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 My coolest scenario

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Admin Tom

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PostSubject: My coolest scenario   Wed 29 Aug 2007 - 15:52

O'right... now I wanna know. I am calling for the coolest scenario you have ever played!

What scenario did you enjoy the most? When did you have the most fun?

Write down your experiences here, so others can try it out and maybe have as much fun as you did.
I know I'd want to...

I'll make a start: A multiplayer scenario that works great for uneven numbers.

3 players. 6 Wyrdstone counters scattered over the table, ANYWHERE BUT ground level.
+2 Victory points per Wyrdstone currently in the player's possession.
+1 VP per Kill

Player with most VPs after 6 turns wins.

1) 5 Trolls (that start in the middle) roam the streets by moving 1D10 in a random direction. When they come as close as 1" to a model (not another troll) they count as having charged (base contact is made).

2) Evey time a model picks up a Wyrdstone, roll for "Special encounter" (D66) on that table provided in the free, downloadable, add-on .pdf the name of which I forgot. IGNORE any results that involve new NPCs (non player characters). We also chose to ignore a few more we didn't like at the start.

The coolest part was when victory was snatched from Hari in the very last round, at the very last minute, because he piced up a wyrdstone and the building it was in went up in flames... I can literally see that burning warrior jumping out the window in the 3rd floor
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Fri 31 Aug 2007 - 6:52

Hm, we had a really cool game a month or so ago, but I don't really remember everything.

It was about an old tower in the middle of the board, with an old course liying on it. It was told that theire was a treasure inside, but this tower was guarded by a horde of zobies and skeletons because a necromancer once lived theire.

The goal was to get the chest inside the tower and break the course with a magic dagger that was hidden in a cave under the tower.

The setting is not really special, but the game itself was really good fun, because one of the players(lizardmen) got the dagger, while another(we were four players, he played Marienburger) managed to get the chest. So they had a really hard fight inside the tower while the skaven and my Reikländer waited for the right moment to strike.
After about seven or eight turns the lizardmen and Marienburgers routed, so I got the dagger and the skaven the chest. The skaven managed to take my captain down, so I had to make rout tests. But then, a large horde of zombies atacked his warlock and took him out of action.
We decided to call it a draw, because the two others were already annoyed and neither of us wanted to lose.
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Admin Tom

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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Mon 3 Sep 2007 - 16:08

Sounds like fun!

How did you play the "get the dagger from cave" part? Did you have an "underground" table? A dungeon? Or did you just make miniatures "dissappear" from the surface for so many turns, until they got back up with the dagger in their possession?
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Mon 3 Sep 2007 - 19:08

I had this idea of scenario, what do you think of it?

Sewer attack
2 players scenario

A warband found a really good spot full of wyrdstone, and defended it for weeks now. Alas they negleced to watch the sewer while harvesting it. An error that will be punished..

It can be played on a standard 4X4 table. Special feature: place D2+1 sewer grid on the ground level, at minimum 12 inches away of each other.

The warband with the highest rating is defender and set up first. All his models must be at least 6 inches away from each other and 12' away from any sewer grid. The attacker must split his warband in tiny group, one per sewer grid. Then, the attacker note wich group is assigend to wich grid on a piece of paper: that's where the group will show up. Then, the attacker rolls a D6. On 4+, the group is there at the begining of the game. The attacker takes the first turn.

Special rules
At begining of the 2nd attacker turn, he must rolls a D6 for each of his group, on a 3+ it shows up. On the 3rd turn it shows up on a 2+. If the group doesnt arrive at this turn, it took a wrong turn and ended miles away from the ambush and will not join the battle in time.
Substract 1 to these number if you have a 9-12 map of mordheim.

When a group arrive on battleground, members set up within 3' of the sewer grid. They will move at half rate for their first turn but can shoot, charge and cast spell as normal.

