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 Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"

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PostSubject: Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"   Fri 29 Oct 2010 - 20:55

2 Scenarios for the upcoming "Mini campaign", Wee War (a Goblin vs. Halfling campaign, set in the Moot.) Here are two very ODD scenarios. Untested. Feedback please!

Goblins like a good scrap as much as the next biped… but sometimes they like settling disputes in a non-violent way (if only because it means THEY won’t be hurt!) In these rare cases, to avoid a full out battle, they’ll pick several champions, who’ll compete in a Squig Hop. Any Halflings stupid enough to join in are welcome to compete, though they’re bound to regret it! Bound! Get it?! Eh? ANYway…
If playing with two players, the field should be 3x3’. If there are more than 2 players, we recommend a larger 4x4’ field. There should be two or three tall buildings or rocks placed on the board, but the field should be mostly bare.
Each player rolls off. The player with the highest roll set-ups first, deploying his models up to 12” from his or her board, and up to 12” from an enemy model. No models may be deployed differently due to Hunch, Infiltrate, or similar skill.
Rather than deploying your entire warband, each player picks 3 non-Large Heroes to represent their warband. These models will be riding the Squigs, and suffer the following rules.
While riding on a squig, the Rider has the following rules and limitations.
MOUNTED: Squig Hoppers are treated as normal cavalry when shooting, and receive a +1 to hit. Remember that being mounted grants the Rider a +1 armor save in shooting and in Hand to Hand. Like normal, when riding a squig, all attacks are directed at the rider and not the mount, which has the following stats.
Squig 2D6” 4 0 4 3 1 5 1 2

Rider Equipment: The rider is only able to use one hand at a time, meaning he may not use additional hand weapons or two-handed weapons. He may still use a shield during the shooting phase.

MOVEMENT Each movement phase, during the compulsory movement phase, nominate a direction and roll 2D6" dice. This represents the distance the squig bounces. It is low to the ground, so it will ignore terrain penalty and 1”, but if it comes into contact with an enemy or friendly model, it will stop and attack it; this counts as a charge. If the two dice comes up a double, randomly determine a direction: the squig performs its bounce in that direction instead of the one you chose.
Once the squig bounces in contact with a model, the Squig will attack as described below (see fighting) and bounce off again. Roll a random direction and move the Squig Hopper 2D6 in that direction. Continue to bounce the Squig Hopper and continue to attack until it fails to land on a model.
If a Squig's bouncing takes into a river or lake, both the rider and the squig sink like a stone! The same applies to a squig that bounces off the board: it is considered out of action (do not roll for injury for going off the board.)
PSYCHOLOGY: The Squig is completely immune to psychology, and it, not the rider, determines the movements of the pair. The Rider is immune to All Alone and Animosity. If the Rider fails a Fear Test when charging a Fear causing model, the Squig moves and attacks as normal, and the rider is at 6's to hit.
FIGHTING: Whenever the Squig bounces in contact with a model (friend or foe), it immediately attacks, following the normal order of attacks. The rider must attack if it comes into contact with an enemy model, but may choose not to against allies or NPCs. Roll to hit and damage as normal. Once the Squig and the Rider make all their attacks, the squig bounces off, before the defender fights back. The only way the defender is allowed to attack is if he has any attacks that strike before either the charging squig or rider, through the normal means (Lightning Reflexes, Whipcrack, Spear, etc.) When bouncing, the creature leaves combat without penalty. This “bounce away” only applies to CHARGING squig hoppers.. a squig that is charged will have to stand and take it! If a squig bounces into more than one opponent in a single turn, the squig will get an attack each time. The rider may not attack more times each turn than he normally can.
SHOOTING: While it is possible to shoot a weapon while riding a squig, it is certainly not easy! The following penalties apply-
-1 for Riding- This cannot be ignored or reduced
-1 for Moving – Any weapon that has a penalty for moving and shooting suffers a -1 as normal, unless you have Nimble or a weapon that doesn’t suffer penalties for moving and shooting (ex. Throwing knives)
-1 for Two Handed Missile Weapons – Steering a squig is easier with two hands… it’s still possible to shoot a bow, but not easy! Any weapon that requires two hands (short bow, bow, handgun) suffers -1 to hit. Similarly, if firing two hands worth of missiles (like 2 pistols at once), they both suffer -1 to hit.
As stated above, while riding a squig, a warrior is always moving. Thus, it is impossible to fire move or fire weapons (like crossbows), or use any standing-only missile bonuses (quickshot, double-shotting slings).

