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 Mordheim Day!

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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim Day!   Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Icon_minitimeFri 30 Sep 2016 - 18:46

It was a dark and stormy night!

Actually the weather was clear in both real life and the game, which was a bit of a disappointment, since the vampire forces are a little weaker during clear weather. In real life it was at least the first day of autumn, which helped the mood a little.

The board is set up as a 4x8 table, so I set my four boards end-to-end, and used the top section of my dwarf-fort terrain as the vampire's mountain castle on one end. Dungeons below the castle were also represented by another part of the dwarf fort. I set up six coffins around the map, one of which would be the vampire's final coffin and the campaign objective. The players set up their warbands opposite the castle, and I set up a dozen units of ghosts, wolves, grave guard and vampires to meet them.

Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Image_zpsmgslwcnh

There was a game clock running each turn which places the players under a time-crunch. Each turn they had to roll a dice and add it to a running total; when the total reached 35 any units not in the dungeon left the game, so they had to clear the above-ground area before that time. Their scouts they hadn't left to defend Nachtdorf gave them four re-rolls, which they used wisely. There were three coffins above ground, three below, and a good seven feet from the deployment zone to the dungeon entrance.

There were four warband- elfs (Middenheimers), Kieslevites, Marienburgers, and Sister. The elf heroes all had "ride" skills and were mounted on horseback, but the Marienburger leader had a bum-leg, so the good guys wouldn't be crossing the long board at the same time. The elfs had decent fighters, notably "Mad Jack" who had killed many wolves in the last game in a mushroom-fueled rage. The Sisters' matriarch had turned into a fiendish sorcerer who could eviscerate undead with uncanny spells and inspire those around her. The Marienburger Youngblood had long been the MVP of many coffin hunts with excellent ability on the dueling pistols. The bear tamer of the Kislevites was very deadly, having three wounds and armed with a pair of Sigmarite war hammers (+2 S against undead).

The elfelk lead the charge to the first coffin (decoy, obvs), and found themselves counter charged by a pack of six wolves and a few zombies:

Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Image_zpss3nqdgff

These were good fighters, but they were in a very tight spot, having underestimated the range of the wolves. In the next two turns before the foot-troops arrived, the cavalry only lost one member, with their hero Blundercloud surviving the abuse of three wolves and killing a few with his magical flaming sword even after being knocked down on the first turn of combat.

When help finally arrived, pistols, hammers, and troll fists cleared the path eventually, with one more elfelk and a the Kislevites leader falling in the process. The Kislevites leader was dead-dead-dead, one of the elfelk took a deep chest wound (-1T), and their captain Lenny McFearsom went out of action but took the opportunity to better himself and become immune to fear.

The heroes had cleared the first hurdle, but now found themselves at the very gate of the castle, and before them were the three vampyric mistresses and their fell bodyguard. Time was half used up, and they'd have to fight through grave guard and vampires to enter the dungeon, stop the clock, and fight Stangulf's himself. As the elfelk and Kislevites held off a few bats and other villains who attacked their rear, Brian's Marienburgers charged striaght up the steps and into the bad guys. Pistols and swords did only little to blunt the grave guard, and the mistresses were not long coming.

Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Image_zpsgjik1f6s

The first charge did not actually kill any of Brian's guys, which was miraculous, but neither did he do much damage, and he had some of the most trick-out heroes. His elf scout fumbled up a tree in the backfield while his heroes fought the grave guard, wolves, and the first mistress. The second tries to magically charm an opponent, but her spell was rebuffed. The third one, having been brained in a previous battle, failed her stupidity check and drooled.

The close combat became downright grim after the initial stalemate- three of Brian's five heroes were put down as the players' reinforcements were stymied by the narrow stairs. Brian's Percy was killed outright, and his best man Englebert was made into a multiply-wounded wreck when the third mistress got it together and charged in. Egglestein was put out of action, and would adopt a searing hatered for Strangulf as a result.

Very little time was left on the clock. There of the four scout rerolls has been burned to buy time, and the door to the dungeon was little nearer. Finally, luck began to turn in the heroes' favor. Sister of Sigmar began to push through the carnage, and their S5 blows fell on the undead harshly. The troll avoided being charmed by the mind-controlling second mistresses as the first one fell in battle, to be humiliatingly robbed after the battle. The elfelk had finally finished off the last of the badguys in the rear, losing another of their number (left stupid by his wounds) and made a mad dash to the dungeon. Then, the Elf ranger made up his upkeep cost, a critically injured, took out of action, and killed the second mistress. It was his first kill of the campaign. As the fighting turned in the heroes' favor, Joe's Kislevites lost Ivan for good in the push to break the vampire roadblock.

Finally enough badguys were down for a body of men to make to to the dungeon, led by some sisters and elfelk. The initiative 6 elf scout started climbing the gatehouse to a coffin which might be the objective as the clock reached 32 of 35, and the last vampire Mistress was put down (full recovery). Everyone who could break combat did so and ran for the dungeon, with about half the initial strength of the good guys getting in before time was called. Poor Carl-Philip, Brian's captain with the bummed leg, was left to fend off a flock of harpies, which he didn't. They took him out of action, and then ate the elf ranger. No one ever did learn what was in that coffin. Carl-Philip survived, and also developed hatred for Strangulf just like his Youngblood Egglestein.

Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Image_zpscjhieezm

Above you can see the heroes piling down the staircase from the gatehouse into the dungeon. Red-caped Strangulf is in the room to the right, and coffins are located in rooms ahead, left, and right of the heroes. One is Stangulf's final coffin, and the other two are decoys.

In the dungeon, the elfelk sprinted towards the nearest coffin before the ghosts, grave guard, and Stangulf's could cut in. The two leading Sisters were attacked fiercely. The first tanked a ghost without injury, then smote it to double-hell with her sigmarite warhammers. The second was attacked by two grave guard and took a critical hit! It looked grim for her when Dave remembered that she had step aside. She passed both, survived unscathed, and destroyed both grave guard in a very dramatic turn around.

The bear and troll and Brian's last hero trudged forward as the sisters cleaned up the remaining ghosts and grave guard. Strangulf's bats attacked as he also flung magic at the foe.

In the other room, the elfelk's searching the coffin was a success! The final coffin had been found! Only one surviving dude had the holy water needed to spoil the coffin and win the game, Joe's bear tamer. All effort was spend to cover him as he made his way toward the prize. Seeing his vulnerability, Strangulf attacked.

In his opening move he decapitiated the mighty bear, leaving it dead. The troll and sisters attacked back, but fate had reserved it for Brian's last hero to stick the deadly vampire with a critical hit, bypassing his armor, and putting him out of action. As the ruler of the vampyric forces fell, the bear tamer reached the coffin and sanctified it, banishing Strangulf's spirit from the land. The vampire was defeated, and the town of Nachtdorf was saved!

Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Image_zps86rbtmoe
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Von Kurst
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PostSubject: Re: Mordheim Day!   Mordheim Day! - Page 4 Icon_minitimeSun 2 Oct 2016 - 18:54

Looking good! Thanks for the reports. I love this campaign idea, but will never attempt one with my current group.
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Mordheim Day!
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