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 Indy GT Free Dwarfs of Chaos Armybook

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PostSubject: Indy GT Free Dwarfs of Chaos Armybook   Fri 4 Sep 2009 - 3:49

Kevin Coleman former columnist for White Dwarf, Citadel Journal and old GW website have wrote this amazing book for the Indy GT series.


I can't find the others army books of the series:
• Gnoblar Hordes
• The Dogs of War
• Fimir
• The Grand Empire of Cathay
• Pygmies
• The Hobgoblin Dominion
• Estalia
• Dragons
• Halflings of the Moot
• Fishmen
• Imperial Nippon
• Kingdoms of Ind
• Squats
• Daemons of the Southern Wastes
Dunno if they are already written or they're WIP, hope you guys can tell me something Smile
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Indy GT Free Dwarfs of Chaos Armybook
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