his way through the City of the Damned with a small team he found the piece. Betraying his last surviving ally he used the Wyrdstone to perform his ritual. The Ritual failed horribly. Or did it? Tzeentch 'blessed' him with great change and fused his soul and body with that of a daemon prince who had failed one too many times. With his newfound strength Markus roams the city collecting Wyrdstone for his dark experiments.

4 4 4 4 4 X 3 2 9

Weapons/Armor: Warped Shadow Sword, Daemonic Claw. Markus has a warped version of the sword he used when he was merely mortal. He can use it to parry once per turn. Markus fights with both sword and claw. During the recovery phase of each of his turns choose one to count as his primary weapon. The off-hand weapon only attacks once, but in addition to Markus' attacks.

Special Rules:
Loner: Markus will never gain Ld bonuses or re-rolls from the warband he is with.
Wizard: Markus is a Wizard and knows every spell from the Chaos Ritual List.
Magical Wards: Markus gains a 5+ Unmodifiable Save due to his magical wards. He also counts as having the Dodge skill.
Daemon: Markus counts as a Daemon for purposes of wounding etc.
Unpredictable Ritual: The ritual to summon Markus is easy to perform, but hard to predict. The D3 roll to determine the summoning cost is also used for the number of Wounds he has during a battle. The Leader may give of his own blood to strengthen the spell. The Leader will miss the game, but Markus will have 3 Wounds and count as Leader for all purposes, other than exploration. While acting as Leader Markus does not have the Loner Skill and gains the Leader skill.
Warped Shadow Sword: When using the WSS as his primary weapon Markus may re-roll one of his spell difficulty dice.
Daemonic Claw: One of Markus' hands has large talons on the hand. When using DC as his primary weapon Markus' attacks gain the Cutting Edge trait.
Very Scary: Markus makes most mortals wet their pants with fear. He causes Fear. And due to the constant reminder he is of the dangers of using magic, any Wizard (not priests) or model carrying a piece of Wyrdstone must subtract 1 from their Ld when taking Fear tests from Markus.
Skills: Markus knows the following skills: Leap,Sprint, Acrobat, Sorcery and Unstoppable Charge.

You can read the RPG Campaign summary in the General Shouting section

Pictures of Markus
RPG Campaign

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PostSubject: Re: Markus the Maleficent   Fri 14 Jan 2011 - 17:21

Actually, he's a bit on the weak side, considering the cost. My best recommendation is to look a little closer to the existing DPs. Generally they have:

About "hero" level stats- Markus MOSTLY has that, but with only WS4, and A2 (with no second weapon), he's a bit on the weak side.

Skills - several powerful skills that are pointed in a specific direction. If he a mage? A fighter? An academic? A little of all three?
(You have the Shadow Mage spells, but unless he's an elf, that makes very little sense. If he IS an elf, that should be a huge part of his fluff... he could be the demonic version of the Elf Mage HS.)

Special Rules - the demonic stuff is a start, but he needs something unique, that no one else has. As fitting to his character. (Sometimes this is as simple as a set of rules that normally can't be combined, like Johan and his knives.) Why not tie it into his wyrdstone obsession? Maybe he hates/receives a bonus against models holding shards?

I recommend you take a look at the marauder warband- both because they have a Tzeentch spell list, and because of their "stat-changing" hero. Might influence Markus even more, making him even more mutable and random.

I think 1D3 shards are probably all you need, even with all of the recommended buffs.
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Markus the Maleficent
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