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 Retardid Policeman (video)

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PostSubject: Retardid Policeman (video)   Tue 4 Nov 2008 - 17:55

I have known the "Retarded Policeman" series for a while now, but it isn't until recently that I saw the newer episodes (9+).

I just think this mini-series is extremely funny and I just found my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE episode Smile The absurdity of the humor was just too much and I burst out in laughter. Hope you will enjoy it (although I recommend you start at Ep.1 and watch your way through them chronologically as some of them build up on the previous ones).


Please consider the following comment from the makers:
YouTube wrote:
Before you leave mean comments, just know that our friend Ponce (the Cop) is an awesome and talented young dude who loves performing and making light of his Down syndrome. He's a smart and funny guy, and has complete awareness of his actions and decisions. And we all had an awesome time shooting "Retarded Policeman!"

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PostSubject: Re: Retardid Policeman (video)   Tue 4 Nov 2008 - 18:11

I don't understand what about this man is retarded. I have the same reaction when I see boobies....oh, there it is...I act like a retard when I see boobs.

mmmm, boobs
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Retardid Policeman (video)
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