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 Vallejo Game Color Paints and more

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PostSubject: Vallejo Game Color Paints and more   Sun 28 Jun 2009 - 19:36

i won an auction on ebay for alot of brand new vallejo paints, but there are alot of duplicate colors that came with it, and since you really cant sell them for a profit i thought i'd try and trade them for some usful stuff on here with you guys. i also have some GW minis i'm not gunna use, wich i'll post later when i take inventory. i have a great record on ebay as a seller of magic, WOW, pokemon, yugioh TCG games along with DnD miniatures.


so i'm trust worthy!

so here's what i got in terms of the model paint

Skull White

Stonewall Grey

Ghost Grey

Bronze Fleshtone

Scar Red

Royal Purple

Sick Blue

Stormy Blue

ALL the bottles are 17ml like this picture

(the blues are alot lighter than these pictures than what these pictures are showing)

all the paints are brand new, i did open a few and stick a pin in the tube to see what colors looked like, but thats it.

what i'm looking to trade for is...more paint lol...basic colors mostly


i think thats it

i'll trade for mini's as well. i'm REALLY interestest in 2 or 3 of the new deamonette models and to a lesser extent, bomb squigs from the 40k orks. death cult assassins, sisters repentia, sisters of battle, (working on an all female possessed warband).... mmm and always lots of bitz for weapons. mmm maby some empire archers or flaggellettes and warhounds/dogs.

ok thats it for now, i'll post the mini's i have for trade in a day or two.

but to reiterate, i'm interested very much in trading for some paint and 2 or 3 of the new demoneatte models Very Happy
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Vallejo Game Color Paints and more
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