Each defender's hero hold a wyrdstone shard. If one is taken out of action, his attacker take the shard and carry it. At the end of the game, each player recieve the shard he managed to keep trought the game

+1 for surviving the battle (does not apply to gorups lost in sewer)
+1 for catpuring a wyrdstone
+1 per kill (hero)
+1 for getting lost in the sewer
+1 winning leader (if he's on battleground)

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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Tue 4 Sep 2007 - 6:27

Admin Tom wrote:

How did you play the "get the dagger from cave" part? Did you have an "underground" table? A dungeon? Or did you just make miniatures "dissappear" from the surface for so many turns, until they got back up with the dagger in their possession?

We have a small cavern system, made from polystrol or however it's called(the blue stuff Wink )
It isn't painted yet, but I hope to finish it soon. Actually I built it for some RPG adventures, and I bought some little creatures who fit perfectly in this setting.
I think I'll post some pics as soon as I've painted it.

I think the scenario is really cool, JohnYoung, but I'm not sure if a hero who got lost in the sewer should get experience.
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Tue 4 Sep 2007 - 8:33

You never know what lurks in the sewer of Mordheim, therefor I feeled that a trip down there was worth 1 xp point.

(I edited my scenario with some rules that I had forgot + changed a few distances)
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Tue 4 Sep 2007 - 8:43

Ok, I see what you mean Very Happy

What do you think about a cart or a chest where the defenders keep the wyrdstone? Just an idea...
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Thu 10 Mar 2011 - 7:44

I'm trying to integrate a Mordheim story in my Warhammer FRP campain and was thinging along the lines of JohnYoung's story.
My group is an party of 4 (Warlock (tormented ex-priest of Sigmar), a 'good (the only conscience of the party)' Steward (ex-valet of the priest), Khorne Chaos warior, Sorcerer of Slaanesh (ex-Surgeon) ).
The question is what to put as "Warband" against them ...
I can give them some helpers, but Idon't want it to be to dificult so that there main Hero's can do the most...

any ideas?
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Thu 10 Mar 2011 - 16:41

The original thread, along with some pics and a battle report, is up on the Fluff board here: http://boringmordheimforum.forumieren.com/t4818-creating-a-left-4-dead-scenario

Here's the full rules for the scenario though:

This multiplayer scenario is based off of the Left 4 Dead 2 video game. (Check this video if you're not familiar with the title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VDHmKli9CVs.)

Left for dead after a brawl. Coming to after a night of debauchery. Lost in
an unnatural fog. However it happened, small pockets of warriors have
become separated from their respective warbands. Wandering and
disoriented in the cursed city, they stumble upon one another deep in
the heart of Mordheim. But as these multifarious groups prepare for the
typical Mordheim skirmish, the weird cries of the restless dead echo
from the surrounding streets and alleyways.

Now if this band of unlikely allies cannot work together they will have no hope of reaching safety, for in their path lies a seemingly endless expanse of dead city, not to mention a seemingly endless hoard of the undead.

are two teams: the Survivors and the Infected. The Survivors will try
to make it to the end of a long 2' x 6' board, eventually escaping at
the far edge. The Infected will do everything they can to stop them.

Infected: Get the first turn. You will deploy d4 - 1 zombies at the end
of each turn. They must start at least 12” away from any Survivor model
and out of line of sight (or at least reasonably hidden). They are
typical zombies in every way, though they no longer count as causing
fear. These zombies must always move directly towards the nearest

In addition to these “Common Infected,” you will receive a Special Infected on the third turn and an additional Special Infected every d3 turns thereafter. Roll whenever you deploy a Special Infected to see when the next appears. There can be no more than 3 Special Infected on the board at any one time. If you just placed the third Special Infected, wait until one of them is taken out of action to make the next roll. Deploy them in the same way as the common zombies.

Special Infected have the same special rules as Common Infected (Immune to
Psychology, No Pain, etc.) though they may run. Whenever one of the Special Infected appears, roll to determine which one on the Special Infected Chart below, rerolling past results.

This means that you have a total of 6 Special Infected to use over the course of the game. Once they’re used, they’re gone.

