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 Treachery & Greed

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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeThu 14 Oct 2010 - 20:36

Turn 9 of the online Treachery and Greed Campaign
News and events of the larger war from the campaign website. (I'm using a temporal warp here, our campaign begain before Turn 1 of the online campaign but since their turns are mostly 4 days long they have passed us. So now I'm using the past events of the online campaign to add background to our current battles.)
Rufus Sparkfire wrote:

The Nikephoriad
by Princess Irene

Chapter nine
If my father's return to Remas was glorious, then the aftermath was even more so. The despot gathered together all of the most loyal members of his court, even those who had remained in the city during the mercenary occupation, and rewarded them with honours and with money. The steadfast greenskin Gurgit Trollpuncha he named Ethnarches of the Reman Empire, the commander of foreign soldiers. To the greatest of his supporters, the undying Lucius Valerius Maximus, he gave the office of Megas Domestikos of the Reman Empire and a fortune in gold. The Megas Domestikos, inspired by the actions of the great generals of Remas, rode through the streets with his legion, distributing bread to the people. And though he was a walking corpse, though he was a thing of horror, yet the people did not fear him. Instead, as the poet wrote, they saw him as Solkan, casting his silver scythe before him, cutting down the weak. Lucius Valerius Maximus was prideful as Solkan himself. He caused a gigantic statue of himself to be built in the forum. He established a system of fire-fighters who seemed little more than blackmailers and thugs.

Yet Solkan the Avenger, the destroyer of evil, chooses his own champions. In a forgotten vault beneath the city, Heironymus Lothair discovered the Sacred Banner of Solkan, once carried by the greatest emperors of Remas in the ancient days. An army that marches behind the banner is invincible: such is the will of Solkan.

In the north, the seas before the city of the swamp-dwellers, the Gulf of Pearls, boiled and writhed with Manann's wrath. I have heard that fully one thousand ships did battle there: the vessels of the Cerulean League and the Vermillion Legion locked in vicious combat, their guns roaring like the Lion of Pavona, their grapples ringing against timber, their decks bright with blood. All the while the galleys of Miragliano stood apart from the fighting, seeking only to block the way to their city. Perhaps Manann did fight for the Cerulean League that day, as their commander Isaac von Siegfriedshof claimed. I do not know. Yet the League were victorious, and the Legion scattered: who would refute his claims in the face of such evidence?

The Southern Tilean Sea also raged at that time, though not through the intervention of the sea-god. The greenskin captain called Ramul Da Red ordered his shamans to call upon their god Gork, to unleash his vengeance upon the ships of the Golden Company in retribution for their desecration of his idol in the badlands camp. So a mighty hail of brimstone fell from a scarlet sky, setting sails to burning and crewmen to cowering below deck. When the hail abated and the ships of the Tyrian Guild attacked, they met with little resistance.

Further south, the Fool’s Gap remained under the control of the Guild solely due to the Fool’s Fleet, a ramshackle collection of privateers and armed merchantmen raised by Groznit Goregut. Close by, the small town of Detrito was shielded from harm by a sudden drop in the temperature, like that caused by the Breath of Ulric, summoned by priests and theurgists at the word of Leopold Altman.

Around the southern tip of Tilea, where in ancient times the dread beast Porphyrion preyed upon shipping, a fleet of Golden Company ships led by Ludwig von Mises, Klaus "Kleverkopf" Schweik, German von Streissen and Nigrott Da Gob, swept the Tyrian ships backwards towards the isle of Sartosa. In the barbarous lands of the Border Princes, a small fleet under Casper il magnifico and The Night Warden claimed the lifeless Lagoon of Tears for The Vermillion Legion.

For while mighty Remas had always controlled the seas, since the ancient times, when our glorious ancestors had only to set their gaze upon a city for it to fall, in the present day we are much reduced, and are the victims of poor management and treachery. Yet my father, the valiant Nikephorus, had made in his wisdom a bargain with his cousin Leonard of Luccini. That city, old and wonderful as our own, and once our brother in Empire, had been much beset by the hordes of the Golden Company. Again and again their siege-engines had struck the walls, breathing fire, vomiting stone and lead. Many of these weapons were terrible and astounding at the same time. The great bronze cannon, many dozens of paces in length, seemed to cause the whole world to shudder when they fired. The flame-projectors of the dwarfs sent forth a fire that could float upon water yet still burn, and would not be extinguished by smothering with blankets.

With my father’s aid, King Leonard held his city though all burned beyond it. On the wide plains of Luccini the Golden Company clashed with loyal soldiers of the Vermillion Legion and the Tyrian Guild, those lovers of civilisation and ancient glory, and at last the invaders were driven away, their engines abandoned, their chance of victory gone. How bitter was their flight from the noble plains of Luccini! So fall the arrows of fate.

In those days it was a common thing to see the dead walk among the living, as in Remas itself where long-dead sons returned to defend their glorious mother, their city. The town of Mordini, once Lambrusco, had for a century or more been such a place of living death. All know the tale, alike as it is to the myth of Valirian and the Wolf, and I shall not repeat it here. Lately the Golden Company had come to Mordini and shattered the gates, and moved through the town striking down the dead men and women who dwelt there. They brought in priests and witch-hunters, and dug among the ruins for treasure, and planned new temples to the gods above. All this was well enough, but they were careless with their new possession, and did not look to its security. As my father Nikephorus has always said, the wise ruler looks first to the defence of his lands, not to the building of monuments.

The dead of Mordini had more life in them than many who still live: they would not take oppression and destruction without rising up. Who can blame them? As the people of Remas rose against the Cerulean League, so the dead of Mordini rose against the Golden Company. I have heard that the dead were supplied with weapons by living men, men whose origins I do not know for sure but only suspect. And as the dead rebellion gathered, Duke Ennio Mordini himself re-appeared, like Ranald from the shadows, his army of cold and darkness behind him. They howled as they swept through the streets, cutting down all before them. When Mordini sat once more upon his black throne, he swore that he would never again leave the town to stand unprotected.

Brave Organzo, long time the enemy of Mordini and the subject of his wrath, had begun to recover under the patronage of Alesso Alfonti. This man spent much of his own wealth to restore the town to life, feeding and clothing the population, and encouraging a mighty influx of new settlers. Close by, the fortress of Monte Castello had a new count, Hans Hoffelhaus, who invested heavily in the production of weaponry and clothing for sale to the warring petty kingdoms in Estalia.

Perhaps to atone for the many wrongs he had committed in the war, Kolonel Rijkaard van der Kuypers sponsored a great new temple in Commercio. As Speaker for Commercio in name only - for the elected council had been murdered some weeks before - perhaps he felt his grip on power to be as slight as that of King Anselus in the old story. Certainly he felt the need to declare a new public holiday, Commerce Day, which saw him parade triumphantly though Commercio while the people feasted on cakes and Ebino beer.

The temple to Manann that he commissioned was huge and grand enough to overawe any visitor to the town. With his personal chaplain, Brother Mannfred, installed as high priest, the speaker had easy access to the considerable income generated by the temple's sale of blessings. Yet the temple was also an outlet for charity, distributing food and blankets, paid for by van der Kuypers, to the poor.

In Pavona too there was a public display of generosity by a Cerulean League general. Graf Gaspard de Valois distributed a large sum in gold to the people, to enthusiastic applause.

But amidst all of the festivities and works of charity, the war continued, as the Grey Spider stalked always below the table at the Feast of the Gods in the ancient myth. The Via Nano, the dwarf road across the Appuccini mountains, cut long ago through implacable rock by those resolute and industrious people of the stone, fell under attack by a breakaway group of Cerulean mercenaries. This raiding force was mostly composed of goblins, vicious, cowardly creatures with no honour nor concept of true warfare. They fell upon the merchant caravans that travelled the pass, slaying all they could, scalping and cutting away the tongues of prisoners and slain alike. For days the raiders went unchallenged. But at last the few, but brave, defenders of the pass were able to drive them back, by arrow-fire and by forced avalanches. In the end, the pass was lost to both sides. Such was the will of the gods.

