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 A New Scenario & Warband

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PostSubject: A New Scenario & Warband    A New Scenario & Warband  Icon_minitimeSat 10 Aug 2013 - 0:38

As part of a campaign, I'm creating player warband-specific scenarios. This pits a warband of Witch Hunters, Sisters of Sigmar, Mercenaries, Dwarf Treasure Hunters, or Pit Fighters against a bewitched house of ill repute—the Bloody Bordello. Undead, Fallen, Chaos, Skaven, etc. shouldn't take part as they are disinterested in these particular sins of the flesh.

In essence, this is an excellent way to field all of those sultry miniatures that don't usually serve much purpose for in-game play. This scenario is influenced by “Barroom Brawl” by 'Big Green' Gibbly and Border Town Burning's “Last Orders!” as well as The Fallen warband as featured in Relics of the Crusades.

Two-Player Scenario: Get Thee to a Nunnery or Those Aren't Pillows!
Intended for warbands with ratings of 200 or so; may easily be adjusted for more or less experienced warbands.

Your warband is enjoying a night in the Pleasure District one way or another. It's been a while since the gang has kicked back and relaxed while enjoying the pleasure of company (or burning company if you're a Witch Hunter or Sisters of Sigmar warband). Although Mordheim has changed, pleasure remains the same. As you toast the past weeks' work, you toast to the henchmen and take a large pull from your flagon. Suddenly, you hear your leader scream from above, followed by various voices cackling from all about.

Your henchmen look stunned. Your leader emerges from the upper stairway landing. Time stands still. Ale foam drips onto your unbuckled breastplate. The laughing echoes louder and you look across the room to a lovely gal you spied earlier in the evening.

She's laughing at you. And now you notice her ribs are protruding from her back as she beckons with a come hither finger motion. Someone is hollaring from their depths of their gut.


Terrain (follows similar terrain placement to BtB's “Last Orders!”)
This scenario takes place inside a large inn.

The layout of the inn is decided by the players using any suitable terrain that they have available, although we would suggest the following: The site of this ‘battle’ should consist of two or three sections, at least 10” x 10”, and not needing to be more than 18” x 18”. There is one section to represent each floor of the inn. The ground floor is the location of the bar room. It should be relatively open. It should include a bar, a few tables plus several chairs or benches scattered around. Stairs lead up to the upper floor. There might be a wine cellar, a kitchen, a store room or a lavatory. The upper floor of the inn consists of a series of at least three rooms off of a main hallway. Each room might include a bed. Add other furnishings you desire. Do not forget to include a marker to represent the top of the stairs from below. Add another set of stairs to the next level, which is in the open air. The roof!

The warbands are scattered about the inn when trouble starts.

Non-Sister or Witch Hunter warbands place their leader inside a random second story room. Then, randomly determine where each warband hero and henchmen group begins. Roll a D6: 1-2, the hero or henchmen group is seated along the bar; 3-4, the hero or henchmen group is seated at a table; 5, the hero or henchmen group is outside and within 8” of the bordello's entrance; 6, the hero or henchmen group (ew!) is inside a random second story room. Warriors may not be placed in hand-to-hand combat.

Sister of Sigmar and Witch Hunter warbands are placed 12” from the exterior of the bordello.

The NPC Bloody Bordello warband sets up differently, determined by their opponent. If playing against Non-Sister or Witch Hunter warbands, each hero in a random second story room. Henchmen groups are placed no closer than 2” from any enemy warband member on the ground floor. If playing against Sister or Witch Hunter warbands, the player may set-up the bloody bordello warband anywhere inside the bordello (and not on top of the roof).

Roll a D6; on a 1 or 6 the Unofficial Dramatis Personnae “Busty” Gwen is enjoying a night off and decides to join the fray against the Bloody Bordello.

Starting the Game
First, a non-sister or witch hunter player warband rolls a 2D6; the leader immediately moves this many inches towards the ground floor entrance. This represents his or her cruel discovery and immediate reaction of an evening gone wrong. Luckily, this particular leader has found themselves in similar predicaments before; they have all of their equipment; probably should have defenestrated anyway.

Second (or first, if a sister or witch hunter warband is fielded,) each player rolls a D6; the player with the highest result goes first.

Special rules
Diving Charges: Warriors may always attempt a Diving Charge from the tables and bar, irrespective of the height of the furniture. Stairs may also be used.

Almost Ready: Player warband members that wear armour are considered “Almost Ready” and take -1 to their AS for the first round of the game. This represents their general shock and unpreparedness.

Maniacal Laughter: Bordello warband heroes may not Charge on the first turn of the game due to laughing maniacally at the fate of their guests and customers.

