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 Simple objective based campaign rules

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PostSubject: Simple objective based campaign rules   rules - Simple objective based campaign rules Icon_minitimeWed 1 Feb 2012 - 21:53

As the title suggests, the following is the rules for the campaign DarkFury and i will be playing next.
We wanted an objective based campaign with a random element, the "winning" is less important than the story the campaign will tell.
If you can be bothered to read it all, let me know if you see any problems that could arise.
Thanks to everyone on this forum for providing the ideas and inspiration.


House Rules
Shields confer a 5+ armour save.
Dual wielding gives a penalty of -1 to hit on all attacks.
The new combat skill, Dual Wielding removes this penalty.
Any model shooting twice in one turn suffers a -1 to hit on both shots.
All black powder weapons do not use the Prepared Shot rule.
All black powder weapons use the misfire table, although none of these results can destroy the weapon.
Climbing can be done mid move, a model still has to make a climbing test.
Spears strike first if charged.

Campaign Background
A new horror stalks the streets of Mordheim
5 chaos spawn have been spotted emerging from The Pit and wandering off into the city.
These creatures are some of the most warp affected monstrosities ever seen.
Rumours have circulated that these spawn are formed around a giant core of Warpstone.
Because of this, they are valuable to various parties.
The player’s warbands have been engaged by various patrons to capture the spawn.
Two npc Skaven/Goblin warbands have also infiltrated the city, and are also after the spawn for themselves.

Starting Requirements
1 or more warbands each.
1 Skaven/Goblin warband each.
A method of depicting underground tunnels/caverns for the NPC warbands lairs.
1 “chit” representing each map location.

Played using a Mordheim campaign map obtained from
All map movement is one zone per move, one move per campaign turn.
The campaign is played using the rules for Weather, and Random Happenings.
Warbands start the campaign in a settlement appropriate to their alignment.
If more than one settlement is available, randomise to determine starting location.
This is also the warbands HQ location.
Warbands ending a campaign turn in a spawn rumour location can "Search for the Spawn".
No campaign points for territory.
No territory ownership, warbands are only in the location that they are currently in.
Map movement is simultaneous and hidden, all declared at the same time.
When moving into an unoccupied zone, each warband must roll 1d6. 1-5 zone is empty, 6 a Skaven/Goblin warband is present. Roll for scenario as usual.

NPC Skaven/Goblin Warbands
These warbands do not move around the map in the same way as player warbands.
They appear through the sewers/tunnel networks under the city at any point they are required, so can effectively teleport from one side of the map to another if required to defend a lair, fight for a spawn etc.
NPC warbands are the only warbands that can fight more than one battle per campaign turn.
They do not gain prestige points, or the benefits associated with them, and do not have HQ settlements, they have underground lairs which replace this function.
After every battle an npc warband fights, roll for exploration exactly as per the rulebook, and any/all money can be spent in between battles in the same campaign turn, there is no restriction.
NPC warbands cannot hire Hired Swords.
NPC warbands can recruit new troops after any battle they fight, this represents their constant

Prestige Points
Prestige points are earned for battle victories, one per battle against normal warbands, 1 for defeating a Skaven/Goblin npc warband and 1 for capturing a spawn.
A 1 point bonus is also earned for successfully removing a spawn from play.
At set levels of prestige, a clue to the whereabouts of a spawn or Skaven/Goblin lair is given to the warband.
Prestige gives a warband some bonuses when it is in its HQ settlement zone.
Prestige Rewards
2, Spawn location rumour
3, -1 to rarity rolls (only in settlement)
4, Skaven/Goblin Lair rumour
8, Spawn location rumour
10, +1 to all veteran xp rolls
11, May hire hired swords (only in settlement)
12, Spawn location rumour
15, -5% to all equipment bought (only in settlement)
17, Skaven/Goblin lair rumour
20, Spawn location rumour
22, +2 to veteran xp rolls
24, -2 to rarity rolls (only in settlement)
25, Skaven/Goblin lair rumour
29, -10% to all equipment prices (only in settlement)
30, Spawn location rumour
35, Lair rumour
33, 15% to all equipment prices (only in settlement)
40, Spawn rumour
45, Lair rumour
50, Spawn rumour

The location of a Spawn is randomly determined on the map, and only the player with the rumour knows where it is. This is best done by picking a ticket from a pot of available areas. This way, when the player enters the zone they have the ticket for, it can be revealed, proving the location is correct.
The entry point to a Skaven/Goblin lair is determined in the same way, and the warband has to reach that location before disappearing underground into the lair.

