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 new scenario : row, row row your boat

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PostSubject: new scenario : row, row row your boat   Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 13:29

As i'm starting a new Mordheim campaign soon, i want to post this scenario and see what you guy's think of it.
There might be a scenario somewhere like this, but this one is my version of it.

Please give your pro's and con's, thanks and enjoy the scenario.


Scenario 01 : Row, row, row your boat ….

Rumors have spread that an Imperial Armada has sunk a few miles off the shore. Now everyone wants a piece of the loot floating in the sea.

We suggest that the terrain is set up within an area roughly 4’x4’. Each player gets to roll a D6+1 to find out how many pieces (cargo marker) of loot he can place. The first piece (given to the attacker) is set in the middle of the terrain (this is the biggest piece). Each player takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain. Each terrain piece must be 8” away from another piece and cannot be placed within 8” of the table edge.

The warband who chose to play this scenario is the attacker. Each warband is deployed on the table edge.

Starting the game
The attacking warband goes first.

Special rules
Each warband has 3 rowboats at his disposal. Each rowboat can hold 4 models (4 regular small bases, 3 medium or 2 large monster/swarm bases). If you have more models, the rest stays on shore. A rowboat needs to be in base to base contact with the cargo/loot for the models in the rowboat to pick it up.
When cargo /loot is picked up, the marker is removed from the table.
MOVEMENT : Boats move 6" when moving with the current of a river (the direction of the river flow must be established before the start of the game). Boats may move 4" when travelling against the current. Boats must move at least half of their movement allowance unless they have been anchored or tethered to the shore.
TURNS : Boats, regardless of size, may make a single turn of up to 45 degrees at the end of their movement.

Shooting at rowboats: when you hit a rowboat in the shooting fase you have to randomise the hits to see what you have hit. 1-2 crew, 3-6 rowboat. The crew is harder to hit because they have the opportunity to duck when shot at.

Boat Location
D6 Result
1 Propulsion – Roll to damage the
boat using the stat-line above – if damaged
roll again on the Propulsion table.
2 Rudder – Roll to damage the rudder
using the stat-line above – if damaged
the boat may only turn from now on
after coming to a complete halt by using
a combination of oars/boat-hooks.
3-4 Crew – Randomly select a crew
member and roll to wound and injure as
normal – see loss of driver above if
applicable. Any crew member that is
wounded must make an immediate
Initiative test – if this is failed he has
fallen from the boat.
5-6 Hull – Roll to damage the boat using
the stat-line aboves.

Propulsion Damage
D6 Result
1-2 Sail damaged/oars splintered –
The boat’s speed is permanently reduced
by -1".
4-5 Rigging damaged/oars splintered
– The boat’s speed is permanently
reduced by -2".
6 Mast falls! – With the loss of the
mast (or all of the oars in the case of an
oared vessel) the boat may only drift 2"
in the direction of the current. All crew
must immediately test on their Initiative
to avoid the falling mast (this does not
apply to oared vessels obviously). If a
crewman fails this test he receives an
immediate Strength 6 hit.

HULL DAMAGE : When the boat loses its final point of damage/wound it is destroyed and sinks immediately. Each crew member falls into the water and must make the appropriate tests for swimming. Swimming warriors cannot attack boats, they must swim to the nearest table edge.
COLLISIONS : If a rowboat collides with another rowboat, both suffer D3 Strength 5 hits (roll location and damage as normal below).
DRIFTING : When a rowboat is not able to move anymore, all the oars are gone or the speed is reduced to 0”, then it will drift 2” with the current.
SWIMMING : Players should establish which way the river is flowing at the start of the game. To represent how models interact with water these basic rules apply:
1. All rivers count as difficult (or worse) terrain for all models except those considered as aquatic.
2. Models swimming with the current will double their base move.
3. Models swimming against the current of a slow moving river may only move a quarter of their base move, but you may not swim against the current of a fast moving river.
4. Aquatic models suffer no reduction of their base move when swimming against the current of a slow moving river but may not swim against the current of a fast moving river.
5. Models wearing armour may not attempt to move through any water deeper than shallow. Shields and bucklers do not count for this as they are assumed to be strapped on the backs.

Ending the game.
No voluntary rout tests are allowed when playing this scenario so long as any cargo markers are left to be recovered. If a warband fails its rout test it automatically loses all of its cargo and loses the game. Remove any cargo markers from the game when a warband routs. The game ends when all warbands except one have failed their Rout test or when all cargo objectives have been dredged up from the sea.
+1 Survives: If a Hero or a Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader: The leader of the winning warband gains +1 extra Experience.
+1 Per Enemy Out Of Action: Any Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy model he puts Out Of Action.

The spoils
For every cargo/loot the warband gets to the table edge, the warband rolls a D6. Check the table below for the result.

D6 Result
1 Crest! A wave crashes against the cargo
smashing its contents to smithereens!
2 Crate. 2D6 gold crowns worth of light goods.
3 Chest. Two models are required to move a
chest. Roll a D6 for its contents: 1-3 Treasure
4-5 D3 Treasures 6. Medicine Chest.
4 Barrel. Two models are required to move
kegs. Roll a D6 to prize the barrel open to
reveal its contents: 1. Hostage 2. Powder Keg
3. Superior Blackpowder 4. Alcoholic Spirits
5. Elven Wine 6. Bugman's Ale
5 Coffin! Two models are required to move
coffins. Roll a D6 for what the casket holds:
1-3 Waterlogged Corpse 4. Blunderbuss
5. D3 Handguns 6. Hochland Long Rifle
6 Booty Sack! Inconspicuously packaged in a
grain sack is an exquisite commodity of value!
Roll on the Booty Chart for the looted article.
2D6 Result
2 Roll on the Arcane Items Chart (see
Magician's Workshop in the Marketplace)
3 Roll on the Herbs & Potions Chart (see
Herbalist in the Marketplace)
4 Telescope
5 Compass
6 Holy (or Unholy) Relic
7 Roll on the Tainted Items Chart
8 Duelling Pistol
9 Marienburg Map
10 Elven Boots
11 Roll on the Custom Weapons Chart
12 Roll on the Profane Books Chart (see Bazaar
of Books in the Infamous Haunts)

Medicine Chest: A Medicine Chest can be used as D6 doses of Healing Herbs or as a one-off to allow a Hero to re-roll on the Serious Injury Chart, unless the result was 'Captured' or 'Sold to the Pits'.
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PostSubject: Re: new scenario : row, row row your boat   Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 13:47

Might be good to move this to the Rules section.

As for my take on this.

I like the idea.
I think that you should not limit the number of boats... this favors a lot warbands that can bring there full warband into the game. 12 models being the most you can bring into the game hurts those warbands with higher maxes.

you may want to put in some rules for h2h combat on how 2 boats can engage in battle. Otherwise you will have a grey area on how to do this and also favor a lot warbands that have shooting vs those with out (Beastmen for example) or even those with little shooting (Possessed, Sisters of Sigmar, Undead).

Maybe if you don't want to add boats you could add an island/land mass into the rules (no more then 25% of the board) and allow all remaining warband members to start there... and have the current flow towards it and thus cargo can drift to the island for grabbing.

boat damage I think is too complex. Maybe simplify it to be where it's closer to the BtB wagon rules.
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PostSubject: Re: new scenario : row, row row your boat   Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 15:29

Pervavita is quite correct: Scenarios & such are in the Realm of the Rules Section. The Rules Section beckons...SO away we go! What a Face
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PostSubject: Re: new scenario : row, row row your boat   

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new scenario : row, row row your boat
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