See “NPC Warband: The Bloody Bordello” for more information.

Ending the game
Whomever routes first or takes the other warband's heroes out of action wins. The player warband may voluntarily rout if they manage to exit each miniature from the bordello and are a minimum of 6” away and not in close combat.

+1 Survives. If a Hero or a Henchman group survives the battle they gain +1 Experience.
+1 Winning Leader. The leader of the winning warband gains +1 Experience.
+1 Per Enemy Out of Action. Any Hero earns +1 Experience for each enemy he puts out of action.

NPC Warband: The Bloody Bordello
“I wouldn't touch them with Nickel the Unreasonables'—Yes, I'm going back to work!”
~Harry Shortshank, barback of the Syphilitic Halfling Inn

It is said that when you offer your entire body to anyone for a fee, they take a part of you. What remains after endless giving is a shell of life, of love--of purpose. However, what remains is still hungry.  

All Bloody Bordello heroes have the “Eaters of Flesh” special ability.
Eaters of Flesh: If the Madame takes a living enemy out of action and is not in base contact with an enemy model, she will be stricken with a hunger for blood and flesh. She must make a Leadership test and if she fails she will start eating the body. She may do nothing during these turns. When D3 turns are up or she is hit by an attack she may take turns as normal.  Make a note of any enemy model that is taken out of action AND feasted upon by a warrior with the Eaters of Flesh special rule. If it is a hero he must deduct 1 from his serious injury roll. If it is a henchman he is removed from the warband on D6 roll of 1-3 instead of 1-2.

Madame x1
M6 WS4 BS3 S4 T4 W2 I5 A3 Ld9
Leader: Any friendly warrior within 6” of the Madame may use her Leadership instead of their own.
Immune to Poison: Madames are not affected by any poison.
No Pain: Madames treat a ‘stunned’ result on the Injury chart as ‘knocked down’.
Cause Fear:  Horrifying and sexual is never a good mix.
Lamentable Knowledge: Madame is a wizard and knows these four bloody bordello hex spells:
Age of Stone (Witch's Charms & Hexes), Cure (Witch's Charms & Hexes), Life Stealer (Necromancy), Flight of Zimmeran (Lesser Magic)
Weapons/Armor: Lucky Charm
Suggested Model: Wyrd Miniatures' Doppelganger

Courtesans x3
M5 WS4 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I5 A2 Ld8
Lamentable Knowledge: Courtesans are wizards and knows these two bloody bordello hex spells:
Singing Wind (Amazon Spell), Sirens' Dreams (Amazon Spell)
Weapons/Armor: Lucky Charm
Suggested Models:

Sadomasochist x1
M4 WS4 BS1 S5 T5 W3 I3 A1 Ld8
Cause Fear:  Horrifying and sexual is never a good mix. Sadomasochists cause fear.
No Pain:  Sadomasochists treat a ‘stunned’ result on the Injury chart as ‘knocked down’.
Strike to Injure: The warrior can land his blows with uncanny accuracy. Add +1 to all injury rolls caused by the model in hand-to-hand combat.
Resilient: The warrior is covered in battle scars. Deduct -1 Strength from all hits against him in close combat. This does not affect armor save modifiers. (RB 123)
Weapons/Armor: Light armour, Cat O’ Nine Tails (In battle the long barbed whip of the Cat is also seen, but this time dealing out punishment to the enemy! Like the Steel Whips of the Sisterhood, Cats cannot be parried by swords or bucklers, have a 4" range, and hit with the user’s Strength. However, since they are made or leather and not steel, they give the enemy model a +1 to his armor save or 6+ if no armor is worn, like a hit from a fist or dagger. Other than this exception Cats follow all the rules for Steel Whips.)
Suggested Model: I refuse to image search this one.

Henchmen & Henchwomen
Jezebels x2

M4 WS2 BS2 S3 T3 W1 I4 A2 Ld6
Weapons/Armor: Jezebels may not have any weapons or armor and suffer no penalties for this.

Gigolos x3
M4 WS2 BS2 S4 T3 W1 I4 A1 Ld6
Weapons/Armor: Gigolos may not have any weapons or armor and suffer no penalties for this.

Johns x5
M4 WS2 BS0 S3 T3 W1 I1 A1 Ld5
No Brain: Johns never gain experience. They do not learn from their mistakes.
Weapons/Armor: Each John is equipped with a single dagger.

edit: i spelled 'flagon' wrong

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PostSubject: Re: A New Scenario & Warband    A New Scenario & Warband  Icon_minitimeSat 10 Aug 2013 - 2:34

Cool idea. Maybe the thread could get moved to the Rules section?
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A New Scenario & Warband
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