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 Tom, Fearless Leader of Men

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PostSubject: Tom, Fearless Leader of Men   Tue 13 Apr 2010 - 12:07

As you know I am working on our fearless leaders for play in Mordheim so far I only have DeafNala done however I thought I would do Tom next so here we go

Tom, Fearless Leader of Men
4 5 5 3 3 2 4 2 9

Hire Fee: 100gc + no upkeep
May Be Hired By: All merc warbands (not Ostlanders), Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar and DTHunters.

Hammer of Command, Light Armour, Helmet, Shield, Crossbow.

Special Ruels:
Hammer of Command:
"This blessed hammer, anointed by the Church of Sigmar, is Tom's weapon of choice.
It has been used by many an Impireal hero against the Undead and the Forces of chaos"
This works like a normal hammer be with the following ruels:
Causes Fear in The CoC and CotP. Due too it's commanding influence the Hammer of Command adds + 1WS to all members in Tom's warband when fighting Undead, Coc and CotP.
It aslo lets other members use his LD within 12" of Tom just like a Reikland captain, this last ruel is allways in efect no matter what foe you face.

Leader of men:
"Tom is a leader of men and no mestakeing"
Tom will allways lead the warband

A lot of men to lead:
"Tom comes and goes as he pleases. Theres a lot of men to lead after all!"
If you take Tom he will lead the band for 1 game and then leave. However after every other game he may come back! Role a D6. On a 3 or higher, Tom has returned to lead the warband.
As you can gusse this can be fun and interesting in a campain. If two or more players have used Tom they have to make the same role. If this the case all the players role a D6, whoever has the highest score gets Tom to help his band. In the case of a tie, role again.

Hope you like the ruels. Next up: cianty
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Tom, Fearless Leader of Men
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