Survivors: Get the second turn. There will be a total of 12 warriors
amongst the Survivors. In a 2 on 2 match, each Survior player will
muster their full complement of 6 heroes. In a 3 on 3 match, each player
will choose 4 heroes. Etc. Deploy within 2 inches of a short board
edge. After you’ve set up, the Infected player should choose a 3” area
on the opposite board edge. This will be your avenue of escape.

To make matters worse, all Survivor models begin the game with nothing more than a dagger.

Cache Tokens: The Infected Team must distribute 7 Cache Tokens around
the board before any Survivor models are placed. These tokens must be
spaced fairly evenly and placed within easy reach, at least half of them
on ground level, and the rest no higher than the second floor of a
building with stairs/ladders/etc.

The first cache token should be within 8” or the Survivor deployment zone. Any Survivor model that moves within 2” of it may pick up a single “common” hand or ranged weapon (no warband-specific weapons or rare items). Each model can choose differently.

The second cache token will work in the same way.

Things get a bit more interesting from the third cache token onwards. Whenever a Survivor model moves within 2” of a cache token, roll a D6 and
consult the Cache Chart below, rerolling results you’ve rolled at previous caches.

The tank is not a normal Special Infected. Do not roll for him on the Special Infected chart. He will automatically spawn in the same way as a normal Infected once a Survivor models crosses the 4' mark. In addition, every other Infected model on the board will instantly disappear into the mists, frightened off by the Tank’s arrival. No further Common Infected or Special Infected will
Spawn while the Tank is on the board.
6 5 3 6 6 5 4 3 8
Weapons/Armor: Throwing Stones: no penalty for range or movement, (10" R, S6, -2 Sv, Concussion effect)
Special Rules:
• Hard to Kill: The Tank is a deadly mass of muscle and hatred who can
only be taken Out Of Action on a roll of 6 instead of 5-6 when rolling
on the Injury chart. Treat a roll of 1-5 as Knocked Down, and 6 as Out
Of Action.
• No Pain: Treat all Stunned Results as Knocked Down
• Fear: The Tank is a frightening monster which cause Fear.
• Large Target: The Tank is a Large Targets as defined in the shooting rules.

This scenario is meant to be played twice, with the sides switching between rounds. The team with the most victory points wins.

You earn victory points only when you’re playing as the Survivors. Every 2’
that a model moves is +1 VP. Taking the Tank OoA is +10 VP. That means
that the maximum score is 46 VP (+36 for 12 Survivors moving the full
6’, and +10 for killing the tank.)

+½ XP for each Common Infected a hero takes OoA.
+1 XP for each Special Infected a hero takes OoA
+1 XP for each wound a hero causes to the Tank, and +1 VP for taking him OoA
+1 XP for surviving

Some unlucky warrior has stumbled upon a witch. He'll have to pass an initiative test to keep from startling her. If he fails...

Witch Profile
Witch 4 4 - 4 4 2 2 - 9
Get It Off Me: If startled, the witch will always charge the model that
startled her in the next Infected Turn. The charged model is
automatically stunned, and will go out of action on the Witch’s
initiative in the next round of close combat. (And yes, she still
attacks the downed model even if there are standing models in base to
base.) If that model is taken out of action, the witch will move towards
the nearest board edge, charging no other models but defending herself
as normal.

Do not startle the witch.

You find d4 of each of the following:

