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PostSubject: Da Dangerous Dragon Campaign   Da Dangerous Dragon Campaign Icon_minitimeWed 23 Jan 2008 - 20:56

Our 4 Player Campaign. It's not so narrative but we inserted some rpgish scenarios Smile
BRs are in the end, i'll post new BRs meanwhile the campaign advances Very Happy

Me (Emanuele): Kislev, Average player
3 games: 1 Rout, 1 Volontary Rout, 1 Victory Rolling Eyes

Luca: Orks, Expert player
2 games: 2 Victories pirat

Fulvio: Witch Hunters, Expert player
first band 1 game: 1 Rout, New band cyclops
second band 1 game: 1 Voluntary Rout

Daniele: Reiklanders, Noob Mordheim player (but he's good at other wargames Smile)
1 game: 1 Victory

I don't remember well the older games, so i'll post the report of the last one Razz Rolling Eyes

IV Game Witch Hunters VS Kislev
His band: 3 flag, 3 dogs, fullheroes with xbows (he had just restarted)
My band: 3 Streltsi (2 bow/club and 1 handgun/halberd), arabian merchant, halfling, NICODEMUS Twisted Evil, Tamer, Esaul and 2 youths (Druzhina got a serious injury and she's out for two games Crying or Very sad )

Standard Scenario (don't remember the name in english)

We are both kinda shooty. We field all and he gets the big building (ach!) but we notice that our crossbows can't fire due to the loooooooooooong range... but no one will abandon his postation Razz

In the first two turns he sends toward me his warriorpriest, flags and dogs, while I send my Tamer and the greatest mage ever, my true love, that sprints away by 20" runn-o-flying Very Happy

In the third turn 2 flags point to my tamer so I head back to my main base with the tamer, while his other minions run forward to my shooters. Meanwhile... Nico flies again into the hunter's building... Twisted Evil

Shooting phases are useless, he understand that he cannot charge my shooters without two-three turns of total exposures, so he stops his dog, waiting for the hird flag and the priest. Nicodemus casts his magical sword, while I send again the tamer to unhide the couple of flagellants (but i repeat, useless shooting Razz) Embarassed

In the fourth turn he fails a charge to the tamer and he advances seriously with his other wing (i repeat: 3 dogs, 1 flag, 1 priest). Nicodemus leaves his positione where he was unseen, moves toward a hunter and does his favourite move: the flying charge with flaming sword! Very Happy

The tamer stuns his enemy, while Nicodemus kills his one (good job!) Razz

Fifth turn, the other hunter on the same floor jumps down lol! but he doesn't get hurt.
Nico gets xbowed by the captain and another hunter and -OUCH!- becomes stunned.
The second flag charge my tamer but the fight is fair and no one get harmed.
In my turn I shoot to the dogs but without effect, and again in my melee phase our S4 guys survive one to the other!

Sixth turn, he voluntarily routs. Da Dangerous Dragon Campaign 387809
VICTORY! (first in this campaign)

And as another bonus i capture his hero and sell t back to him for 30 juicy crowns :cherry: that, added to my treasury and to my explo, give a 100ish grand total. Very Happy

I drop the merchant and the halfling (pretty useless as far as now Sad) and buy 2 new naked troops with maces (I urgently need the sixth hero!!). If i had the sixth hero, the bear would be my next postbattle choice Very Happy

I hope you enjoyed this ^^ I'll post new BR meanwhile so i don't spam 3ds over 3ds.
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Da Dangerous Dragon Campaign
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