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 Home rules, New warbands PDF

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PostSubject: Home rules, New warbands PDF   Home rules, New warbands PDF Icon_minitimeSat 10 Nov 2012 - 7:21

First I want to thx the people who took time to comment. This was very useful to me.

The new PDFs has taken into account many critics. By now, I'm not sure I will continue the project about warmachines as my first tests were rather ''boring''. And after all, they dont belong to so small engagement.

The hired sword/dramatis personae was just a project to give opportunity to add flavor and cool minis to the battlefield but indeed, many of them are too strong...

The Forest wrath (wood elf) had no comments at all but I corrected a lot of mistakes by myself.

The called from the grave warband was tuned ''downward''. And I tried to explain a few things that were not very clear. Let's hope it better by now.

Finally, The feral instinct warband was an idea I had since a while (I am a big fan of werewolves). This one is in its first release and has never been tested so it sure needs tuning. Tough werewolves are not common in Warhammer, They do exists and I wanted to create a warband for myself... I share it here just in hopes for comments so I can adjust it.

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Home rules, New warbands PDF
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