Fire Bomb (A02 86); 35+2D6 gc; Availability: Rare 9
Designed by the dwarf engineers of the Worlds Edge Mountains, fire
bombs are a rare and deadly weapon. A small batch of gunpowder is
sealed within an iron casting with a short fuse fed into it. When lit,
the thrower has only seconds before the gunpowder ignites and explodes.
This can often prove to be dangerous, as if the fire bomb is fused
incorrectly it could be the thrower who finds himself amidst the
explosion... The fire bomb may be thrown in the Shooting phase in the
same way as blessed water (p53 Mordheim rulebook). If the bomb lands on
target, the warrior hit takes D3 Strength 4 hits with no saves for
armor and all warriors, friend or foe, within 1” of him take 1 Strength 3
hit with saves as normal. If the throwing warrior rolls 1 when rolling
to hit, the bomb misfires and explodes just as if the throwing warrior
had been hit by his own fire bomb.
• Blessed Water (RB 37); 10+3D6 gc; Availability: Rare 6 [Common for Warrior-Priests & Sisters of Sigmar] May not be bought by Undead.
The priests of Ulric, Sigmar, Morr and Manann hold great power over evil.
Pure water from a clear fountain, blessed by one of these priests, is
said to burn things of darkness and evil. A vial of blessed water
contains enough liquid for just one use, and has a thrown range of twice
the thrower’s Strength in inches. Roll to hit using the model’s BS. No
modifiers for range or moving apply. Blessed water causes 1 wound on
Undead, Daemon or Possessed models automatically. There is no armor
save. Undead or Possessed models may not use blessed water.

Every model that moves within 2” of the token may choose to pick up one of the following:

Hunting Arrows (RB 37); 25+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 8
The best hunting arrows are made by the hunters of Drakwald forest.
They have sharp, barbed arrowheads which cause excruciating pain when
they hit their target. A skilled archer can severely injure his target
with a single arrow. A model using a short bow, bow, l ong bow or Elf
bow may use these arrows. They add +1 to all Injury rolls. These are
available to Heroes at the time of their initial recruitment without
having to roll for Rarity. If you wish to subsequently purchase this
item during the Trading and Exploration stages of the game, then you
would have to roll for Rarity as normal.

• Fire Arrows (A02 87); 30+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 9
Fire arrows are tied with rags soaked in oil up bunched up in a tight pouch
that explode when hitting the target, setting clothes and equipment
alight. If you hit with a fire arrow roll a D6. If you score a 4+ your
opponent has been set on fire. If the warrior survives the attack they
must score a 4+ in the Recovery phase or suffer a Strength 4 hit each
turn they are on fire and will be unable to do anything other then move.
Other warriors from the same warband may help to put the flames out if
they wish. They must move into base-to-base contact and score a 4+ in
the Recovery phase.
• Superior Blackpowder (RB 39); 30 gc; Availability: Rare 11
The model has acquired a better quality of blackpowder than is normally
available. This new batch adds +1 Strength to all blackpowder weapons
that the model has. There is enough superior blackpowder to last for one

Every model that moves within 2” of the token may choose to “upgrade” either a ranged weapon or a melee weapon. Add any weapon that a model could legally use to its inventory.

Select three of the following at random. There are D3 doses of each. Any model that moves within 2” of the token may pick up one of the doses. And
yes, the poisons work against the undead for purposes of this scenario:

Crimson Shade (RB 36); 35+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 8

Crimson Shade is the name given by Old
Worlders to the leaves of the blood oak of Estalia. It is an extremely
addictive drug, but grants its users inhuman quickness and strength.
● Effect: A model using Crimson Shade has his Initiative increased by
+D3 points, and Movement and Strength by +1 (this effect lasts for one
game). Crimson Shade has no effect on Undead such as Vampires and
Zombies, or the Possessed.
● Side Effects: After the battle, roll
2D6. On a roll of 2-3, the model becomes addicted and you must try to
buy him a new batch of Crimson Shade before every battle from now on. If
you fail to buy any, he will leave your warband. On a roll of 12 the
model’s Initiative is increased permanently by +1.
• Healing Herbs (RB 38, TC 23); 20+2D6 gc; Availability: Rare 8
Certain plants that grow on the banks of the River Stir have curative
properties. Herbalists collect their roots and leaves and use them to
treat the sick and wounded. A Hero with healing herbs can use them at
the beginning of any of his recovery phases as long as he is not engaged
in hand-to-hand combat. This restores all wounds he has previously lost
during the game.
• Mad Cap Mushrooms (RB 36, A02 12); 30+3D6 gc; Availability: Rare 9
The feared cult of Goblin Fanatics of the
Worlds Edge Mountains use these hallucinogenic mushrooms to drive
themselves into a frenzied state.
● Effect: Any warrior who takes Mad
Cap Mushrooms before a battle will be subject to frenzy. The Mad Cap
Mushroom has no effect on Undead such as Vampires and Zombies, or the
● Side Effect: After the battle, roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the model becomes permanently stupid.
• Mandrake Root (RB 36); 25+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 8
The man-shaped Mandrake Root grows in the
rotting swamps of Sylvania. It is a noxious, deadly plant which is
highly addictive and slowly kills its users, but also allows them to
shrug off almost any pain.
● Effect: Mandrake Root makes a man almost
oblivious to pain. His Toughness is increased by +1 for the duration of
a battle and he treats all stunned results as knocked down instead.
Mandrake Root has no effect on Undead, such as Vampires and Zombies, or
on the Possessed.
● Side Effects: Mandrake Root is highly poisonous.
At the end of the battle, roll 2D6. On a roll of 2-3 the model loses 1 point of Toughness permanently.

