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 New Miniatures game by Midsummer Studios

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New Miniatures game by Midsummer Studios Empty
PostSubject: New Miniatures game by Midsummer Studios   New Miniatures game by Midsummer Studios Icon_minitimeMon 4 Jun 2012 - 1:40

I stumbled across this whilst wasting time on Facebook.

I've looked at their website and some of their blog but all I can find is the description of the game on a facebook page. Perhaps I'm being an idiot, maybe there's someone out there who could have more luck than me. Razz

Anyway, here's the link:

And here's the page contents (for those who don't use facebook):

ALVION, Land of Legends is a tabletop miniatures war game under development set in the mythical land of Alvion.

ALVION the game seeks to provide a fun, engaging wargaming experience filled with non-stop action. Played with the best models we can produce, it focuses on moving beautiful pieces of plastic around the table and hurling fist fulls of dice rather than looking up obscure rule interpretations and result charts. The Game Rules and Force Lists are constantly updated through play testing to ensure that at any point in time, the army that you have chosen is balanced against all others ... say NO to power creep!
Company Overview
From Hobby to Beyond

Back in 2011, some friends sat around the destruction of a finished game and uttered those words echoed by countless gamers around the planet ... "wouldn't it be cool to design our own game!" Little did we know at the time that the unassuming statement, once uttered, would take on a life of its own. After many, many, many hours of play testing, we beheld what we had created and declared unto each other ... "this thing is actually good!" Soon followed the documentation of a rule system that spoke to our preferences as war gamers ...

Simple but not lacking in strategy
Intuitive rules that do not take themselves to seriously
Reduce the cheese
Fast paced and full of action
No more waiting around while your opponent finishes their whole turn
No filler unit's, everything must be full of "win"
A visually appealing balance of models in a force
The Land of Legends is Born

More importantly than the rules was the lore and the models themselves. We wanted to restrict the number of factions and units in the game and ensure that those elements were the best they could possibly be at that point in time, rather than just keep churning out model after model, rule after rule. Throughout this process, we were ecstatic with how compelling and rewarding the factions of Alvion had become.
General information
With ALVION, we seek to build for ourselves a rewarding and unique gaming experience through rules and lore that are constantly updated, balanced and free of errata. We do this by providing our rules as digital downloads which we progressively renew.

We are striving to produce the best quality models, artwork and lore we can possibly make in order to develop not only in the battles but the magic and personality of the land and inhabitants of Alvion themselves.

Midsummer Studios believe it is just as important to acknowledge what we are NOT as much as what we are. Our rules aim for a simple, fun and engaging experience and like us, do not take themselves to seriously!
Basic info
Founded September 2011
Release date Coming Soon
Products Buying our Stuff

The best way to support the growth of ALVION and Midsummer Studios is by purchasing and playing the game and contributing to its growth and development. Its a slow process and currently all our efforts are aimed at producing models and rules we ourselves will be proud of.

We will be releasing the ALVION, Land of Legends game rules as well as the Knights of Illume and Goblins of Murkfell faction lists soon as digital downloads to allow people to get stuck in and start enjoying the game.

We acknowledge that there will be a natural iterative process of the occasional rule or unit requiring tweaking and hope you bear with us as we navigate ALVION through this process.

Additional Information about us ...

We are based in Sydney, Australia
We have been gaming for a tragically long time
We are professionals that have decided we want to grow old disgracefully

Thanks for reading ... we hope you share our journey into ALVION, Land of Legends!
History by year

Founded in September 2011

Anyone seen this before? Or know anything about it?
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New Miniatures game by Midsummer Studios
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