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 Superstar Showdown

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PostSubject: Superstar Showdown   Superstar Showdown Icon_minitimeMon 9 Nov 2015 - 14:00

This seemed to me to be the best sub-forum to put this in, as these figs are representations of real wrestlers...

A colleague of mine, who is an avid boardgamer and who had seen my Zombicide figs asked me if I could paint up the figs of his Superstar Showdown (Gale Force 9) boardgame...

Don't mind if I do!

Superstar Showdown 101_4247_zpsxpdxbzcu
Superstar Showdown 101_4248_zps38qtsaup
Superstar Showdown 101_4250_zpsvnbojqg4

There's 6 wrestlers in the box, and we managed to get hold of a seventh, another Randy Orton (the guy with the black swimming-pants) whom I converted into a Belgian Wrestler, Bernanrd Vandamme (the guy with the belgian-flag swimming-pants) as my colleagues' wife is a big fan of him.

Played the game once, it's a laugh...especially with the painted figs. Most of it is card-drawing luck, with a rock-paper-scissors-spock (you get very, very few 'spock' cards though) logic and a wee bit of strategy to keep the right cards in reserve and do the correct moves for maximum damage.
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Superstar Showdown
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