There are no rout checks required for this game. The game ends after 8 turns, or until only player remains, whichever comes first. No Rout Tests are required.
+2 For surviving: Any model that survives gains +2 experience… riding squigs is quite a learning experience!
+1 For Winning Leader: If your warband won, your Leader gains +1 experience… even if he wasn’t taking part!
+1 Experience for taking out an enemy model: Each hero that takes an enemy model out of action gains +1 experience per model.
If a player has all of his heroes taken out of action, the player still receives 1 Exploration die.
If a player has one or more heroes left standing in the game, each hero grants TWO exploration dice.
The winning warband receives +1 gold medal. In addition, if it’s a Goblin or Gnoblar warband, may gain a free Cave Squig (see the Mob rules for details.) Non Greenskin warbands or warbands that do not want a squig may sell it for 1D3 x 10gc.


There are many ways to get gold medals… borrowing, bribery, and, of course, theft. But once in a while, you can actually WIN one. The best competition, for those who don’t have the patience for gardening, is the prize pig competition.
It’s the early morning before the competition, all of the warbands have entered their own pig… most of them stolen from some helpless farmer, of course! Of course, the judges will not give the ribbon to a pig that is damaged or dead… so it’s only fair (er, unfair) that each player sneaks into the tent and try to rough up the competition a little. Your mission: keep you pig safe, and hurt everyone else’s!
The table should be 4x4, unless the playing with more than 4 players.
Most of the board is covered by a 3x3’ square tent, which stretches up to the 6” of the edge of the board. Inside the tent, for each player, set up a 1x1’ pen. Each pen will be as far as possible from the other pens.
Both inside and outside the tent, around the pens, set up minor obstacles, like hay bales and boxes of crates.
Each player sets up within 8” of their side. They can set up in the tent, outside of the tent, or within their own pen.
Each pig is granted a single Piggy for the purpose of this game. It counts as a member of your warband, for the purpose Rout tests. This may temporarily put you over the maximum size for you warband. Likewise, if a Halfling Warband already have its maximum number of Piggies (namely 4), this pig may temporarily take it above this limit.
Alternatively, if your warband already has a Piggie, you may choose to put your OWN piggy up the competition. You do not get the free piggy, but the rewards for winning are higher.
In either case, the Prize Pig may not voluntarily leave the confines of the pen. The pen walls are strong enough that it’ll keep the pig contained, even if he attempts to flee through it.
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Piggy 5 4 0 3 4 1 3 1 4
The inside of the tent is dimly lit… the maximum range of visibility is 12”. Any model beyond that range is considered out of sight, and cannot be fired out.
TENT FLAPS – It is easy to go from inside the tent to outside the tent, and vice-verse without any movement penalty. However, the tent is thick enough that it blocks all line of sight. Any model attempting to charge a model through the tent must first sense his presence. Shooting from one side of the tent to another is impossible. If a model outside the tent is shooting at another model outside of the tent, visibility is normal.
Each player rolls off. The player with the highest score starts the game.
The game lasts 8 turns. Given the *cough* high stakes, route checks are not taken.
The judges will select a random Prize Pig from all of the Prize Pigs that has not been taken out of action by the end of Turn 8. If there is only 1 Prize Pig remaining, that pig is automatically the winner. Any Prize Pigs not taken out of action count as "Runner Ups". If there are no players left with a prize pig on the board, the game is considered a draw, with no winner.
+1 Survives: Any model that survives the game without dying gains +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader : If your warband wins the game, your Leader gains +1 Experience.
+1 Per enemy Out of Action: Any hero that takes an enemy out of action gains +1 Experience per hero.
+1 Pig Guard Leader: If your warband went the entire game without having your Prize Pig taken out of action, your Leader receives +1 experience.
+1 Pig Butcher: Any hero that takes an enemy Prize Pig gains +1 experience, in addition to the normal +1 for taking an enemy out of action.

