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 Mordheim Rules Revisions / New Rulebook

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PostSubject: Mordheim Rules Revisions / New Rulebook   rules - Mordheim Rules Revisions / New Rulebook Icon_minitimeSat 24 Mar 2012 - 1:10

Howdy folks!

I've taken it upon myself to 'fix' some of the broken rules of Mordheim and balance out the gameplay for my next campaign. To this end, I've Copied and Edited the rulebook into a new pdf including the following changes:

  1. Parry is now "roll equal to or under half your WS rounded up
  2. Shields now provide a 6+ save to hit rolls instead of wound rolls (unmodified, unstacking)
  3. Heavy Weapons (flails,etc), Handguns, Double-Handed and Hunting Rifles can destroy shields if they fail their save on a 1
  4. Armour prices are the same, but changed to: Leather = 6+, Light = 5+, Heavy = 4+, Ithilmar = 3+, and Gromril = 2+
  5. Armour has no movement penalties
  6. Off-hand weapons have a -1 to hit penalty
  7. Skills have been added to make shields unbreakable, take away off-hand penalties, add shield attacks, and all the official skill additions like the academics have been added
  8. All the 'normal' extra equipment has been added (rabbit's foot, etc)
  9. Most optional rules are integrated into the game (Vampire skills, Shadowlord rewards), but the Crit chart has been altered to experimental rules to vary the results more

Now, not included are warbands, hired swords, dramatis personae and scenarios, as I'm currently making them into a separate PDF

First, I would like opinions on the rules changes, and second if you are interested in getting a copy of the pdf, email me at and I'll send it to you (although I'm constantly updating it).

Explaining my changes, Parry balances higher WS players more, and although its a ridiculous math exercise, it is the simplest and fairest way. The only other way I liked was when I played with a rule that you had to roll under your WS but modified by -1 for each increment over the amount needed to hit. So if I rolled 6 to hit, but needed 4, you had -2 to your parry. More even, i think, but too complicated.

Off-hands, shields and armour (and parry) together fixed close combat weapon choices, I think. Shields take away an attack, so they should have the chance to do the same from the opponent, so moving them to hit rolls just made sense. A model with sword and shield can parry and save on hit rolls, and if armoured up can also save on wounds. This is just like real combat. Dual wielding gives you attack advantage, but unless you are wearing armour or using 2 swords, you have no defense, and the attack advantage is limited. Suddenly, Morning star and shield is viable, as you hit harder, defend better and it is as balanced as other weapon choices. Armour is increased to 'with shield' levels, but the cost and rarity match the bonus now. Adding leather armour to everyone's warband list gives a normal 6+ save that is often negated, but that should be the norm, imo. Only cloth wearing magic sissies should be saveless, not normal henchmen!

The end result is longer combat due to saves, but usually only heroes are stacked with multiple saves (as they should be imo), while henchmen suffer with broken shields, the crappy armour that is often negated but still have balanced weapon chioces. Heroes tend to survive more unless overrun, while henchmen tend to need to stick together to survive. A more normal fighting scenario than having a Beastmen henchmen from the possessed holding off entire warbands because a sword parry and T4 W2 dominate more than WS5 S3 A2.
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Mordheim Rules Revisions / New Rulebook
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