Black Lotus (RB 36); 10+D6 gc; Availability: Rare 9 [Rare 7 for Skaven]
In the deepest forests of the Southlands grows a plant that is extremely poisonous. It is known as Black Lotus and is much sought after by alchemists, assassins, wizards of the Western Coast and bored wives. A weapon coated with the sap of the Black Lotus will wound its target automatically if you roll a 6 to hit. Note that you can still roll a dice for every wound inflicted in this way. If you roll a 6, you will inflict a critical hit with that roll. If you do
not roll a 6, you will cause a normal wound. Take armor saves as normal.

• Dark Venom (RB 36); 30+2D6 gc; Availability: Rare 8
Not available to Witch Hunters, Warrior-Priests, or Sisters of Sigmar
This is a poison extracted from Heldrakes, gigantic sea serpents that plague the Western Ocean and the coast of Naggaroth. The slightest wound infected by Dark Venom causes excruciating pain, incapacitating the bravest of men. Any hit caused by a weapon coated with Dark Venom counts as having +1 Strength, so, for example, if a warrior with Strength 3 wielding a poisoned sword hits an opponent, he will cause a Strength 4 hit instead. Armor saving throws are modified to take into account the increased Strength of the attack.

There are D3 sets of each of the following. Any model that moves within 2” of the token may pick up as many as he can use.

Light Armor
Heavy Armor

1. Spitter
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Spitter 4 3 - 3 3 1 2 1 9
Spit: The Spitter has a 12” move-or-fire ranged attack. Ever model
within a 2” radius must make an Initiative test. Failure results in a S3
hit with no armor saves allowed. This attack takes a while to charge,
so may only be made every other turn.

2. Smoker
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Smoker 4 3 - 3 3 1 2 1 9
Smokers have an 18 inch ranged attack with their freakishly long
tongues. They hit automatically, dealing no damage, but forcing the
targeted model 2d6 inches towards them. Smokers may not move while a
model is entangled.

The entangled model may not move in its
subsequent turn, but may make a Strength check to try and bash the
tongue off. If successful, the model may move as normal. If
unsuccessful, the model is knocked down and moves a further 2d6 inches
towards the Smoker in subsequent Infected turns, making no further
Strength checks.

A survivor may attack the smoker or may attack the smoker's tongue. If either is hit the entangled model is freed.

3. Jockey
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Jockey 4 3 - 3 3 1 2 1 9
Leaps: The Jockey may add d3” to its movement when charging.

Hold Still: The Jockey is small and hard to hit. -1 to be shot.

It's Riding Him: If a jockey charges a model, it will latch on and ride him
in place of its normal attacks. The grappled model moves D6” in a random
direction. While grappled, the affected model may do nothing...except
hope that the Jockey doesn't land a blow.

4. Hunter
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Hunter 4 4 - 4 3 2 2 1 9
The Hunter may declare a Pounce instead of its normal move. The Hunter
moves 3d6” in a straight line. If this movement brings it into contact
with an enemy model, the Hunter counts as charging. For every 5” that
the hunter pounces, it gets +1 attack for the first round of close

5. Boomer
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Boomer 4 3 2 3 2 1 2 1 9
The Boomer has a 6” vomit attack. It may make a to-hit roll for up to 4
models within its range. For every hit, an additional d4 common
infected appear at the board edge.