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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSat 16 Oct 2010 - 20:52

Donovan wrote:

The Season of the Witch
'Eadtaker and Grootka are looking across the Gutrippa camp, which is a collection of ragged tents, overturned jolly boats and fancy looted pavilions on a lonely Sartosan beach.
"Wot she hight den? Lee Stringy?" asks Grootka.
"La Strega boss. Goodie sez she hight 'La Strega' now." 'Eadtaker answers.
"La Strega, huh?"
"Aye, an dats wot Ize calls 'er," rumbled 'Eadtaker. "Duppy doxie done sumfing ta meez, she az. Put da Eye on meez. Ize feelz peaked Kap'un."
"Da Eye ye sez?"
"Aye! Da lass couple scraps, Ize no feels good," says 'Eadtaker. "Goodie, sey Ize, giv meez potion make meez strong. 'Ize la Strega! No Goodie' sez she. Potion no make meez strong. Duppy Ize sez."
"Hmmm..." say Grootka. He notice Goodie showing more skin lately. Think maybe it the wheather. Hot in Sartosa this year. Grootka amble on toward 4Eyes' tent a ways down the beach.

"Aye," say Doc 4Eyes. He look at Grootka through those duppy eyes of his. "Goodie sez she send 'er spirit ta da Fa' East Skool of da Unknown an' Forbidden, take lessons. In her mind, kinda, sumfing like dat. Duppy. Anywho she get new handle. No more 'Goodie Ost'. 'La Strega' now."
"Ye hold wit dat Doc?" says Grootka. "Spirits, skoolz an stuff? Doxie wit new name?"
Doc stare at Grootka with those duppy eyes, say, "Ize do dat all time!" Shrugs. Grootka go look for a drink.
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed 20 Oct 2010 - 2:28

Week X—Revolution in the Skull Sands. The Usual Rain of Arrows in the Osso Hills
by Von Kurst, photos by Playtable

The Marksmen patrol the disputed Hills to discourage raids against the landward defenses of Sartosa and Roba.
The Gutrippas were on a recruiting drive. There were many ‘wild’ tribes of greenskins in the Hills.
Grootka figured to make them boyz an offer they could not refuse.

Grootka looked out at the rain soaked clearing from under the dripping leaves of a gnarled oak. Them Bloody Spike gitz were finally getting suspicious.
They had drawn up in a defensive circle protected by boulders and scattered clumps of trees. Looked set to make a fight of it.
Grootka wasn’t worried.
Da Gutrippas outnumbered those lubbers almost 3 to 1. Plus even though he was spread out to their front the Bloody gitz seemed to think that there was something to defend against behind them, too.
Hur! He’d take these closest gitz first, then roll over those fools guarding against shadows on the far side before they could get turned around!

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Shirmish02</A>
Caption: The Marksmen deploy.

Nameless snort, “no got puppy dem!”
Grootka cuff him up side the head. “Shut it! Ye broke de lass puppy. No more!”

One of the orcs in the clearing looked toward Grootka’s hiding place in alarm.
That tore it. “Waaagh!” screamed Grootka.
He dropped his bow unfired and took up his axe and charged toward the clearing.
All around him the ladz were hooting and rushing toward the startled gitz in the clearing.
Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Nameless had veered toward a pile of boulders. “Shiny!” burbled the troll.
Grootka cuffed him one more time in passing then the big orc smashed into the Bloody Spikes. The first git was still trying to fit an arrow to his bow when Grootka chopped him down into the rocky ground.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Shirmish01</A>
Caption: Da Gutrippas charge!

Another tried to stop da Kaptain with choppa and shield but the git was slow.
He crumpled as well. Grootka roared and glared around for new enemies.
The Bloody Spikes had had it.
The small party was either killed or captured, but victory was short-lived.

“Ambush!” “Sold out!” “Shooty Gitz!” Sheets of arrows fell among da Gutrippas along with the rain.
On both flanks orcs went down while others sought cover from the deadly rain of arrows.

Grootka roared “Ta meez! Rally on Nameless!” But the ladz were too far gone in their panic. Grootka could see the zoggin shooty gitz.
They were lining the hills to the east like this little bowl was their own shooting gallery.
His lads were hugging cover or becoming pincushions. Zog it!

Post battle:
The Marksmen return to their glory days of potting orcs. No human warriors are taken OOA plus they still gain their underdog bonus. Woof!
Da Gutrippas suffered from the systematic killing of their archers.
Sharp Eye, who had outlived all of his enemies amongst the Smasher’s crew, was killed by the Tilean’s first shot.
Ded Eye ended up dead as well. One of the press gangers caught arra poisoning, too.
On the plus side no heroes were injured and 2 of the Bloody Spikes became Gutrippas. (Although the leader of the beaten patrol refused to join the crew proper and became a lowly swab for his arrogance.)
Fibba Jib looted 2 of the Bloody Spikes but was unable to brave the arrow storm to recover any of the fallen Gutrippas’ possessions.
Finally, Grootka got confirmation of a privateer contract (40 gc and 1 to recruiting swabs!) Woot!
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed 20 Oct 2010 - 2:36

“The Hulks, Too”
The Gutrippas run a salvage operation in the Skull Sands
by Von Kurst, photos by Playtable.

Recent fleet actions have created reefs of derelict vessels all around the island of Sartosa.
Da Gutrippas join the scavengers haunting the hulks.

Grootka peered into the white mist. It had rolled in with the dawn and showed no sign of lifting. Couldn’t barely see zoggin Nameless let alone the zoggin ship. He knew it was there in front of him. He was on the zoggin boarding plank wasn’t he?

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 TheHulksII01</A>
Caption: The Law Elf deploy, imagine the mist that hides them.

From the mist he heard the roars of the bull crocodiles and the muted sounds of oars. Grootka had just talked to Yo’and as the jolly boats passed the island but already both boats were lost in the mist.
Nameless paused to listen to the crocs. “Dem no puppy,” he said sadly.
Grootka say, “look lively, ye monster lubber. Keep yerseff on da plank. Worry puppy afta!”
The mist cleared a little. Grootka shoved Nameless up the ramp on to the hulk. He had barely touched the deck when a loud BOOM shattered the silence. From the mist to aft came shouts of “Avast!”
“Ware da Croc!”
“Ye missed da blighter!”
“Big as a lugger an ye miss!”
“Ize hit im square! Look at im bleed!”
“Dat’s Noggum’s blood ye git! Da croc’s holed im!”

The shouts turned to sounds of combat as the crew of one jolly boat fought a crocodile. Grootka moved away toward the bow of the wreck.
“Orc ovvaboard!”
“Git a hook in im!”
“Da croc ye git!”
“Nice cuttin’ Nogs, thought ye wuz croc bait!”
“Ahoy da ship! Toss out a line! Orc ovvaboard!”

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 TheHulksII02</A>
Caption: The Orc flotilla moves on after disposing of the first croc.

Grootka had left ‘Eadtaker and Fibba Jib to deal with the rescue attempt. He herded Nameless toward the second hulk. The mists parted for a moment and immediately arrows sought Nameless out of the mists.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 TheHulksII04</A>
Caption: The fog parts and reveals orcs on an open bridge. A croc stalks Nogs as Yard Arm pilots the jolly boat toward the Law.

Grootka could see indistinct shadows on a wreck to larboard. He unlimbered his crossbow and fired back at a jolly boat that was trying to fend off a crocodile near the sniper’s wreck.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 TheHulksII03</A>
Caption: The Law Elf fight a croc. The Law won.

Almost immediately Grootka was driven from the bridge by the volume of return fire.
The fog thickened again as another bank of clouds rolled in. From off in the mists Grootka heard another BOOM and orcish cheers.
“Sank dat pansy tub! Hur!”
“Shoot im agin! Dat git still kickin!”
“Oi quit pushin! Ye spoil me aim!”

Then Grootka made the mistake of looking down and noticed another croc mauling Noggum. (Everyone had been ignoring the floundering Noggum except the crocs.) Grootka roared and leapt over the side. Naturally he landed poorly but he didn’t drown. Nogs was able to fend off the croc on his own which gave Grootka time to recover. Once Grootka was able to get his boarding axe into play the croc’s days were numbered.

