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 Infamous Possessed

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PostSubject: Infamous Possessed   Infamous Possessed Icon_minitimeMon 5 Sep 2011 - 19:48

I did these a number of years ago. However, I was tooling around my photobucket and remembered them. Since they are done, I figured I'd throw them up here. They aren't going to get much doner then this. Several of them are some of my first attempts with GS, and so they aren't that great, but there is a lot of kitbashing, mainly because I have no love for the GW cost of Possessed.

Pit Fighter.
Infamous Possessed 3ec4dd01
Infamous Possessed Cbc41bbf

Mutant. Bits from the old mutation sprue, dark eldar torso, zombie legs, Cypher's sword, and some random arms
Infamous Possessed C0bcd070
Infamous Possessed C4477f50

Mutant. About the same as above.
Infamous Possessed C47d14d6
Infamous Possessed 57e3c5ca

Brethern, from the militia sprue with some GS cloaks and masks.
Infamous Possessed 1ed377a3
Infamous Possessed 819ce7ac

Infamous Possessed 2a6957bd
Infamous Possessed B993d45d

Darksouls. Mainly dark eldar bits, so that I could get some female models. Looking at these now, they aren't as good as I thought they were.
Infamous Possessed 9b21b5ef
Infamous Possessed Fe54eaf7

Dark Souls with Two Handed Weapons. Mainly zombie bits.
Infamous Possessed Ebef035a

Magister. Still one of my most successful models.
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208099
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208098-1

Possessed. Beastman Banner for a head, genestealer body, random metal bits from the OLD metal chaos spawn.
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208090
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208091

Possessed. Wolf head, genestealer body, random metal bits from old chaos spawn.
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208087
Infamous Possessed OldPicksDownloaded072208088
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PostSubject: Re: Infamous Possessed   Infamous Possessed Icon_minitimeMon 5 Sep 2011 - 22:50

You've got some VERY COOL stuff there. The Two-Faced Mutant & the Dark Souls are particularly nice. VERY WELL DONE! thumbsup
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Infamous Possessed
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