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 Surviving the Disaster: World Wide Economic Collapse

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Surviving the Disaster: World Wide Economic Collapse Empty
PostSubject: Surviving the Disaster: World Wide Economic Collapse   Surviving the Disaster: World Wide Economic Collapse Icon_minitimeFri 21 May 2010 - 7:37

This is the 1st of my new apocalyptic disaster survival gides. The gides will take you through some steps to help you survive in a world of disaster. As it said in the title we will frist look at world economic collapse

Likely hood: This could happen easy. For this gide we will make it so that it's as bad as it could get

One day you turn on the TV and find that the worth of money has dropped. So much so in fact that, what used to be worth $100 is now worth 50 cents! This is WORLD SPANNING! You know you have to do something but... what?

Step 1: If this happens you can eather:
A: Stay in the city (or go to it) and fight for food etc
B: Leve the city and head out to the country side to eak out a life there.

We will now take a look at the two choices

A: The city
If you stay (or head to) the city you will have the following advantages and disadvantages

There could be A LOT of food in the begining
Resourses are abound at the start
Many good places to stay

There may not be all that much food later
Resourses may dwindle
Looters and thugs
If you have a moter car gas may also be a problum

Tools that are a MUST in the city:
Rope and hook
Bed role and blanket
Flashlighr or lantern
Water (try to pack at least two bolttles no more that four)
Salt (Salt is needed do too that fact that it may be needed to put on a wound. Salt aslo helps you swet so I am told)
A good pair of runners or Army boots
Poket knife

This part falls in to two catogoires Combat and Shelter

Rember that the people in the world are still human and so have laws so try not to go overbord in combat you could still be thrown in jail for killing some body.

This is a MUST in a city life in a world with out money.

These are the blunt weapons I would take in the city
A long pipe of some sort (you could also use this as a spear)
A crowbar (this is also a tool wich is great! You should take one of these)
Hammer (this is also a tool)

Eged weapons:
These are the bladed weapons I would take in the city
Hatchet (this is also a tool you should take one)
A Knife of somesort

Ranged Weapons:
I can't recamend to many ranged weapons for city combat. I will say that you will need a compact one for the colse quarters fighting that WILL take place

Slings and arrows:
Slingshot (You should take one of these as you can find ammo anywhere and it's a little less deadly)

I would take a revolver for it's user friendleness

It's just to tight in a city for thses things

Takeing one of these is allright. I would take an compact one like the:
A MAT-49

The only real somewhat safe place is where you live! With all the defenseiv stuff added of course.
You could try a wherehouse or dock yard or maybe even a hardwhere store!

Trying to ge to point a to point b will be needed you could go on foot or take a moterbike (a dritbike/motocross bike would be best) or just a normal bike
DON'T take a four whelled mode as the streets are likely to be cloged with cars

Yes liveing in a city in a world without money will be vrey deadly, however this like can be made easyer if you have some buddys to back you up! In a city I would have AT LEAST 2 buddys and a max of 7 buddys. Why so few? well you can't feed evreybody if you have a large grupe. You will have to chose you friends wisle hou ever. Look for the following skills if you are in a city

Needed Grupe Skills for the city:
Mechanic (a handyman could have a mechanic's skills however so ask said handyman first)
If you feel lucky try and find a army vet with urbun combat xp. An Iraq vet (who fought in the citys and small towns) would do for this too

So thats it for city next time we will talk about the country life
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Surviving the Disaster: World Wide Economic Collapse
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