Post battle.
The Law Elfs captured 2 wrecks but lost one jolly boat sunk and a crew-elf killed. Naturally the ships that the Law looted were carrying weapons. The Law find another Long Rifle. Recka is captured and pressed into service to replace the murdered elf.

The Gutrippas captured 3 wrecks to win! Recka attacked Collic Jak, which lead to Recka being left for dead for the Elfs to capture. Noggum the swab killed 2 crocs with his daggers (Grootka helped with one.)
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed 20 Oct 2010 - 3:10

The first "The Hulks"
Night but not very dark. Two crocs for unwanted company.

Each side started with one hulk close by.
The high Elves take 2 hulks early.
With one boat going North and one going South.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Hulks01</A>

The Dark Elves row both boats in the center and stay together.
A small crew take one hulk and get ready to take the 2nd.
The poor corsair in the back kept falling down.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Hulks02

As the Northern High Elf boat goes around the largest hulk, the Dark Elves get poised to swarm the Southern boat.
The Southern boat also has to contend with a croc. who dissapears quickly with an elf in tow.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Hulks03</A>

Elves charge each other. Urda, a Fell Blade climbs up the High Elve's closest hulk.
The Dark Elves loose a beast hound but outnumber the High Elves.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Hulks04</A>

The stumbling corsair, at last, gets to his hulk as the Old Smuggler and his bodyguard and another corsair claim the 2nd hulk.
Below, the Dark Elves take the High Elves' boat.
Above, Urda gets charged and knocked down but Nakod, the other Fell blade, charges back and wins the 3rd hulk.
The High Elves, who went the Northern route, never get into the battle and pass up trying to occupy the large hulk.

Post battle:
Dark Elves win with 3 hulks to the High Elves 1 hulk.
Dark Elves replace their Cold one beast hound and get rich.

The High Elves loose 1 henchman to the crocodile and one to the Dark Elves.
The Dark Elves quickly rob him and sell him into slavery.
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed 20 Oct 2010 - 3:39

Mule Train
Night time, unwanted company = 3 Orcs.
Both warbands are the same rating and same size. A roll-off has the Dark Elves leading the mules.

Dark Elves all run with their mules. One corsair stumbles. One beast hound goes stupid.
Two Ocs in the center play havoc with their plan to outflank south (to the right in this picture).
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Muletrain01-1</A>

The marksmen take their Orc OOA without too much trouble.
For the Dark Elves, one Orc dies easily but the 2nd is one heck of a fighter!
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Muletrain02-1</A>

This Orc holds up the Dark Elf line long enough for the Woodsmen to redeploy and close the gap.
The quick shot Tilean on the hill (center behind rocks) misses 3 turns with no hits or wounds.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Muletrain03</A>

As half the Dark Elf warband flanks to the south, the hounds in the center charge the northern group of woodsmen, who are now close to the center.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Muletrain04</A>

A protracted battle goes on and on at the treeline.
The beastnounds are joined by Rotwiper (the Beastmaster), the Old Smuggler, his bodyguard and a corsair.
The woodsmen's cleric goes OOA. Their Duelist, in black, joins in tthe fight.
Zumit, the lad's got talent corsair pushes forward with good results.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Muletrain05</A>

At the same time the southern fight is taking place. The tilean holds out and enough of the Dark Elves go OOA that the night belongs to the marksmen.

Post battle:
The Old Smuggler's bodyguard, which is a skill, dies never to return.
Urda gets a leg wound and buys a peg leg.
Although they lost the game, the Dark Elves get even richer.
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeThu 21 Oct 2010 - 15:45

Turn 10 of the online Treachery and Greed Campaign
News and events of the larger war from the campaign website.
Mogsam wrote:

 Extract from the memoirs of Alfresco Terrugi, noble merchant citizen of Tobaro.

Chapter 10.

It has always been my inclination to spy on the world. Ever since I was a child I’ve intruded on the matters of others without permission to seek personal profit. When I was fifteen I saw Lucian Friuli’s butler attack a peasant on his behalf, a young girl of thirteen. With that information I managed to acquire several thousand ducats and send myself off to a fantastic start. It always pays to know what is happening near or afar. It is for this reason I believe I have a truly magnificent viewpoint of the turbulent times that afflicted my beloved country. After many years of constant fighting back and forth the Cerulean League finally managed to get the upper hand on their Vermillion counter parts in the north. Of course the Vermillion Legion had supposedly become the main fighting force of Remas and Luccini. Two warring nations suddenly forced together through mutual desire for survival. So whether you consider the Ceruleans with the upper hands when they held nothing but a few minor cities and dubious untrusted connections to the powers of the time whilst the Vermilions had the ear of at least two powerful rulers. Personally I’d rather be in the pocket than on the plains so to speak. 1.

If the rumours of the time were to be believed the Ceruleans enlisted the unnatural in their fight. Those were horrible times, the dreaded Mordini walked the lands pillaging whoever he could and long dead Remans walked the streets of Remas itself. Whilst neither of these fought on their behalf I remember vividly the pure fallacy that the Doge spread about “fishmen” invading his waters. These imaginary aquatic foes were never real. We all knew it but that magnificent old man could never be wrong, I once remember him explaining how to compress goblins into a chamber pot. 2. Whilst it was completely insane the practical applications were proven years later as a method of torture on the greenskin menace. Yet around this time I heard that there were fishmen sinking the ships of the Ceruleans foes. I doubt they were truly anything like the ambitious dreams of the Doge thought they were, perhaps they were goblins with suspicious fins attached or some other such insanity. Perhaps the giant kraken had risen once more, for I recall a general dieing by it’s tentacle grip in the reports from the front. Either way the Ceruleans sea dominance at the time was assured by the foolish Duchess and these creatures. Her fleet had sailed out into dark waters on their behalf and little could be done to stop the alliance whilst they worked together. Still the Vermilions had struck a significant blow in the waters around Remas herself. A banner bearing the mark of Solkan himself had been found and the newly inspired soldiers took to the offence like men possessed. I saw this banner many, many years later after it was revealed as a trinket created by a demented wizard hell bound on his belief that he was Solkan. 3. But the effects at the time were massive on the moral of the new “Remanucci” forces. 4.

The King of Luccini, ever the populist leader finally cleared the plains around his city of Golden troops. With the aggressive threat mostly gone for the minute his massive militia along with Remanucci forces pushed the last pockets of resistance out from their defensive positions. The forces of the Tyrian Guild who were nominally the Kings allies removed themselves from the land. It was of quite a long debate as to what benefit the actions of the Remanucci forces were, for they were potentially poking the bear that was the Tyrian Guild. Though little bloodshed seemed to occur during the big push of the Vermillion forces.

For the umpteenth time in my life Sartosa fell. Whilst it was a scummy little shanty “city” full of traitorous scum and piracy it was still Tilean soil and I was sad to see it defiled by Orcs and mercenaries. 5. Once more the Tyrian administration took hold of the naval bunker, even if they had little control of the waters surrounding it. I suspect few have witnessed whether or not the administration was a truly good or useful one, it was simply more likely that everyone was continuously smashed in revelry. At least that was how the sailors who visited Tobaro described it. Surely their memories were destroyed by booze though.

The Alfonti Principality. A genuine attempt to create a safe and beautiful nation that did not rely on one of its larger neighbours for protection. I have always wondered how the city faired under its ruler Alesso Alfonti. 6. The leader of the Tyrian Guild had much weight to put into his nation, financial and muscular in the form of his brutish allies. I’ve always assumed it did well. The burned out husk of Organzo could not really get any worse frankly and presumably the lord Mordini appeared to favour the Tyrian at that time. Though realistically anyone who trusted that dead fiend was foolish to say the least. A diplomat from Mordini came to court in Tobaro at the start of the conflict and proceeded to get trapped in the gateway. Its stinking form had to be destroyed for risk of contamination and plague and Mordini never contacted the city again. Which is presumably a good thing in the long term. The Doge would probably have invited him to tea.