Boom: Whenever the Boomer is
taken out of action, any models in base to base are covered in puke. An
additional d4 common infected appear on the board edge for each.

6. Charger
Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
Charger 4 4 - 4 4 2 2 1 9
If the Charger is within 8” of an enemy model, it may declare that it's
using its special Charging ability. The target model may make an
Initiative check to jump out of the way. If that check is passed, the
Charger moves 4d6” or until it hits a soild object. If the Initiative
check is failed, the Charger and its target will move the 4d6” in a
straight line, only stopping when they meet a solid object. The targeted
model is automatically knocked down in the charge.
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Fri 11 Mar 2011 - 5:32

An interesting one, DRD1812.

Probably the scenario that has most consistently produced fun and tense games for us is our own variation of the old find-the-chest scenario. It allows you to mess with other people's thinking a bit. Here it is:

The last survivor of an ill-fated Marienburger warband stumbled out of the ruins of stricken Mordheim this morning, and told how he and his mates had found a magically locked treasure chest – shortly before a Skaven band sprang an ambush. With his last breath, the Marienburger gasped out a description of the neighborhood where he and his doomed friends found, and then hastily re-hid, the chest before attempting to break out of the skaven trap. The Marienburgers lost the running fight with the evil rat abominations, but it is possible the chest remains undiscovered by the victors. For most who have heard the tale, the “Lost Chest” could be anywhere in the city, but a few captains have recognized landmarks in the dying man’s description, and have an idea where to start looking…

The “Lost Chest” scenario can be played by two players, but it is primarily intended for larger numbers of warbands. All of the warbands in the game have previously partially explored the section of Mordheim where the chest has been hidden, and have some knowledge of the area.

Set up. Blah blah blah. The players will need a number of counters to mark possible locations of the Lost Chest: three counters for each player, plus one additional counter. Players also need duplicates of these counters. Players roll to determine the order that they will place the first set of counters on the table. The first player places a counter, and then the second player places a counter, etc., until all of the players have placed three counters and the first player has placed a fourth counter. These counters must be in a building, or some sort of enclosure. Counters must be at least 10 inches from the edge of the board, and they must be at least 10 inches apart from any other counters. The duplicate counters are placed in an opaque container (hat, coffee cup etc.). Before rolling to determine the order of placement for the warbands, each player draws three of the duplicate counters from the cup. These counters will tell each player three locations where the Lost Chest will not be found, since its actual location will be determined by the last counter left in the cup after all of the players have drawn their three counters (the warbands have all partially searched this neighborhood before).

Players follow the standard rules for setting up warbands and determining the order of play.

Searching a location. If one or more members of a warband ends the movement phase in a location with a counter and are within four inches of the counter, the player can roll to search the building at the end of the his or her turn. The base chance for the search to succeed is 1 in 6 per warrior searching the location (i.e. in the building/site and within four inches of the counter). If only one warrior is searching, then the search will succeed on a roll of 6+, while three warriors would successfully search a location on a 4+. If the search is unsuccessful, the location may be searched by the same warband again in a subsequent turn, with a +1 to the search roll (and a +2 on the third turn of searching, etc.).

Note that the number and the identity of a warband’s warriors searching a location may vary from turn to turn, as their captain sends them to different locations or has them defending against or attacking rival warbands. Such changes to not penalize the searchers: at the end of the turn, a player totals the number of his or her warriors searching a location, and adds any modifiers for previous searches of the same location conducted by the warband, and rolls to determine if the search is successful.

Obviously, a warband can search more than one location a turn, although no single warrior can search more than one location a turn.

A warrior in hand-to-hand combat, or within six inches of an enemy model, cannot search.