Winner: The winning warband gains 1D2+1 Gold Medals, 30 gold, and may add +6 to any SINGLE rarity roll in the post game. They may also keep the pig, although it cannot bring you above the max number of warband members. (For Halfling players, it MAY bring you over the max number of Piggies you’re allowed to take.) If you do not keep the pig, you may sell him for 15 gc.
Runner Up: You may keep the pig, although it cannot bring you above the max number of warband members. (For Halfling players, it MAY bring you over the max number of Piggies you’re allowed to take.) If you cannot or will not keep the pig, he can be sold for 15gc.
Losers: If your pig was taken out of action, the pig is dead (or discovered by whoever YOU stole it from.) It may not be added to your warband, and you gain no bonus.
Winner: The winning warband gains 3 Gold Medals, 60 gold, and may add +6 to any SINGLE rarity roll in the post game. Also, the pig is so pampered, it gets fatter and keener. It gains +2 experience. This is an exception to the rule that animals cannot learn experience, and the Pig remains unable to gain any further EXP (outside of special scenarios). If the pig was part of a group, the experience is only granted to ONE of the pigs. A pig can never gain TLGT, and any rolls of TLGT are rerolled.
Runner Up: If your pig was not taken out of action, you gain 30 gold.
Losers: If your pig was taken out of action, roll for injury for the pig as normal. You gain no bonus.

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PostSubject: Re: Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"   Fri 29 Oct 2010 - 21:21

Squig racing! Haven't done that in years. Not since GW's wacky days. The best of their attempts at an in store attention getter.

The Unfair Fair--while I understand the tent, I think you would be better off without it. Pens and a moon-lit night with a bunch of booths, haystacks and the like will give you the sneaking around not being able to see very far feeling.

Unsure why there is a runner up if there can only be one winner. How do you become a runner up? Or what do you do if there are more than one Prize Pigs on the table at the end of 8?
Quote :
Each pig is granted a single Piggy for the purpose of this game.

Say what?
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PostSubject: Re: Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"   Sat 30 Oct 2010 - 6:50

AH, it appears I left out a vital word... "the Judges will pick a RANDOM pig still left in play after the 8th turn." I'll include the line, "all Pirze pigs that weren't picked but are still in the game count as "runners up". My apologies.

Squig racing: Exactly! Mordheim City is such a dour setting, and most of the following settings are just as dark (Sylvania, Khemri, BTB). That's why Lustria (and, to be shameless, Sartosa), are fun to me, 'cause they seem to have a slightly lighter edge to them.

Which is why I think the Moot Goblin/Halfling war would be a great setting! Pie fights, squig racing, pig judging contests... no mutations and rotting souls, just randomness and adsurdity. A small break from all that is grimdark. Maybe even have a Blood Bowl scenario.

Does anyone have the RULES to the old Squig Racing game? This was more of a squig-hopper fight, but I'd love to have an actual "race" scenario too...

Tent: I'll agree, the tent is not NECESSARY... however, I remember when I built a souk (merchant stall) for the Sartosa Campaign. Two or three warriors were hunting each other, but were separated by white sheets... this provided a NEW yet exciting situation in the rules. Normally, if you can't see a person, they're behind something solid... a rock, a wall, a barrier. Unless it's a SMALL rock, you generally can't attack the person, even if you sense them... the object requires you to run around, and unless you're playing a model with high M, you fail the charge.

Personally, I love tarps, sheets, and various other clothes, because the block sight, but not movement. It results in pretty interesting situations... if you can sense the enemy, it's a guarenteed charge. If you CAN'T sense them, you end up playing games of cat and mouse. Lots of fun, in my opinion.
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PostSubject: Re: Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"   

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Wee War Scenarios: "At the Hop" and "Unfair Faire"
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