Mordini met his physical match during the siege of Monte Castello. After aiding in the defence of the walls the Duke wounded the future Seneschal of the fortress. Cutting deep into his side the blade caused tremendous damage. A statue of Ludwig von Mises in the hallway of the keep shows just how gruesome his wound was. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the piece myself, the ribcage was apparently exposed and the bleeding profuse, though some dramatic licence was presumably used. Several young maidens fainted upon the sight of the piece. 7. The guide at Monte Castello who swore blind he was there as a youngster and proudly pronounced that a ring on the Seneschals finger saved his life. Bright searing flames leapt up onto the Duke weakening him enough for a massive Ogre to hit him square in the chest with a massive mace driving the forces away and winning the wall. Though this must surely be a fallacy. For I have seen magicians at court and such powerful magic must be the work of the elves, dwarves, halflings or other such mystical and fantastical creatures. The realm of humans is weak and cannot harm those abominations with such ease. 8.
After taking the walls of the Monte Castello the Golden Company set about fortifying the few major regions it did still control. Grum Bakison reinforcing the Red Rock and attempting to set up some permanent fortifications.  Assassinations were and always will be a problem for the nobles of these great cities. But for once the incessant killing was on another race. The great spider of Via Nano was unleashed on the unsuspecting defenders. It’s massive bulk easily crossing defences and ensnaring the enemies it faced. Yet the colossal behemoth soon lost its focus and instead turned on the warlord “Krikkrak” who it was apparently serving. This has to rank as one of my most favourite ironic deaths, which is quite an achievement considering I studied in Luccini for a short period of my life. 9. The murder of this goblin was blamed on a fairly predictable foe, apparent animosity resulting in the death, al-Ibn claimed that he caused the event but there is significant evidence his attempt was far more elaborate and complicated that the one that caused the death. Still, who can’t say it wasn’t convenient? 10. The warlord Snivels seemed a lot more competent than his fellow, surviving multiple attempts on his life. Massive Arabian assassins struck a direct and futile attack on the goblins forces, being obviously pushed back and slaughtered by the guards. It was a truly monumentally pathetic attempt at the art of murder. 11.

Editor's notes.

Alfresco is truely a biased writer but he has long and detailed accounts from a relatively neutral area of Tilea. 

1. Ironically Alfresco died in a siege on the city of Tobaro after sparking a conflict of wealth with Pavona.
2. This is actually true. Whilst the Doge was undoubtedly complete insane his sharp mathematical and tactical mind flourished on occasion.
3. A popular myth, the banner on display was an obvious fake in a dubious “museum”.
4. Remanucci was a popular derogative term for soldiers of the empire they represented. Some civilians did not appreciate the long dead Reman in charge of the Reman forces and rebelled briefly against the rule of the Despot for this very reason.
5. I’m not going to fight this. Sartosa is and was a ugly anti gregarious hole of vermin.
6. The records of Tobaro rarely mention the Principality for political reasons.
7. There was no real dramatic licence, the wound was truly horrific and plagued Ludwig for the rest of his brutal life.
8. Halflings have no significant magical power. Close examination of Alfrescos library revealed numerous tomes of unreliable sources claiming utterly ridiculous things. One even claimed that there were actually ratmen!
9. Luccini is renowned for its massive death count amongst the noble population and foreign potential rulers.
10. It is widely believed that al-Ibn did cause the death.
11. The attack was a lot closer than this description assumes. The warlord is said to have survived by a significant movement away to void his bowels underneath a nearby cart whilst much of his bodyguard died.
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Week XI—Sartosa, Mordini and Ossomunte
"A Short Walk down a Long Pier”
Misinformation by Von Kurst, photos by Playtable

The town of Sartosa changed hands once again. The Tyrians (represented by Da Gutrippas) re-capture the town from the Golden Company pirates. In the confusion erstwhile allies turn on each other and the helpless people of Sartosa.

The Marksmen had pulled off a long string of tactical victories but the town was lost to them. Also victory had come at a price. The leader of the warband was laid low with a severe wound. The Stirlanders were desperate to escape back to their lair in the Osso Hills. The Law Elfs desired to reach their ship in order to escape the wrath of the advancing orcs. Each warband was on the wrong end of the Long Pier. Both warbands had a grudge against the other.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 LongPier01</A>
Caption: The Marksmen advance in a mob toward the Law Elfs.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 LongPier02</A>
Caption: The Law Elfs.

They are not evident from the photographs but between the antagonists is a crowd of refugees. The dastardly Shadow Warrior had infiltrated the crowd and worked his way within range of the advancing Marksmen. After his first arrow the crowd of refugees surged into the warbands in search of an escape from the carnage.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 LongPier03</A>
Caption: The Marksmen are knocked down like ten pins as the [invisible] crowd escapes.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 LongPier05</A>
Caption: The Law Elfs try to prevent the photographer from recording the atrocities committed by the ‘Good Guys’ as they assault the desperate humans.

Once the crowds cleared both warbands launched countless flights of arrows at the other. Perhaps because of the high level of skill on both sides, few casualties were inflicted. It came down to naked steel to carry the day. The Marksmen flee.

Post battle:
The Marksmen lose their second hired Duelist. Another hero suffers a debilitating wound and the depleted humans make little money.

The Law suffers the loss of another Shadow Warrior. I think they are up to counting the number lost on 2 hands now. However, because of such sacrifices the Law Elfs make their usual pile of cash. And celebrate the finding of several Elven Cloaks. (Everyone else is SO glad for them. We are a supportive non-competitive group. Mostly, except when it comes to Elfs, Dwarfs and other riff raff what ain’t orcs.)
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“Fancy Meetin’ YOU ‘Ere!”
Narrative by Von Kurst, photos by Playtable.

Da Gutrippas participate in the sack of the town of Sartosa. Da Bad Elfs do as well. Pity they were supposed to be defenders.

Grootka pushed his way through the celebrating crowd. So far this part of town had been spared the destruction visited on the outlying forts. No one had started any fires; everyone had a pint to share and more where that came from as long as the Blow Hole’s cellar held.

Nameless ambled along singing a puppy song.

“Humm, humm. Giv de guppy ta da puppy!
Ho! Ho!
Humm, humm. Suppy! Duppy! Puppy!
Ho! Ho!”

Nameless sang poorly but loudly. Nameless had got into the grog ration. At the moment he was a happy drunk. Folks didn’t crowd him much all the same.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting001</A>
Caption: Da Gutrippas take in the sights.

From the northeast the howls of beasts in torment could be heard. Nameless slowed and cocked an ear. “Puppy luvs de tune,” he burbled.
“Bad Elfs ta larboard!” Big Face Lubber Gar yelled from the roof of the Three Sistas.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting003</A>
Caption: Bad Elfs sneak.

KaBOOM! Big Face fired from the roof. The crowd sought cover while the orcs struggled to make headway against the rush. Grootka swung himself up onto the low UPS roof. ‘Eadtaker forced his way into the building’s ground floor.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting004</A>
Caption: Big Face covers the street.

Once on the roof Grootka quickly moved toward the eastern stair. He got there in time to see some elfs slip inside the main room of the ground floor to his left. At the foot of the stair a crippled old human was waving a pistol at him. Grootka shot at him with his bow. Sheets shot an arrow as well. The humie took a shot at Sheets in return. The three of them repeated the process until the humie spied Nameless rounding the corner of the building. The old goat moved pretty quick when he wanted.

Nameless wailed, “ware puppy?” as he jogged by.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting005</A>
Caption: Nameless thumps a Corsair.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting006</A>
Caption: More Bad Elfs keep Nameless from the puppies. Nameless no more a happy drunk! A separate brawl ensues inside the UPS building. The Bad Elfs refuse to accept teef as legal payment for shipping. (They was elf teef, too!)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting007</A>
Caption: Da Gutrippas close the net.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeeting008</A>
Caption: Nameless finally gets to play with a puppy. Nameless is so happy! When the puppy lunges for Nameless’ throat, the troll hugs it REAL tight. Later Nameless say, “dis puppy broke.”

Post battle.
The Bad Elfs give it up. Of the warriors who fought Nameless only one survives. 2 are captured by the orcs. Corsair Durmak and a Beasthound both died. The other casualties recover from their wounds. Despite this setback to their warband the Bad Elfs remain rich and recruit an ogre to play with Nameless in the future. A Warlock is also hired.