If the search roll is successful then the player who secretly holds the other counter for that location must reveal the counter, demonstrating that the Lost Chest is not at that location. If no player has the counter for the site, then the searching player has found the Lost Chest. Players should check the last counter in the cup to insure that it corresponds to the counter at the site just searched. (If it doesn’t, then a player failed to reveal that he or she had the counter for the searched location; all of the inattentive player’s warriors are taken out of action, and the game ends. Assign experience points as normal – 1 for each survivor and 1 for each character who took an enemy out of action).

Removing the Lost Chest: Now that the Chest has been located, to end the game a warband must remove it from the board. The Chest is quite heavy, bug and awkward, and securely locked. Players should use model to depict the Lost Chest – the one that comes in the basic Mordheim box serves nicely. It can be carried as follows:

A single warrior with 4+ strength can carry the chest his/her full movement, but cannot run. Place the Chest behind the model, touching its base.

A warrior strength 3 or less can drag the chest at half the warrior’s normal movement rate, and cannot run. Place the Chest behind the model, touching its base.

Two warriors of strength 2+ can carry the Chest at the normal movement rate of the slowest of the two warriors. They cannot run. The two models should be placed base-to-Chest-to-base while they are carrying the Chest.

The Chest can be dragged behind a mount. The mount moves at its normal movement rate, but cannot run. Place the Chest behind the model, touching its base.

If a model dragging the Chest moves off of the board, then the Chest has been removed.

The game ends once the chest has been successfully removed from the table, or when all bands except one have routed.

+1 for surviving

+1 per enemy taken out of action

+1 for the winning captain (the captain of the band that removes the chest from the board or the Captain of the last remaining warband if no band successfully carries the Chest off of the board before the game ends).

+1 for the searcher (or one of the searchers of the player’s choice) who found the Chest

+1 for the warrior or warriors (maximum of two) who actually carrird the Chest model off of the board. If the game ends because of routing before the Chest is carried off, no models receive this bonus experience.

Loot: All warbands take their normal search rolls after the game ends. Additionally, the player whose warband possesses the Chest at the end of the game may roll to see what the Chest contains:
Automatic 4d6 gold
4+ d6 gems worth 5 gold each
5+ Brace of dueling pistols
5+ Lucky Charm
5+ Rabbit’s Foot

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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Fri 11 Mar 2011 - 5:49

We generally play collaborative campaigns and games these days, so we have only played the above scenario about four times - but it has consistently produced memorable games. My favorite moment was the first time we played it, where I assigned a couple of lads to move toward a relatively exposed chest counter to search it. I knew it was not the chest since I had the counter for it, but as an increasing number other counters were revealed to be dummies,and since none of the other players had the corresponding counter, other warbands began to become increasingly obsessed about it. My lads retreated, and the three other warbands wound up having a major brawl over it. Meanwhile, I found the real chest somewhere else.

But the most fun I have had with it was a variation I ran for our D&D campaign (3.5 rules). For this campaign, where the PCs were helping a nation fight of an alliance of its neighbors, who were invading, I had made Mordheimized versions of the PCs which we used on some nights for bigger fights (and Warhammerized versions for major battles as well). This session was the last for this part of the campaign. The PCs were helping defend a besieged city; the session began when they heard that the King of the country they were helping had been assassinated as part of a coup d'état. The King's nephew - who was in the city with them - was also assassinated, leaving as the nearest heirs to the throne his two small kids. The scenario for the night used Mordheim rules, and it was basically the lost chest scenario (above), except they were searching for where the two kids were hiding. THe city's walls had been breached, and the besiegers were moving in during the confusion. So my players were running their PCs as one "warband", and my brother, brother-in-law, and an old friend (all visiting that weekend) were each assigned an NPC warband: a gang supporting the coup, a band from the besieging army, and a band from an undead mercenary company that was also part of the besieging force. Each of the three NPC warbands had instructions that were basically "You want the kids; but failing that, you want to make sure X warband doesn't grab them." Every warband (including the PCs) had one warband that was primarily opposed to them. Of course, I neglected to tell the players that, and they were surprised when the undead and their supposed allies spent a lot of energy whacking each other at one point. The PCs had fun messing with the traitors from their own side, and they did manage to rescue the kids and get them off the table.

