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 Armor saves

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PostSubject: Armor saves   Armor saves Icon_minitimeTue 17 Apr 2018 - 6:53

Hello and a good day to you all.
We are in the middle of a campaign, of the ever so fun border town burning.

And during a game we came across a problem.

My oponent was attacking me with poisend speer dark elf with S5 (strenght 4+1 from poisen)

My model hase the cristal body. Risiliance and scale scin skills/mutations.

My model was wearing gromril armor and a shield on a warhorse.

Scale scin 5+, gromril armor add +3 so 2+, shield in combat ads +2(btb rules) and horse ads a aditional +1.

So when he asked what my save was i said 2+, he sayd imposeble i have S5, i axplaned that its S4 deu to resiliance, so only - 1 and i have a theoretical armor save of - 1, so even with with a Strenght of 7 my risiliance would bring it to strenght 6 and that would reduce my Armore save by - 3 and i would stil have a 2+ save.

He said the rule limit you to a 2+ so all armor after 2+ is ignored and his strenght 4 would. Put me on a 3+.

I can not find a rule to prove or disprove his statement, please help
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PostSubject: Re: Armor saves   Armor saves Icon_minitimeSat 23 Nov 2019 - 5:57

As far as I know, there is no rule limiting armour saves in Mordhiem, nor is there any '1's always fail' rule. That being said, not all armour saves add together. I don't know the rules for the Scaly Skin you are referencing, but if it only says "Grants a 5+ armour save" then it won't stack with Gromril, which does not give +3, but instead grants a 3+ armour save.

So, 3+ for Gromril then down to 1+ for the shield, then down to 0+ for the horse. So at S5 (down to S4 for resilient) your armour save will be 1+. He better hope he gets some good crits.

I would recommend your friend invests in some gromril axes. S5 (down to S4 for Resilient) with armour piercing and gromril piercing will take your 0+ armour save 2+. Mighty blow will take this to 3+.

For people other than your friend I would recommend getting a handgun and superior black-powder. Your armour save would only be 1+ at range and resilient wouldn't help against the S5 so your save would be down to 3+. Of course the best weapon of all would be the warplock pistol with superior black powder and failing with a 6 on the misfire table. Good luck with that :-).

Also, magic that ignores armour saves would help, but there is not a lot of that. Word of Pain and Summon Squirrels off the top of my head.
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Armor saves
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