Da Gutrippas suffer no casualties at all. This includes Noggum, the orc swab, who fought his way from one end of the UPS building to the other, defeating poncy elves (and the lucky old smuggler) despite being WS2 and needing 5’s to hit elfs.
Corsairs Hildar and Bodirk are captured. Hildar joins the crew, but Bodrik resists and is pressed into service as a lowly swab.
The orcs gain a large amount of gold, gain the Fence result on the exploration chart AND find a Warplock Pistol in the UPS unclaimed freight. (2 orcs already have the skill to use it!)
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“Slippery Jack’s Quay”
A Tale of Haunted Mordini in which Doc 4Eyes meets Slippery Jack.
Recounted by Von Kurst with illustration by Playtable

The Dead City of Mordini has been captured and re-captured in the course of the war. The Law Elf fled there for some unexplained reason. Da Gutrippas followed to try to find out why…

Wyrd Doc 4Eyes.
Doc 4Eyes looked out over the ruined dockyard. Dark clouds roiled overhead. The clouds were tinted a deep red by the setting sun. In the distance lightning flashed and thunder boomed.
“Zoggin ‘ells! Tis a right duppy night, dis.” Muttered Doc, “da ded uns dey walk, an da big ole fishy, ‘e calls ta meez! Aye, ta meez! Doc 4Eye, meez!”
“Ded uns?” asked Grootka.
“Aye Kap’un,” Doc 4Eyes gestured vaguely to the north. KA’RACK! A blinding bolt of lightning struck near the dock. “Dey walk. Now dey ‘ere.”
Grootka barely heard Doc. The lightning called to him, Grootka. His body felt vibrant and taunt. Grootka remembered the lightning’s touch. He roared at the sky.
Doc waved toward the north again. “Ye set a course ta da Pole Sta’, Kap’un. Dey beez sumfing ta krump dere! Ize bides wit da fishy ‘ere, call Doc itz do.”
Doc watched da Kap’un stride back toward the rest of the crew as the light of day failed.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor01</A>
Caption: da Gutrippas move through the narrow alleys near the Quay. In the distance Slipery Jack swims in the black waters. (Spooky, no?)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor04</A>
Caption: The Law Elf stare into the darkness from the battlements of the Old Fortress.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor03</A>
Caption: Law Elf prepare to enter the ruins near the docks.

We had set up for our standard missile fort versus blind orc rush, but night fell because of the Unwanted Company roll:
Wight Captain
Special: Undead, Peg leg, Recruits, Night. Weapons and armor: Sword and dagger, brace of Cursed Pistols.
Recruits. Dead Captain Dirk Razig stalks the vicinity searching for new crew. Unfortunately you must be dead to serve him. If Dirk takes a model OOA immediately roll on the serious injury table. If the model is killed place a zombie pirate where it fell. If a hero is captured by Dirk (a roll of 61 on the Injury table) place the captured model next to Dirk. Dirk will now attempt to exit the battle by moving toward the nearest table edge. If Dirk is attacked in melee the captive may escape but counts as unarmed. If Dirk reaches the table edge the hero is assumed dead. Remove the hero from the warband’s roster.
Night. If Dirk Razig appears the scenario takes place at night (or night falls suddenly if he appears randomly during a scenario.)
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor05</A>
Caption: Jack inspects a rowboat as the orcs cower in fear.

As Jack stalked the orcs on the southern dock, the new shadow warrior led a Law hero toward a secluded berth to the north. “The monster will not reach us here,” he promised.
The hero immediately saw treasures glinting in the shallows. He leapt into the sea and sought to retrieve them, but each time he reached for a glimmering bauble it would disappear in ripples as his body disturbed the water.
“My lord something comes!” the warrior cautioned. The waves near the shore grew in size as a huge swell displaced the waters.
The hero heard him not for he had dived deep to grasp the shining jewel he held now. As the elf surfaced the shocked veteran saw tentacles rise from the deep to pull the startled hero back into the dark, murky depths.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor06</A>
Caption: Grootka leads the charge! Things go south for the Law.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Harbor08</A>
Caption: And then they go even further south. The Law has to take some more pain before they can flee.

Post Game.
The Law run into the haunted night. Despite suffering heavy losses during the skirmish only poor Recka the pressed orc* is killed outright. The hero Jack took now fears the Murky Waters. Hoppy Skippy suffers Madness and is now subject to Frenzy. All other casualties recover fully from their wounds. The Law has little exploration but still manages to roll well and find a Long Rifle, their third.
*Recka was killed by Dead Captain Dirk and raised as a zombie. Ded Recka was then destroyed in turn by the Law Elfs.

Da Gutrippas win another fight without taking one casualty! Against the Law Elfs! Woot! The orcs gain a free Hired Sword, a good chunk of gold, some booze and another Friendly Flag. (The first flag was lost when Granny died.)
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The Bodyguards:
Marksmen vs Dark Elves – Dark Elves start in the centered UPS building (United Pirate Shipping)with the Merchant in tow.
The Marksmen are forced to spread around to stop the elves from getting off the board.
The scenario works better in multi-player mode so the bodyguards get surrounded by many warbands. For this fight the Marksmen were too strung out to ever have a chance of winning.
5 – guards (random side entering when a player rolls a 1 at the start of their turn. Dark Elves rolled a 1 on the 1st turn)
I think we forgot to roll for weather.

With their new hired sword ogre leading the way, the Dark Elves move to the weakest defended board edge.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards01</A>

One Guard goes for a Marksman archer. (pictured on right)
One towards the Dark Elves (but never made it) (pictured in center)
One towards the Duelist (to the left not pictured)
Two towards another Marksman at the other end of the table (also not in the picture)
Would have been a great picture too. One Marksmen took out 2 guards by himself.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards02</A>

One “puppy” goes stupid so the beastmaster holds up in the building for a while.
At the top of the picture, the Duelist takes care of the first guard and goes after his 2nd.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards03</A>

As the Merchant moves out reluctantly, other elves line up to climb and charge the archer above. Instead, Natasha, the Sorceress, Doom Bolts the archer on the roof of the Customs building and he falls, right into a nest of Dark Elves.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards04</A>

Poor picture but the Marksman stands up, shoots, then gets charged by 2 Dark Elves. Could have sent more but this is Fellblade Nakod and a 2 attack corsair with a halberd. Not enough! The Marksman holds on and on.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards05</A>

Meanwhile, as the Duelist takes his guard OOA, he gets charged by a cold one beasthound and Rotwiper, the beastmaster.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards06</A>

Not enough again. The 2nd hound wanders stupidly around a lot and can’t help.
The other Marksmen are not idle and shoot a corsair full of holes.(fuzzy background)
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Bodyguards07</A>

But with the Cleric not willing to take on the ogre by himself, the Dark Elves slip between 2 buildings and spirit the Merchant off the board and win the game.

Post battle:
No losses on either side.
After spending 80gc to hire the ogre bodyguard after the last game, the Dark Elves roll up a free hired sword after this game. What to do, what to do…hire a Dark Elf Assassin, that’s what. They also let the Warlock go. No one was impressed with his 2 spell rolls (5 & 6) the luck of the schmuck and the big sword. Nice but this late in the campaign it’s not enough for the 15gc upkeep he was demanding.
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Week 12
It was a bright clear day, a light breeze, and not a cloud in the sky.
Just the kind of day to do a little pirating…or so the Dark Elves thought.
Just out of port, they see a High Elf ship, then before they know what to do a Marksmen ship comes into view.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Sea001</A>

Knowing they don’t want to get caught in between the 2 shooty warbands, they turn into the wind and make slow progress towards the High Elf ship.
Arrows fall like rain.
High Elves shoot the Marksmen and a few Dark Elves.
The Marksmen shoot the High Elves with arrows and cannon.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Sea002</A>

High Elves shoot the closer Dark Elves a lot.
The Marksmen shoot the High Elves with more arrows and cannon. The cannon wounds the ship and sets 3 fires.
The High Elves try to stop 2 and fail and then just leave the fires to burn.