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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Fri 11 Mar 2011 - 9:02

Cool stuff, mweaver. I like the "draw from a hat" variation. It keeps players from making the old search-everything-but-the-closest-building-to-my-side strategy. Always having the chest suddenly appear near a board edge was getting old.

I like your mixing of games as well. My attempts in that vein were a bit wrong-headed. I tried an entire campaign of hybrid D&D and 3.5 - social interactions handled by 3.5 rules, all combat handled with Mordheim. Suffice it to say that my players, more familiar with D&D than Mordheim, didn't fall in love with the setup.
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   Mon 14 Mar 2011 - 11:48

I'm beginning to get things ready for my own 1-person Campaign. I will have ten warbands, there will be five "first round" matches leading into the rest of the campaign. The warbands are breaking into Mordheim via the sewer, and this is the sewer scenario I've created for it.

The idea is that this gives warbands a chance at both some decent income and experience opportunities before arriving in Mordheim proper and undertaking the other scenarios.

This is the first scenario I've ever created, so any criticism/ideas are welcome. I also created it to go with my fun sewer scenery I have for Mordheim.

The roads to Mordheim are filled with dangers, and many war bands will use alternate methods to gain entry into the City of the Damned. It is through the sewers below the cities that some war bands use in order to gain entry into the city and also find pieces of wyrdstone that might have fallen through cracks in the city. Sometimes, war bands trying to find their way into the city will run across each other in these dark areas, and many disagreements may erupt.

The terrain of this scenario is a small sewer area, whether it is a straight shot or even has a turn, it should be small with very little opportunities for hiding.

Special Rules:
The sewer is dimly lit and not useful to long-range fighting. Maximum Range for all NON-BLACKPOWDER weapons is halved. Black powder weapons such as the pistol or dueling pistol keep their range the same, as do thrown weapons.

Also, due to flow of water and sludge, at the beginning of each player’s movement phase, they must roll a D6 for each model in the war band. If a 1 is rolled, their feet have stuck to something, hopefully garbage, and they cannot move or charge this turn. If a 6 is rolled, the shining of wyrdstone has caught their eye and they pick up a shard, they can move as normal.

There is no MAXIMUM amount of Wyrdstone that can be found by either war band, however if a warrior is carrying wyrdstone is taken out of action, the amount of Wyrdstone they have is dropped. Any warriors within 1” of the model must take an initiative test to see if they can find the wyrdstone, rolling for each piece the warrior had. If the test is unsuccessful, the wyrdstone is dropped into the sewer and lost. If multiple players are successful in recovering a fallen warrior’s wydstone, the higher roll of a D6 roll off will determine who found it first. Wyrdstone CAN be passed among war band members by moving into base-to-base contact with each other.

War bands each start at one end of the sewer and can be NO MORE than six inches from the back wall of the sewer. Roll a D6, with the higher roll choosing who sets up first.

Starting the Game:
Each player rolls a D6, the player rolling the highest chooses who goes first.

Ending the Game:
Due to the fact that each war band is attempting to get through to the other side, there cannot be any route tests. The game ends when one war band gets all their models on the board “off the edge” of the other side of the sewer by moving into base-to-base contact with the wall.

+1 Survives: If a Hero or Henchman group survives the battle, they gain +1 Experience.

+1 Winning Leader: The leader of the winning war band gains +1 Experience.

+1 Per Enemy Out of Action: Any Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.

+1 Per Finding Wyrdstone: Any Hero or Henchman who finds a piece of Wyrdstone gains +1 Experience. This DOES NOT count if they have picked up a piece of wyrdstone from a model taken out of action or passed to them by a teammate.

+1 For Escaping the Sewer: Any Hero or Henchman Group who escapes the sewer gains +1 Experience.

+1 Per Wyrdstone Piece at the end of the Game: Any Hero or Henchman who has Wyrdstone in their possession at the end of the game gains +1 Experience PER WYRDSTONE in their possession.
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PostSubject: Re: My coolest scenario   

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My coolest scenario
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