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PostSubject: Bert   Bert Icon_minitimeTue 29 May 2012 - 19:17

When I first started playing Mordheim again earlier in the year, I picked up exactly where I left off.


Whilst the warband never really got past the planning stages I did manage to (slightly) convert and paint up one large member. The model is about 90% drybrushed.

This is Bert...
Bert Gedc0567

Bert Gedc0563

Bert Gedc0564

Bert Gedc0565

Bert Gedc0566q

The reason for the hat...Basically I played skaven for a few games using proxys for the warband members. Bert managed to single-handedly wipe out an entire empire warband (with the help of some madcap mushrooms) The hat is almost an exact replica of the hat that the leader of that warband was wearing.
(Hilariously he rolled hatred of Bert on his serious injuries, he must really love that hat! Razz)

Feedback is welcome.
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