The wind changes direction and the Dark Elves are now abeam to the wind. They make good progress but the little row boat can’t keep up and falls behind.
More arrows fall. A beasthound falls (OOA). A cannon crewman falls (OOA).

The wind shifts again, now the Dark Elves are sailing with the wind.
They try to ram the High Elf rowboat but fall short.
The Dark Elf Assassin charges aboard the High Elf ship but gets knocked into the water by the tricky elf.
A shark surfaces and charges the assassin. At the same time a frenzied High Elf jumps in and charges the assassin also. The shark takes out the assassin and leaves the the frenzied High Elf to charge the shark.
One High Elf, on their row boat, charges up the Dark Elf ship and takes out a knocked down hero.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Sea004</A>

At a critical moment the last beasthound goes stupid and runs into the High Elf on the bow. More High Elves charge and take the front of the ship moving to abandon their own sinking ship.
The Dark Elves have grappled onto the rear of the High Elf ship but it is so crowded and with their row boat so far behind along with all the knocked down and OOA Dark Elves there are not many left to be able to charge.
A corsair and the beastmaster charge down into the High Elf rowboat. The sorceress charges in, the cannon crew charge in, but the charge fizzles fast.
The frenzied High Elf and the shark both dissapear, the Marksmen keep shooting, the ships drift, the fires keep burning (and doing more wounds to the ship).
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Sea005</A>

The Dark Elf row boat ties up to the sinking, burning High Elf ship (with 9 of 10 wounds). One corsair charges up, another climbs up too. The Marksmen keep shooting. Dark Elves and High Elves keep going OOA.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Sea006</A>

The Dark Elves finaly give up and flee. The High Elves fail their rout test and flee also. The Marksmen have the sea all to themselves and have a grand time.

Post battle:
Dark Elves:
A third hero gets a leg wound.
A beasthound dies as does the ws5, 2 attack, i 7 halberd corsair.
Oh but wait, he didn’t really die. No, he gets captured by the High Elves.
Not a pretty fate.

The High Elves loose 2 henchmen.
One is captured by the Dark Elves. He wished he had died.

Marksmen loose no one and get rich.
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Quote :

The 59th
Turn 11 Treachery & Greed update by rufus sparkfire

The guards formed up around her - immaculate in their red-and-black uniforms, terrible in their silver masks - as the gate opened. Lord Baglioni awaited her in the grand square, sweat running down from his bald head. He bowed. "Your grace," he said, "the memorial is completed and ready to be activated. Please allow me to direct you to its location."

"No. Show me the others first."

"The others? All, your grace?

"All." Her dogs yapped at the Master of Automata, and she reached down absently to comfort them.

He bowed again, uncertainly. The grand square was relatively quiet: the plague had passed, but many chose to remain in their homes whenever they could. Nearby a street preacher ranted to a handful of people. He was elf-thin and dirty, stripped to the waist, a violent tattoo of a sea serpent covering his chest. His eyes, grey and mad, met hers for a moment, and he cried out, "It will rise! In three days it will rise! Only the doge knows the truth!" The guard commander barked a command, and two of her guards advanced on the preacher. They beat him with the shafts of their halberds until he lay bloody and silent on the floor.

They walked on. Before them now was the Olgiati Engine, beautiful and hideous at the same time. It stood like a throne. The enamelled wheel on its back turned a steel band that fastened around the throat, slowly, degree by degree, until the victim's breath was gone. Her husband had consigned the thing to the vaults, but Galeazzo had restored it during his brief reign. She remembered the sight of his corpse sat upon it, curiously decayed, small and sad. "Removed this device," she said, "return it to the vaults."

"As you command, your grace."

"Ah, your grace?" Baglioni said, "the first automaton? You are ready for the tour?"


"As you command, your grace. Here then is Edwin, first Duke of Miragliano. He drove the rat-men into the deeper swamps, and caused the first buildings to be raised on the islands. We see him here, arrayed in the armour of the distant past, battling a monstrous rat-creature."

"Your grace. I must speak with you." Lord Boccaccio, thin and severe, approached carrying a bundle of documents. "There are a number of important events that I must acquaint you with."

What a pompous fool the man was! "Proceed then," the duchess said.

"Then the tour is over, your grace?" Baglioni sounded relieved.

"Certainly not. I will hear both at the same time. Now, get on with it."

Both men bowed, one fearful, one irritated.

"Count van der Kuypers reports that the task force has driven the Tyrian Guild from Fool's Gap. The sea-lanes from Miragliano to the ocean would now be clear, were it not for the stand-off in the Southern Tilean Sea."

"The second duke, Alaric, is seen here at the tiller of his famous ship, the Herring's Revenge."

"The Golden Company have been driven from the seas entirely, largely due to the aggression of the Tyrian Guild, and now have retreated to Monte Castello and Red Rock. Red Rock is currently commemorating the death of Prince Mighted Sturmbrow with a massive festival of ale-drinking. In Monte Castello, a Padre Francesco Ghiberti has begun construction of a large new temple dedicated to Myrmidia.”

“This is the urgent news you bring me, Boccaccio?”

He narrowed his eyes, and almost hissed. “It is news, your grace, that is all. It is not for me to say what is important and what is not. I simply report, as you instructed.”

His eyes were harder than they used to be. There was a time when Boccaccio had looked at her with tenderness. And yet, since Galeazzo’s betrayal, he had been so cold. Perhaps it was not so surprising. Galeazzo had changed her too.

“Please do not be offended, Boccaccio. Continue. You also, Baglioni.”

“Your grace. This is the third duke, the infamous Carulzo the Intractable. He is depicted seated upon his throne, the skulls of his enemies surrounding him in a ring.”

So like Galeazzo, she thought. How could she have been so wrong about him?

“Sartosa is firmly under Tyrian control again. There have been some minor disturbances - a popular inn known as the Smoking Mug was burned to the ground, apparently by rival businessmen called ‘Valentino and Leopold’... they left their signatures on the ruin. The Pirates’ Current is swarming with orc raiders from the badlands, raised by the Tyrian Guild into a vast horde that is apparently known as a ‘waaagh.”

Week XII—The Pirate’s Current, the Skull Sands and Fools Gap
“The Hulks”
An Improbable Duel of Musketry and Cutlass Amid the Wrecks Stranded on the Skull Sands

Big Face Lubber Gar
“Stan’ dere”
Big Face shoved Noggums in front of him by the tallest palm.
“Aye, dere!”
Big Face hefted the Long Thunder Stick and rested the barrel on Noggums’ shoulder. Big Face peered down the barrel. Past the biggest wreck he could see movement in the jungle thicket covering the far island.
“No be ye stirrin’,” Big Face cautioned Noggs.
Big Face focused on a glint of metal and squeezed the trigger. KaBOOM!
Instantly the sound of more shots broke the silence of the reef. A flock of sea birds took flight and all the crocodiles basking on the shores of small islands lunged for the sea. As the cloud of gunsmoke cleared, Big Face and Noggs could be seen sprawled on the sand bleeding from minor wounds.
“Told ye no stirrin’!” growled Big Face. “Ye twitched!”
“Ize shot!” whined the now deaf Noggs.
“Shut yer yap!” Big Face interrupted his reloading drill to grasp the butt of the fancy pistol clipped on his belt. Noggums shut his yap.
Big Face lined up his shot again. It was a bit more tricksy what with the bleeding and all the smoke in the air. KaBOOM! Kaboom! Kaboom!

When he woke up Noggs found himself lying in the sand next to Big Face’s body. When Noggs got around to closer inspection Big Face was still living, too. The nancy git had passed out from a little hole in his left arm. Shameful. A Bloody Spike runt would take a scratch like that and fight till the next moonrise!
Noggums looked around to see if anyone was watching. That zoggin uppity Fibber met Noggs eyes and shook his head. Noggs gave up on offing the boss and slipped off into the jungle toward the sound of the fight.

