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 Gameplay: Beastmen

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PostSubject: Gameplay: Beastmen   beastmen - Gameplay: Beastmen Icon_minitimeTue 2 Dec 2014 - 6:22

So you want to play Beastmen, Expect to get into lots of fights and suffer huge losses, The Beastmen play style favours the brave and forces you to hit the enemy hard and where it hurts.
The Beastmen's lack of missile weaponry can make them a difficult warband to play, but with a keen focus on the objectives your speed and resilience should pull you through.

Make wooded Terrain and lots of ramps and ladders, The Centaur suffers no penalty for wooden terrain so you can chase down lone warriors in the forest. The ramps and ladders are to help you getting to high places to deal with those pesky shooty types.
Place lots of terrain on the table but try to choose large low pieces without many levels (so no buildings) these will offer excellent cover for you to advance (forests are great for this so start gluing twigs up right on some cardboard).

Starting Warband:
There is no one correct warband layout to what your starting warband should be, Warriors and tactics will vary depending on the campaign and what other warbands you will be facing.

Here are a few Sample Starting warbands

Khornes Horns
This Setup favours the style of play where the blood god is getting blood one way or another, pick your battles wisely utilize cover either building or henchmen get close and try to take out heroes, make them feel the pain and collect skulls for the skull throne, if things get too hot send the dogs and ungors to die BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, after the first game try buying more gor's and weapons (its what khorne would want)
Beastman Chief: Axe & Dagger 70gc
Beastigor: Axe & Dagger 50gc
Beastigor: Axe & Dagger 50gc
Minotaur: Axe & Dagger, Heavy Armour, Shield & Helmet 270gc
4 Warhounds or 2 Ungors with Axes & Daggers 60gp

The Trampling of Tzeentch
Send forth the minions of chaos to do thy masters bidding, This Start up Is all about maneuvering moving to Tzeentchs will and changing with the tides of battle send your centigor out on his own as he is the favoured of Tzeentch but don't send him too far as he should lure wandering warriors into your venus fly trap of Gors and Bestigors. keep your Shaman Alive and as many other heroes as you can so you can acquire wyrdstone pendants and tarrot cards to help you find alchemist labs and other dark magics, after your first game try buying as many gors as possible and hopefully they gain Talent so you can teach them the Evil Academics of Chaos
Beastman Chief: Mace & Shield and Heavy Armour 123gc
Beastmen Shaman: Mace & Dagger 53gc
Beastigor: Shield & Dagger 50gc
Beastigor: Shield & Dagger 50gc
Centigor: Heavy Armour, Shield, Two Handed Weapon and Dagger 150gc
2 Gor's with daggers. 70gc

Nurgles Nails
Nurgles Blessing upon you, You are the blunt end of getting things done, your Shields and high toughness should stave off those pesky rocks the enemy keeps try to fling at you till you can get close enough to do some real damage get in close and make mince meat of their best warriors the rest should be a piece of cake from there, you can split your forces and reign pox upon the battlefield but try to keep in pairs after the first game buy another Beastigor and arm him the same then flesh out the warband with some chaff as you don't want to lose heroes all the time
Beastman Chief: Two Handed Weapon & Dagger, Shield 85gc
Beastmen Shaman: Two Handed Weapon & Dagger, Shield 65gc
Beastigor: Two Handed Weapon & Dagger, Shield 65gc
Centigor: Two Handed Weapon & Dagger, Shield 65gc
Minotaur: Two Handed Weapon & Dagger, Shield 220gc

Speed of Slaanesh
You will feel the thrill of pleasure from winning but the pain of high casualties, its the trade off Slaanesh offers its worshipers. Have your warriors rush forward to take the spoils of war and moan in ecstasy as each of your warriors fall as the relish the in pain being dealt to them, demoralize your opponents and refuse to rout and you will take the victory by force, after your first game replenish your numbers and buy more daggers you can do alot of damage with a little knife, especially if you make lots of cuts
Beastman Chief: Dagger 65gc
Beastmen Shaman: Dagger 45gc
Beastigor: Dagger 45gc
Beastigor: Dagger 45gc
Centigor: Dagger 80gc
5 Gors with daggers 175gc
3 Wardogs: 45gc

Try evaluating your wyrdstones as found in the town crier article "power in the stones" this will give you a serious edge and having a hero or minotaur turn into a spawn isn't too bad.
Warhorns and a unholy relic for your leader will help with leadership issues so you can stay in the game longer.
Familiars will help with the shaman as he cannot get academic skills.
Save up for chaos armour if you use the border town burning rules for chaos armour but remember to stop experimenting with wyrdstone if you find some.
With everyone getting combat skills dont be afraid to search for strange melee weapons you never know when it will be someones bane, sword-breakers, rapiers and whips are great for this.

Winning Scenarios

Treasure Hunt
Run forward to claim as many pieces as you can then retreat back behind your henchmen until you can rout, its not about winning the battle its about winning the war. Your Superior speed should help you and the lack of fear of getting killed will stop your opponent from contesting your claims.

Street Brawl
Find a secure location and wait, when there is a sizeable force around the location then let loose, the fact that the enemy cannot fire through combat should help and hopefully they have sent enough men forward that if you`take them all out they will be forced to rout, holding out to make a move is the key.

The lost prince
Your Centigor and Minotaur will help you win this one failing that hero with sprint should do nicely try to get atleast one hero with this skill. Then form a corridor off the table with your remaining force.

Wizards mansion
Defense isn't a beastman's specialty due to the lack of missile weapons go forth and take out as many as you can to force your opponent to rout whilst trying to keep your own casualties as low as possible this may mean being very coy with your henchmen.

The Pool
Your speed comes to your advantage yet again in this one get everyone to mob up around the pool, use the henchmen to ward off others who may want to disrupt your searching. rout when you have enough stones or if it starts getting crowded around the pool.

Create a spear head of your fastest units in the front and henchmen to the back and sides and pick on one enemy if you are attacking take out one of the defenders hero with stones then spend the rest of the turns causing pain to other attackers heroes. think long term.

Monster Hunt
Unless you can handle the monster on your own don't, the winner is the only one with warriors within 6" of the monsters lair once its dead. So lull your enemies into a false sense of security if you can, wait till the monster is weak then move in, take out the heroes fighting the monster. then take out the monster with some of your warriors with 2handed weapons.

Still to come
2 Player Scenarios
Sample skill sets
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PostSubject: Re: Gameplay: Beastmen   beastmen - Gameplay: Beastmen Icon_minitimeThu 1 Jan 2015 - 17:35


Very thorough job of discussing the warband.
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Gameplay: Beastmen
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