Search for the Spawn
Searching for the Spawn is done by fighting a Treasure Hunt scenario against the other players Skaven/Goblin warband.
The “treasure” is the Chaos Spawn.
The spawn must be located, and taken OOA, and the warband needs to win the battle for the spawn to be captured.
The battle winner gets the spawn even if it was taken OOA by the opposing warband.
If one warband routs before the Spawn is taken OOA, the surviving warband must still locate it, fight it and force it OOA.
The spawn must then be moved by the warband back to its settlement location.
A warband engaged in battle while moving back to their settlement can attempt to run from the fight by passing a leadership test.
Failing this test means the fight is a straight Skirmish scenario.
Deciding to stay and fight without trying to escape means the battle will be Defend The Find, and this warband can pick and place the first building, as they have chosen where to fight.
Routing means losing the Spawn to your opponent, and being forced one move away into a random unoccupied zone.
You do not roll a d6 when routing into an unoccupied zone.

Capturing Spawn
Captured spawn returned to a warbands hq/lair, remain there for d3+2 turns, and are then picked up by the warbands patron. Once removed, the warband earns 100gc from their employer.
Any warband that has not been attacked by a player warband in this time period will automatically be attacked by an npc warband in the last turn as they attempt to steal the spawn.
The campaign ends when all spawn are removed from play.

Stealing Spawn
Winning a battle against an enemy who has captured a spawn, results in the spawn falling into the victors hands.
A player warband stealing a spawn will want to retreat to its HQ, while an npc warband immediately moves off of the map, as it has returned to its lair via the fastest route possible.
Both player and npc warbands must remain in their Lair/HQ for d3+2 turns, at which point the “patron” collects and removes the Spawn from the city.
Any warband holding a rumour location for an npc warband can attempt to raid it and recapture the spawn.
Warbands can also move into the HQ area of a player warband and attempt to steal the Spawn.

Lairs are connecting underground tunnels and caverns, which follow the rules on for tunnel fighting.
A lair must have an entrance on each table edge.
The NPC warband deploys all models first, at least 12 inches away from table edges.
The player warband than deploys on a random table edge, and has the first turn.
Battles in lairs are limited to 12 turns, after which time npc reinforcements arrive, forcing the player warband to automatically rout.
Winning a fight in a lair means a normal exploration roll for the victorious warband.
As soon as a lair is raided, its location changes, needing a new clue to find.

Settlements HQ’s
You can never be attacked by an npc warband when moving into your home settlement.
The hiring of Hired Swords, searching for Rare Items, buying additional equipment can only be done when a warband is in its home settlement.
These actions can only be performed by the warband remaining in its HQ location for one campaign turn.
Warbands can be attacked in their home settlement by player warbands at any time, but will only ever be attacked there by npc warbands by virtue of having a captured spawn.
If attacked in a HQ settlement area, the defending warband can pick and place the first building in the middle of the table, and the scenario is a Defend the Find type.
Exploration dice can be rolled as a result of a fight in a settlement. This represents looting the area fought in whilst the normal inhabitants are hiding from the fighting.

Battle Rules
You cannot fight your own Skaven/Goblin NPC warband for any reason.
If using multiple warbands per player, you cannot fight your own warbands.
Roll for weather at the start of battles
Random encounters are in use in all battles except fights in npc warband lairs, which also ignore weather as they are underground.

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PostSubject: Re: Simple objective based campaign rules   rules - Simple objective based campaign rules Icon_minitimeWed 1 Feb 2012 - 22:02

One question, because i did not find it.

Who wins?
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PostSubject: Re: Simple objective based campaign rules   rules - Simple objective based campaign rules Icon_minitimeWed 1 Feb 2012 - 22:19

Good point! Very Happy

A nominal winner is the warband that removes the most Spawn from play.
But this could well be an "npc" warband.
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PostSubject: Re: Simple objective based campaign rules   rules - Simple objective based campaign rules Icon_minitime

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Simple objective based campaign rules
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