Yard Arm Grim
“Take dat ye pouncy lubber!” Yard Arm screamed as he touched his stogey to the swivel gun. Phffft! There was a bright burst of sparks but no report from the gun.
“Zoggin thunder dust!” Yard Arm cursed. He unlimbered his Booma and let the swivel gun swing free on its mount. It had been a fair to middling day except for the dodgy thunder dust. The near Law jolly boat had grounded on the nearest island. Yard Arm had shot away its rudder and the nancy elfs had dropped most of their oars when he holed them. The far boat was listing to starboard and looked to have given up the fight. Hur!
Yard Arm swung the Booma toward the island. One of the Law elfs was rushing across the beach toward them screaming elf gibberish. Yard Arm took a shot at her coming in. The blast should have torn the doxie to shreds, instead she seemed to twist away in the air. One of the elfs behind her wasn’t so lucky.
Yard Arm didn’t have much time to gloat. The gleaming elf swords turned bright red as Rigga Top fell away, cut bad. Yard Arm let the Booma fall to the jolly boat’s deck and drew sword and dagger. Yard Arm was slow as usual and a bloody sword sheathed itself in his torso. Yard Arm grunted in shock and returned the favor with his own blade. Hoppy Skippy could dish it out, but she couldn’t take it.

Post battle:
The Law get to count a victory because I’m generous like that. (We both took control of 2 islands/wrecks, but I gave control of the center wreck to the Law even though Noggs lived to contest it. Doh!) The Law suffered 6 OOA during the game including 2 heroes and 2 hired swords. No one died. It was late evening on Halloween so we didn’t finish Exploration.

The Gutrippas lose Colic Jak the hired orc pirate and Bodirk the Dark Elf swab (who jumped ship only to be captured by the Law.) Hildar the Dark Elf was killed. Big Face Lubber Gar will miss a game with an Arm Wound.
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeWed 10 Nov 2010 - 17:00

Week XIII—A Dark and Stormy Night. Conflict in Sartosa.

“Fancy Meetin YOU ere!”
Drunken Elfs disrupt the peace of a Dark Sartosan Evening
An unbiased report by Von Kurst with illustration by Playtable

The Law Elf blundered into the Bad Elf on a moonless Sartosan night. Both parties had been imbibing freely. The Bad Elf later contended that only their hounds were drunk, either a tall tale or grounds for charges of corrupting beasts. Them elf is bad I tell ye, the lot of them, Law or no.

It all started when a couple of tipsy Law elfs found the Bad Elf’s ogre helping himself to some wares at an unattended merchant stall. The Law easily dispatched the ogre and a Bad Elf sailor (or 2) who took the ogre’s side.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeetin01</A>

Rather than incarcerate the thieves, the Law left their bodies to be found by the main Bad Elf crew. The provoked Bad Elfs then moved in on the Law Elfs who were having a party on a terrace nearby.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeetin02</A>

This action resulted in injury for the Bad Elf assassin who discovered that the partygoers were still armed with their bows a bit late. Another group of drunken, belligerent Laws approached the Bad Elfs and more violence resulted--now including the drunken hounds.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeetin03</A>

Little went the Bad Elf way except arrows and the points of swords. Bad Elf ranks began to thin and the survivors began to think of engagements elsewhere in the town.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Fancymeetin04</A>

Post battle:
The Law won. The next day they bullied the merchants of the square into giving up more rare and wonderful things under the guise of ‘gratitude’ for the Law’s allegedly protecting the merchant’s wares. I think all Law casualties recovered.

The Bad Elf run. The High Born takes a Deep Wound, but only misses the next game. I am unsure of other casualties. (Perhaps a hound was killed, it’s hard on hounds in Sartosa.) There’s a rumor that the Bad Elfs stole some food, clothing and toughened leathers as well, but folks always say that when the Bad Elf around.
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“The Lost Prince”
A Tale of how Kap’un Grootka rescued the heir of Miragliano.
Narrative by Von Kurst with illustration by Playtable

‘Twas a dark and stormy night in old Sartosa town, there deep in the heart of the old city not a creature was stirring except a drunken young dandy who had broken into the Port Authority building to get off the muddy paths that passed for streets. Well not a creature except the dandy and the three full crews of elfs and orcs who searched for him.

The Law Elf proudly wore their sodden cerulean and white uniforms even though their fellows had misplaced the prince in the first place. (Rumor had it that this prince was far off in Remas or Tarantio attending some school, not wandering Sartosa well after midnight in a driving rainstorm.)
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince001</A>
Caption: The Law search the UPS and some vendor’s stalls.

The Gutrippas took a more direct approach. They broke into the Customs House to see if any fool humie could hide there (and to collect some dues.) The Kap’un headed for the Officer’s Club along with most of the crew. It was the highest-class bar on the square.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince002</A>
Caption: “Iffin da gits not ‘ere, weez ‘ead ta da Blow Hole!”

The Bad Elfs canvassed the seedier side of town, down by Lenge’s Dry Goods and the Three Sisters. They formed a skirmish line and prepared to sweep the streets.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince003</A>

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince004</A>
Caption: A peaceful rainy night in the old town.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince005</A>
Caption: The Bad Elfs confront the orcs near the Port Authority. A Law Elf leaves the Officers Club as enlisted orcs barge in. (The Shadow Warrior is still hiding in there.)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince006</A>
Caption: Stop action. The orcs deal with Animostiy and the Shadow Warrior. The Law falls down in the dark and the Bad Elfs make a move. (Note the Assassin covering the street from the Three Sister’s balcony.)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince007</A>
Caption: The Bad Elfs look for revenge. The Law form a line. (This is usually a BAD sign of arrows about to slam home.)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince008</A>
Caption: with the sounds of slaughter coming from the east our attention shifts to Gov’mint Row. (The Law Elfs are being pummeled off camera. They will flee soon.) The Bad Elf occupy the Port Authority. (The Prince has already left; he got thirsty and headed toward the Officer’s Club.)

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince009</A>
Caption: The Gutrippas encounter the Prince weaving about the street. (He has perhaps intended to flee back into the Port Authority but there is no door on the north side of the building…) La Strega say, “hey sailor!” Somehow the Prince fails to see the orcs that lead him away.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince010</A>
Caption: Flush with success the Bad Elf confront Nameless and Lard Belly. Nameless is quivering with joy because the puppies are coming! Note the Dark Elf to Lard Belly’s right is part of the Gutrippa’s crew. He’s insulting his former mates.

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 ProtectthePrince011</A>
Caption: A corsair and the assassin attempt to slow down the orcs. This ends in tragedy. (Yo’and and Yard Arm secure the prince near the Officer’s Club.)

Post Battle:
The Law elect to fight rather than shoot, perhaps because of the rain. They are unusually clumsy all night and especially so during the important charge. The Bad Elfs mop up the disrupted elfs before they can recover. The Law flee. One hero loses an eye to a Dark Elf blade. Despite their depleted ranks the Law manage a good exploration. As usual.

The Bad Elf were unbloodied by their skirmish with the Law. Then the DE ogre tripped in the dark, a hound went stupid and the momentum swung. Lard Belly easily broke the charge to the east and Grootka scattered the few elfs on the western side of the Port Authority. 2 corsairs are captured by the Gutrippas.

Gutrippas win! The orcs collect a large ransom from the Miraglians. In addition an orc pirate returns a favor and Fibber Jib, the goblin swab, is found hiding in the Three Sisters after the battle despite being missing for 2 weeks. Nameless was slightly despondent that Lard Belly got to play with the puppies (‘til they broke as usual.)
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Week 14--A Little Treachery, Much Greed

The Gutrippas were betrayed by Real Life and the Curse of Mammon. Thus they took no part in the final campaign meeting.

"The Lost Prince II"
A Sequel in which the Prince becomes shipwrecked on an Uncharted Island in the Tilean Sea.

Once again there is some disagreement among scholars as to the actual identity of the foolish Prince. Many sources claim that the Prince of Miragliano was at this time safely in the hands of his Regent. (The Duchess was mysteriously assassinated near the end of the Mercenary War.) The Shipwrecked Prince (as he is called) is held to be a dilettante cousin of no importance. Other less official documents hint the the Heir was actually in the company of the rogues, drunkards and villains who drove the warring Tyrian and Golden factions from the town of Sartosa.
Whomever is correct it is a fact that three groups of mercenary warriors converged on a small island late in the war after an early storm wrecked one of the Miraglian Royal Galleys. Although great secrecy surrounds the actual mission of these warriors it is a fact that the Cerulean League's Sea Patrol received a large reward from the Miraglians shortly thereafter. The reward was paid despite the Heir's claims that the Law Elfs had actually been the only ones to attempt to attack his person. Secret documents claim that the Law only rescued the Prince because the other warbands involved fled the island after suffering heavy casualties.

Post Battle:
The Bad Elfs fought until they failed a rout test. One of their crippled heroes suffers another Leg Wound (-2 M, an elf as fast as a dwarf!). Another hound may have died.

The Marksmen had been poised to win another multi-player game because of the hatred between the Bad Elf and the Law Elf who bloodied each other quite well. Unfortunately, the Law refused to flee and the Marksmen's leader was severely wounded by a Long Rifle bullet. This demoralized the Outlaws and they fled at the first opportunity. (They failed their first rout test.)

The Law win and pocket the usual large reward. Hoppy Skippy suffers a Leg Wound as well. (Madness, -1T, -1 M.)

Like the Mercenary War the campaign is now over!*

*Further battles may be fought to satisfy honor ( The Law beat Da Gutrippas in their last campaign meeting. The Bad Elf want a piece of the orcs because 3 corsairs joined the orcy crew.)

End of Campaign Stuff

(We didn't really have an objective in mind for this campaign, so there is no clear winner.)
Highest rated Warband--Da Gutrippas
Lowest rated Warbad--The Marksmen of Stirwood
Wealthiest Warband--The Law Elfs
Most Heroes Killed--The Marksmen (Only 4 in 14 weeks, a record low.)
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PostSubject: Re: Treachery & Greed   Treachery & Greed - Page 3 Icon_minitimeSat 27 Nov 2010 - 0:46

“The Great Gun”
A Tale of Mayhem in Sartosa Town (in which Nameless is nearly kilt!)
Narration by Von Kurst photos by Playtable

The war was over.
The funny thing about wars involving mercenaries and pirates is what to do when the final payment has been drunk up?
Add some orc to the mix and the answer is obvious.
Start a scrap!

Grootka woke with the sun in his eyes. He was lying face up next to a broken chair on a rough planked deck.
There was broken glass and ceramic everywhere. The deck wasn’t moving. Duppy. Run aground?
Grootka try to sit up. Head hurt something fierce! Place smell of piss, vomit and spilled grog. Could be anywhere.
Grootka drag himself to his feet. Sway a bit. Damn deck still not moving. No sails. No masts. Some fool build a big hut on the waist.
There an unbroken bottle laying on its side next to the table. Grootka try to pick it up.
Tricksy with the deck not moving and all, ha! Gots it! Little bit of liquid still sloshing around in the bottle. Better drink it.
Better. Grootka look around. Blow Hole! He’s standing on the forecastle of the Blow Hole, next to his special table.
Somebody broke his chair. Bastid! Grootka stagger over to the rail, look down careful like.
Couple of gobbos, a humie or two are sprawled on the cobbles below. Looks like it was a good night.
Grootka check his weapons. Ain’t got nothing but a little pistol and a boot dagger. Got to see the bouncer.
Grootka find another unbroken bottle wedged next to the farlooker. Handy. More in this one. Grootka look out over the harbor.
Good many ships out there. The town had been looted tree, fore time. Most of the forts were shot to pieces or blown up.
Here and there a blunt muzzle still showed from a battlement. Like over there by the Old Temple. Booma look lonely there.
Big bore on it. Nobody around, well nobody who would show fight. Grootka need a booma like that. Mount it on the bow of the Smasha.
Smash anybody!
Grootka head for the stairs. Gotta rouse the crew! In the distance there is a rumble of thunder.

The peaceful scene.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City002</A>

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City003</A>

They’s Orcs in the palm grove!
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City005</A>

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City006</A>

Grootka led the ladz into town. He knew an old smuggler’s tunnel that turned up inside a palm grove right by the Old Temple.
Once they got back out in the open Grootka notice that it’s gotten cloudy.
Big thunderheads! Lightning cracks! Grootka roar at the skies. Folks step back a bit from the crazy orc and his lads.
Nameless say, “smell puppy! Hur!”
Grootka say, “wot?”

Bad Elfs are across the square by the Officer’s club. Underlings and hounds guard the street.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City007</A>

Doxies and the High Born are inside the bar. Pesky assassin is on the roof with his crossbow already.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City008</A>

Both sides struggle with the crowds, animosity for the orcs and lightning strikes and stupidity for the elfs.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City009</A>

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City010</A>

(Lighting hit the orcs too, but elf is weedy.) All in all it’s slow going.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City012</A>

Nameless has a wonderful morning pushing lubbers out of his way as he tries to get to the puppies first! Lard Belly is right behind him.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City011</A>

The orcs turn east in front of the Old Temple. Nameless is still in front heading for the puppies.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City013</A>

Grootka sees the enemy assassin on the Officer’s Club balcony. He strings his bow and takes a shot.
All the archers near him try to hit the black clad elf as well.
No one does, but the crowd goes wild! Elfs are pummeled all over the street. Someone even tumbles a hound.
In the hullabaloo no one notices the assassin is struck by lightning. The git is only knocked down.
The Gutrippas’ elfs had been leading the way to the gun emplacement, but the crowd sees them as the weakest part of the orc’s line.
The three elfs and La Strega are trampled. (Doc 4Eyes had finally managed to cast Ledz Go in a game.
He is stuck by lightning on the next turn and knocked down.)

The Gutrippas close on the Bad Elf. Lard Belly is listing to port with 2 wounds.
Even though there are 8 more Gutrippas than Bad Elfs, the battle will be joined with only 3 of the Gutrippas in charge range: Grootka, Nameless and the wounded Lard Belly.
[How do I do that game after game?]
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City016</A>

Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City017</A>

A Bad Elf doxie with a crossbow pistol tries to assassinate Lard Belly.
Treachery & Greed - Page 3 City018</A>

The crowd’s last desperate push further frustrates the orcs. Several burly pirates up-ended Nameless in their haste to get back to their ship.
Yo’and (who had been sneaking through buildings for most of the morning stepped out of the Tree Sistas and was leveled by the passing mob.
Fortunately Grootka was not in charge range of any elfs so he did not have to run off alone. He stepped behind the well to protect Nameless.
Lard Belly moved away from the distraction of the doxie in the Old Temple and into Grootka’s flank.

The crowd had cleared the streets. The elfs and orcs could see each other plainly. Nameless lay in a drooling heap.
The nearest elf gathered himself to charge and ZAAPPP! He was struck by lightning!
Lard Belly intercepted the closest hound, but a hound and a doxie reached Nameless.
The maddened hound killed Lard Belly but Nameless was able to right himself as his wounds healed.
Grootka roared and rushed the doxie fighting Nameless. More of the Gutrippas rushed towards the fight.
A bloody melee erupted in the middle of the street.
Nameless went back down when one of those burning swords appeared in the High Born’s hand.
Nameless say, “Doh!”

BOOM! Yard Arm Grim finally got an amazing blunderbuss shot.
He fired into 3 charging warriors and one bloody hound and 2 of the warriors and the hound went down and stayed down! (4 targets, 3 critical hits, 3 OOA! Fortunately I was using the dice Playtable gave me.)

As the gun smoke cleared, the Bad Elfs did a quick nose count and fled.

Post Game.
Of the 5 or 6 elfs OOA only one dies.
The Bad Elf heroes all survived so Exploration is not too bad.
(Except for the complaints about the high cost of ogres and assassins nowadays.)

Lard Belly died. I rolled for Nameless thinking that the High Born struck the killing blow with the burning sword, but then remembered that a puppy got him. (The Highborn stunned him again!) So Nameless got better instead of dying. I had 2 models OOA, both would have died if Nameless couldn’t regenerate.
Grootka gains a parrot and a strength 10 cannon! The ladz also find a cache of jewels and some Silver Bullets in some abandoned cargo…
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Treachery & Greed
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